Vacation Home Drama: A Tale of Family, Friends, and a 'Controlling Gatekeeper'

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Ever been caught in a tug-of-war over a shared property? Then this story is for you! 🏠 Meet our storyteller, a 31-year-old woman who found herself in a whirlwind of drama after renovating her husband's vacation home. Her husband, Chris, was all too generous, allowing friends and family to use the property freely. But with the house now revamped and the rules changed, not everyone's happy. Let's dive into the story... 🍿

The Backstory: Love, Homes, and Renovations 🏠💕

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Vacation Home: A Free-for-All Paradise 🏖️🎉

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Renovation: A New Dawn, New Rules 🛠️📜

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Aftermath: Not Everyone's Happy 😒💔

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Conflict: Accusations of Gatekeeping 🚧😡

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Standoff: Security Deposit Rejected 💵🚫

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Dilemma: Is She the Bad Guy? 🤷‍♀️

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

The Afterthought: Banned List and Damage Control 📝🔨

controlinggatekeeper | controlinggatekeeper

Renovation Drama: A Family Feud Over a Vacation Home 🏠🔨

In a tale that's part home makeover, part family drama, our storyteller finds herself in the hot seat after renovating her husband's vacation home. Once a free-for-all spot for friends and family, the revamped property now has a set of rules that not everyone's thrilled about. Accusations of 'gatekeeping' fly, security deposits are rejected, and the question arises - is she the bad guy for wanting to protect her investment? Let's see what the internet thinks about this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️

NTA. Friends and family need to respect your property boundaries 🏡

MandaMaelstrom | MandaMaelstrom

Mother-in-law defends entitled brother-in-law's property destruction. NTA!

prairiemountainzen | prairiemountainzen

NTA, but Chris takes charge of managing his family 👪

karskipellis | karskipellis

NTA, but what kind of damage? 🤔 Pissing on floor? Burning firewood in oven? 😱

StAlvis | StAlvis

NTA: Freeloaders destroy vacation home, should buy their own property 😂

silfy_star | silfy_star

NTA: Setting boundaries and protecting your home from entitled guests 🚫🏠

Critical_Aspect | Critical_Aspect

NTA. Husband's lack of support is causing unnecessary drama. Stand up!

Lumpy_Mix_2605 | Lumpy_Mix_2605

NTA. Your husband agreed to the arrangement. Family drama avoided! 😊

Twm117 | Twm117

NTA. Your husband needs to support you in this.

Individual_Ad_9213 | Individual_Ad_9213

NTA. Drama-filled vacation with family and friends 😤🙅‍♂️

Vee-Bee | Vee-Bee

Previous damages include trash, broken window, and soiled bed. 😱

Jay_Edgar | Jay_Edgar

NTA: Borrowers destroy house, demand acceptance. Set boundaries and consequences. 😱

kleeinny | kleeinny

NTA. Set boundaries and protect your vacation home from damage! 🚧

Imaginary_Cow_6379 | Imaginary_Cow_6379

Husband needs to set boundaries with disrespectful guests. 😩

Spank_Cakes | Spank_Cakes

NTA! Suggested safety deposit or pay more for own spot 🏨

laughsfromadistance | laughsfromadistance

NTA. Family thinks they can decide? You're the owner! 🤔

Lian-with-I | Lian-with-I

NTA: Hilarious entitlement backfires! 🤣 Trash a vacation home, lose access!

wildeflowers | wildeflowers

NTA. You have the power to say no. 🚫 His entitled family.

dcnowclt | dcnowclt

NTA: Accidental or not, they found it amusing to destroy property 😒

bpeaceful2019 | bpeaceful2019

NTA: Sharing a home means taking care of it together! 🏡

kirky-lu | kirky-lu

Setting boundaries: Taking control of your own happiness! ✨

missykins8472 | missykins8472

NTA- You've worked hard on your house, they're being entitled. 🏠

beller36 | beller36

NTA, protect your financial asset and set clear boundaries. 🚫🏠

eggyMeggy69 | eggyMeggy69

NTA. $500 won't cover the damage? In-laws don't care 🙄

carissadraws | carissadraws

NTA. Husband's family taking advantage. Protect your property and future.

lilyofthevalley2659 | lilyofthevalley2659

Protecting your investment: Find a compromise to maintain house rules ✨

UnnamedPoster1 | UnnamedPoster1

Family defends 26yr old's destructive behavior, husband's past actions justify?

obeehunter | obeehunter

NTA, protect your property with a legal contract. 📝

SweetPatootie97 | SweetPatootie97

Be a gracious host, but set some boundaries and expectations.

teresajs | teresajs

NTA. Protect your vacation home from disrespectful guests. 🏡

Flashy_Current2284 | Flashy_Current2284

NTA. Creative solution for rental rules and avoiding conflict! 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect for property is key. Protect your vacation home! 💪

DemonicAnjul | DemonicAnjul

NTA...Fairness in vacation home ownership. Not saying no to all relatives. 👍

Cubadog | Cubadog

NTA. Husband outgrows party house, little brother needs own place. 👍

ntagatf-dilligaf | ntagatf-dilligaf

NTA for denying vacation request; trustworthiness disqualified by comments.

biancastolemyname | biancastolemyname

Don't let them bully you! Stand your ground and communicate 💪

AssistanceMedical951 | AssistanceMedical951

NTA: Protect your home! 🏠🔒💡

knitlikeaboss | knitlikeaboss

🔍 Curious about the damage and why it's considered normal?

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

NTA. People trashing others' houses? Unbelievable! 😡

JessicaT1842 | JessicaT1842

NTA. Gatekeeping your house is fair, but judge fairly on cleanliness.

TheBlueLeopard | TheBlueLeopard

Investing in your future: NTA for protecting your vacation home! 🏠

llama-mama-drama | llama-mama-drama

NTA. Turn the tables and watch their tone change! 😏

No_Focus505 | No_Focus505

NTA. Your house, your rules. Let them die mad about it 😎

tabbycat4 | tabbycat4

NTA, but hubby should handle family. You're the boss now! 😎

Downtown_Blueberry | Downtown_Blueberry

Take charge of your vacation home with a solid contract ✍️

messy_bitch420 | messy_bitch420

No entitlement to vacation home usage! 🚫

Noelscat | Noelscat

NTA- You're not wrong for renovating your house, they're entitled 🏠

MrsMayhem17 | MrsMayhem17

NTA. Entitled people trashing your vacation home? Time to enforce boundaries! 😡

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Generous owner sets boundaries: NTA, but WTF? 🤷‍♀️

Current-Photo2857 | Current-Photo2857

NTA: No excuse for property damage. Protect your investment! 🏠

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

NTA. Let them stay home and destroy their *own* stuff! 🙅‍♂️🏠

Senator_Bink | Senator_Bink

Asserting ownership and boundaries with a fiery declaration 🔥

hjiuhhfdefcxxef | hjiuhhfdefcxxef

Supportive spouse: he's totally on board with banning them. 💪

Lucy_Lastic | Lucy_Lastic

Party-goers upset their 'party house' is gone. Poor babies. 🙄

Ele5263 | Ele5263

Engaging comment: NTA. Give them one last chance with deposit & rules. 💰✨

Hungry_Pup | Hungry_Pup

Endless surprises and stolen items force us to rent our house 😫

Nervous_Ad_5987 | Nervous_Ad_5987

NTA: Take control of your joint investment and charge them!

justMeinD | justMeinD

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