Dad's Wedding Wallet Dilemma Sparks Family Feud 🤵👰💸

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Imagine this: you're a dad who's generously funded lavish weddings for your first two kids, no holds barred. Fast forward, and your youngest is about to tie the knot, but here's the twist: they want a modest affair. You're thinking, 'Great, I can save some money!', but then, the bomb drops. The cost comparisons come out, and suddenly, you're in the eye of a family hurricane, with threats of disinvitation and demands for cold, hard cash. Grab your popcorn, folks, because this family wedding saga has more twists than a pretzel! 🍿😱🌀

Meet the Generous Dad and His Trio of Kids 👨‍👧‍👦💰

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A Tale of Three Weddings and the Wallet That Knew No Bounds 💒🚫🛑

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The Pricey 'I Dos' of the Older Siblings 💸👰‍♀️🤵‍♂️

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Youngest Son's Modest Matrimony Plans 🌿💍

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The Wedding Cost Reveal Sparks a Monetary Melee 💵👀

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Demand for a Down Payment Divides the Family 🏠💔

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Dad's Stance: Wedding Bills, Not Thrills 🚫✍️💲

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Trust Funds and College Paid: The Financial Backstory 🎓🤑

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Family Meeting Uncovers the True Wedding Wishes 🤐👰

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Cinderella Dreams Crushed by Budget Reality 💔👠

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Son's Urban Dreams Clash With Suburban Schemes 🏙️🏡

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Wedding Off? Son's Cold Feet and Apologies ❄️👟

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Dad and Son Reconcile Amidst Wedding Woes 🤝💔

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Fiancée's Retreat to Parental Home and Apologies 🏠😔

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Generosity Continues: Dad's Charitable Wedding Solution 💸👼

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An Open Wallet for Future Nuptials: Dad's Pledge 🤵👰‍♂️💵

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Wedding Woes End in Unexpected Family Twist 🔄💍

In a plot twist worthy of a soap opera, a family's wedding budget battle uncovers hidden desires and leads to a cancelled engagement. The father, a real-life Daddy Warbucks, finds himself in the middle of a monetary maelstrom when his youngest son's fiancée gets a case of Cinderella envy. The drama peaks as the son decides bachelorhood might suit him better, leaving the dad to play fairy godfather to another lucky couple. It's a tale of love, money, and family dynamics that ends with a heartwarming gesture of generosity. And as for the son? Well, he's got a raincheck for romance, whenever he's ready to cash it in. 🎩💖💌

Standing firm on wedding gift etiquette to avoid family drama t t

mauve55 | mauve55

Stand your ground! Don't reward tantrums, it encourages spoiled brats to

Hellagranny | Hellagranny

Generous dad faces entitled son and future daughter-in-law to-be

hissyfit64 | hissyfit64

Sibling rivalry over dad's money? Sounds like a rich mess to me too tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh tbh

ResponsibleHedonist | ResponsibleHedonist

Generous dad faces wild wedding wallet dilemma to support grateful or demanding kids from different backgrounds to a**hole or not to a**hole to wealth or not to wealth to struggle or not to struggle to blow or not to blow to comprehend or not to comprehend to fair or not to fair to family feud or not to family feud to wedding or not to wedding to honeymoon or not to honeymoon to college or not to college to trust funds or not to trust funds to socioeconomic class or not to socioeconomic class

MarigoldCat | MarigoldCat

Threatening to cancel trust fund? Family feud intensifies! t

Cleantech2020 | Cleantech2020

Setting boundaries: NTA for declining, their reaction makes them AH totally acceptable answer. Them giving you grief over it makes them the a**hole. You should retract your offer entirely, until they are mature enough to actually get married. totally up to you what you want to pay for tbh I would probably ask myself since I would see it being more responsible with the money I don't think them asking was out line or weird

melancholy_pancake | melancholy_pancake

NTA - Simple and straightforward, no drama here \ud83d\ude0a

Advanced-Meaning-393 | Advanced-Meaning-393

Feeling like dad plays favorites? Let's discuss together to find a solution! ta**hole

Thinkalilmoreplz | Thinkalilmoreplz

Generous offer for down payment overshadowed by tacky wedding request \ud83d\udc8d

BlueBelleNOLA | BlueBelleNOLA

Fianc\ufffd t appears entitled, but NTA. Family drama ahead t

Existing-Sun-251 | Existing-Sun-251

Paying for the wedding and getting disinvited? Seriously?

gw2kpro | gw2kpro

Teaching kids wrong lessons with extravagant spending? Yay! Sensible planning? Frowns.

CissaLJ | CissaLJ

Generous offer sparks family feud over equality vs equity \ud83d\ude0e

Mamasgoldenmilk | Mamasgoldenmilk

Setting wedding boundaries: NTA stands firm against entitled family.

creditspread | creditspread

Generosity has its limits. Entitlement breeds ingratitude.

Wise_catapillar | Wise_catapillar

Protecting assets? Prenup talk sparks family tension.

Busy_Understanding81 | Busy_Understanding81

Entitlement at its peak! Not the a**hole to the rescue to the rescue

New-Needleworker5318 | New-Needleworker5318

Standing up for himself! Not the a**hole for sure to demand them to do it

Particular-Glove-225 | Particular-Glove-225

Standing firm: You're not the a**hole for refusing to pay.

AppropriateCup9761 | AppropriateCup9761

Gift disparity sparks conflict, but threats aren't the solution together.

dorinda-b | dorinda-b

Fiancée's absence, not your problem 💰

Ann-Stuff | Ann-Stuff

Generous dad faces entitled kids. Wedding wallet drama unfolds \ud83d\ude35

DwihgtKShrute | DwihgtKShrute

NTA - Spend your money as you please! Your son's ultimatum? Unacceptable to

HedonistEnabler | HedonistEnabler

Supportive comment applauds dad's generosity, defends against unfair accusations. 👏🏼

sociallyawkwardjess | sociallyawkwardjess

Family feud over wedding spending sparks heated, emotional debate to spend this much money on a f... wedding.. you are rewarding stupid..

Arthemis161419 | Arthemis161419

Stand your ground and show them who holds the purse \ud83d\udcb8

traciw67 | traciw67

Son wants more money after low-cost wedding, but dad's not obligated to give. NTA

krek_723 | krek_723

Dad's wallet drama: playing favorites with kids? You're the a**hole too!

Bollalron | Bollalron

Calling out spoiled behavior! 👏

ashabash3 | ashabash3

Demanding gifts for a big wedding? NTA. Entitlement is shocking to working people. t t t t t t t t

PoopSmith87 | PoopSmith87

Unfair wedding wallet dilemma? Let's dive into this family feud \ud83e\udd35

[deleted] | [deleted]

Small vs large wedding cash gifts: family feud or nah?

Wintergreen1234 | Wintergreen1234

Grateful bride embraces wedding cost differences, receives unexpected honeymoon support to express appreciation

moonlitcat13 | moonlitcat13

Respectful communication could've avoided this entitled demand for money to put into a new home. talk it out to avoid drama talk it out

SpudTicket | SpudTicket

Seeking a new dad? This one's wallet-friendly \ud83e\udd29

Hooldoog | Hooldoog

Family rift over unequal wedding gifts, avoid division and equalize gifts to mend relationships to avoid further conflict. NAH

Maybeidontknow99 | Maybeidontknow99

Sibling rivalry over parental financial support, NTA. 🤑

Nevynne | Nevynne

Grateful or entitled? NTA dad sparks family feud to be continued...

Upper-Spell-3588 | Upper-Spell-3588

Revealed info changes everything! Is it worth the strained relationship?

suzeekew | suzeekew

Generosity questioned, youngest labeled greedy. Family feud over wedding expenses.

KimmyKatAlways | KimmyKatAlways

Setting boundaries at weddings takes courage! 👏

jnbbailey | jnbbailey

Wedding budget drama: 20k for a 'not big' wedding 💸 NTA

Jredrum | Jredrum

Tacky? Not at all! Let's dive into this wedding drama \ud83d\udc70

farawaythinker | farawaythinker

Oldest daughter upset over inheritance, sparks family feud

Splunkzop | Splunkzop

Fair point! It's your money, your rules. tldr: NTA tldr: NTA


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