Mother vs. Kitten: A Tail-less Tale of Love and Conflict 🐱💔

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to choose between your family and your furry friend? This is a story of a woman, her two adorable kittens, and a mother who just couldn't keep her claws to herself. When her mother came to visit, things took a turn for the worse. Let's dive into this fur-raising tale, shall we? 🐾

A Furry Farewell and A New Beginning 🐾

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

The Marvel-ous Arrival of Bucky and Steve 🦸‍♂️

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Meet Steve, the Tail-less Wonder 🐱

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Mom's Uninvited Opinions 🙄

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Steve's Brave Attempt at Bonding 🐾

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

A Rough Rejection 😾

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Mom Gets the Boot 🚪

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

A Heated Exchange 🔥

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

Favoritism and Feline Frustration 😾

proudaffurmama1 | proudaffurmama1

A Cat-astrophic Visit Ends in Feline Furore 😾

In a whirlwind of emotions, our heroine found herself in a confrontation with her own mother, all because of a little kitten named Steve. The mother's disdain for Steve's unique tail-less feature led to a heated argument and ultimately, her being asked to leave. The daughter's stand against her mother's insensitivity towards Steve, and her favoritism towards his brother Bucky, has left the internet divided. Let's see what the world thinks of this feline feud... 🌍

NTA. Prejudice against a tail-less cat raises questions about her character 🐱

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Pets are family, but not everyone understands. 🐾❤️

Frosted_Flakes-0 | Frosted_Flakes-0

NTA! Animals are family. Hope Steve is ok. Cat tax! 🐱💔

auntysos | auntysos

Kitten vs. Ignorance: A *yeet* showdown with a twist 🐱🤪

SonofApollo1984 | SonofApollo1984

"YTA. Not everyone will love your pets like you do." 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Reddit comment section: heated debate over a cat incident 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat lover defends their feline friend from any mistreatment. 🐱

PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt | PoopKnifeTwinkleCunt

YTA overreacted, but it's okay to feel uncomfortable with animals 🐱

Noe_33 | Noe_33

"ESH.'s a cat. You love your cat, but your mom doesn't. Your mom shouldn't have handled your kitten roughly. If your kitten wasn't physically hurt, just tell your mom that she shouldn't handle your kitten like that, and then go get your kitten to comfort him. However, insisting your mom leave at that moment without expressing your concerns and offering another chance for appropriate behavior towards your cats was wrong. You both disrespected each other." 😿💔

kinlowd | kinlowd

Lost in translation: A tale of miscommunication and overreactions 🐱

reyelle1977 | reyelle1977

Mom disrespects OP by tossing kitten, NTA stands up for self

Sydneyfire | Sydneyfire

NTA. Mom's cruelty towards kitten sparks heated debate. 🐱

DarkEyedSaint | DarkEyedSaint

NTA - Unique cat with food allergies, mistreated by visitor. 😿

GenjisWife | GenjisWife

"PET TAX! PET TAX! PET TAX!" - The demand for adorable evidence! 🐱💔

angel37455 | angel37455

"YTA. It's crazy to expect everyone to love your cats equally. She didn't hurt the cat, she just doesn't like him for whatever reason. She doesn't & shouldn't have to allow him to be in her lap." 💔

possiblycrazy79 | possiblycrazy79

Unpopular opinion: I love animals, but not other people's pets 😭


A clash of claws and emotions: ESH in feline frenzy 🐱

DormantDormaus | DormantDormaus

Respectful clapback: NTA stands up against disrespectful behavior. 👏

silvyrphoenix | silvyrphoenix

Control issue or respect? 🐱🤔 A tale of insecurities and boundaries.

thegreatmizzle7 | thegreatmizzle7

Empathy for the mother cat's protective instincts 🐱

daliaasteria | daliaasteria

Commenter calls out both sides, highlighting deeper issues and overreactions 🤔

nixon469 | nixon469

YTA. If you can't handle a cat, don't judge others.

The-spellmonger | The-spellmonger

OP gets called out for overreacting 😱

riavon | riavon

YTA: Cat lovers clash over lap time and cat tossing 🐱

JacobMaverick | JacobMaverick

YTA - Just a cat? Fur-midable feline feud! 🐱💔

ChewyRib | ChewyRib

NTA, mom's upset about a cat's tail? 🙄 Congrats on your new boys! 😺

FamousOrphan | FamousOrphan

NTA. Standing up for a cat against mean behavior. 🐱

Tossit4work | Tossit4work

Engaging comment about family conflict and animal mistreatment 😐

mariahblob | mariahblob

💕 A heartwarming tale of love for a tail-less kitten! 💔

Mominatordebbie | Mominatordebbie

NTA. Can't use his tail as a fake moustache? Bummer! 😂

Quarkly95 | Quarkly95

Emotional conflict between mother and child over cats 🐱

mrsmoose123 | mrsmoose123

Emotional conflict over a cat leads to a family fallout 🐱💔

SoloBurger13 | SoloBurger13

Mother's aversion to kitten's short tail sparks bizarre conflict 😱

Bumbling-Bluebird-90 | Bumbling-Bluebird-90

NTA defends their shy kitten against disrespectful guest 🐱

astral_fae | astral_fae

Embrace the bunny-butt tail! NTA, your mom is whack 🐱

CADreamn | CADreamn

Heartwarming tale of cat siblings and their loving owner ❤️🐾

Traumatized-Trashbag | Traumatized-Trashbag

Title misrepresents the post, causing confusion and disappointment 😔

infiniteyeet | infiniteyeet

Furdoggos rule! Respect them or get out! 🐶👏

Management_sucks | Management_sucks

NTA. Show us your adorable cats! 🐱💔

Sunnyyy27 | Sunnyyy27

Mom's TA for using "I raised you" as an excuse. MIL sets a decent example with our dogs 🐶

Kirdei | Kirdei

Adorable Manx cat brings joy and empathy to cat lovers 🐱

ItLou | ItLou

NTA: Socializing kittens is crucial for their future well-being 🐱

lovable_cube | lovable_cube

NTA, your mum sure is though. 😼💔

camirethh | camirethh

NTA: Cats are friends, no matter how they look 🐱💔

Etrixik | Etrixik

YTA: Not everyone wants a cat on their lap 🐱💔

Kiss_the_Girl | Kiss_the_Girl

NTA: Protecting my kitten, demanding respect for our furry family 🐱

Whysocomplicat3d | Whysocomplicat3d

Setting boundaries with mom and teaching her a lesson 🐱

Malkom1366 | Malkom1366

Half-tailed boi brings joy with his thicc back end 🐱💔

bucus | bucus

Envious of cuddles with cats? Check out this adorable cat tax! 🐱

Snehaslurp | Snehaslurp

Tailless cats are adorable and should never be mistreated! 🐱💔

Green_Ouroborus | Green_Ouroborus

NTA. Mother's strange reaction to tail-less kitten. Have you asked why? 😱

Alternative-Ask2335 | Alternative-Ask2335

"Sneaking a kitten into high school? 🐱😱 You gotta do what you gotta do."

Soggy_Sando | Soggy_Sando

NTA - Weird behavior with a snoozing cat 🐱💔

AlternativeAd3652 | AlternativeAd3652

Adorable tail-less cat, disrespectful mom, and NTA verdict 🐱

purpleprose78 | purpleprose78

"YTA. Love my cats, but wouldn't throw family out for insults."

Prosado22 | Prosado22

NTA defends cat with 'rude' owner who's 'disgusted' by tail 😱

The-Moocat | The-Moocat

Commenter calls mom an a**hole, no justification needed. 🙄

lavenderkajukatli | lavenderkajukatli

Cat lover stands up to mom's uncalled for behavior 🐱

OliviaElevenDunham | OliviaElevenDunham

Stand your ground! Your house, your rules. 💪

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