The Silent Treatment: A Woman's Unique Strategy to Deter Persistent Men

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Ever found yourself in a situation where 'no' just doesn't cut it? 😩 A young woman in the urban jungle has devised a clever, albeit controversial, method to fend off the unwanted advances of persistent men. It involves a bit of sign language and a whole lot of moral ambiguity. 🤔💬 Does her inventive solution make her a savvy street-smart heroine or is she crossing an ethical line? Dive into the dilemma that's got everyone talking! 🙈🙉

Throwaway Confessions 🙈

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

City Life Struggles 😤

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

Unwanted Advances 😒

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

The Aggressive Pursuit 😡

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

Crossing the Line 😨

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

Traumatic Encounters 😰

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

The Silent Idea 💡

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

Sign Language Solution 🤟

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Immediate Impact 🚶‍♂️💨

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Tactic Turned Trend 🔄

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Backfire and Quick Thinking 📱🤔

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Friend's Verdict: Not Cool 😕

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Guilt and Awareness 🤐

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A Woke Dilemma 🚩

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Not Part of the Community 🚫👂

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

The Comfort of Pretense 🛡️

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The Ethical Quandary 🤷‍♀️

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Seeking Internet Wisdom 🌐

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

A Change of Heart ❤️‍🩹

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

New Plan: Parlez-vous Français? 🇫🇷

workinthrowway1 | workinthrowway1

The Great Pretender: Clever or Controversial? 🎭

In a bold twist, our city heroine finds solace in silence, signing her way out of sticky situations. 😶✌️ But her friend's disapproval sends her on a guilt trip, questioning the morality of her actions. Is she a cunning fox or just another person trying to navigate the urban jungle safely? 🦊🏙️ As she grapples with the implications, she considers a linguistic pivot to French as her new escape plan. 🗣️🥖 Let's see what the internet's collective wisdom has to say about this intriguing tale...

Faking disability to deter harassers, but still facing disbelief and persistence. 🤦

[deleted] | [deleted]

Using silence for safety, not gain. Good point, lol \

GrilledStuffedDragon | GrilledStuffedDragon

Deaf community supports using silent treatment to deter nasty guys! \

Bratdere | Bratdere

Empowering women to prioritize safety and set firm boundaries. \

hello_friendss | hello_friendss

Protect yourself, OP. Consider other methods. Stay safe out there! 🚨

MagistrateDeTemps | MagistrateDeTemps

Safety first! Don't feel guilty for prioritizing your well-being \

sleipnirthesnook | sleipnirthesnook

Choosing safety over confrontation, using non-confrontational methods for self-defense \U0001F9D1 haha, I don't know how safe I'd be up against some of the men who bother me. \U0001F9D1 haha, I don't know how safe I'd be up against some of the men who bother me.

Contender811 | Contender811

Avoiding harassment with a unique strategy. Some might be offended.

ThatComicChick | ThatComicChick

Misreading 'deaf' as 'dead' led to a hilarious misunderstanding! 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Using silence to deter creeps: a necessary but ethical dilemma.

MaryMaryConsigliere | MaryMaryConsigliere

Pretending to be trans to deter men? ESH, but society's to blame 😬

Nadroh | Nadroh

Empowering women to defend against persistent men, it's a societal issue 🚺

FifiMcNasty | FifiMcNasty

Safety first! 🛡️ Empowerment through setting boundaries. Stay strong and safe.

karl-ism | karl-ism

Deaf defense tactic against pushy men wins in foreign country \ud83d\ude09

[deleted] | [deleted]

Deaf Redditor supports deterring harassment, while acknowledging differing perspectives. From u/Bratdere

young_macleod | young_macleod

Using a unique strategy to deter persistent men. Not the a**hole.

ITworksGuys | ITworksGuys

Defending oneself without seeking special treatment 🛡️

YagaDillon | YagaDillon

Navigating the silent treatment: a dicey tactic with potential misunderstandings 🤐

plutoduchess | plutoduchess

Keeping safe and harassment-free! You go, NTA!

PastelSpectre | PastelSpectre

Empathize with the fear of rejecting persistent men. Terrifying experiences.

mels25 | mels25

Learning a new language for dating? 🇫🇷🇩🇪

CantEatCatsKevin | CantEatCatsKevin

Using my disability to deter persistent men - totally alright by me tbh, I sometimes use it to shut down morons 🙅

TheFoogazie | TheFoogazie

When Google Translate fails, try a new language for peace \xf0\x9f\x98\x89

femalekramer | femalekramer

Creative yet concerning strategies to deter persistent men. 😳🙊

throwawaythisuser1 | throwawaythisuser1

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