Black Sheep or Golden Goose? The Tale of an Artist in a Family of Scientists 🎨🔬

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Ever felt like a square peg in a round hole? Meet our hero (25M), the lone artist in a family of Ivy League-educated scientists and mathematicians. While his family members are busy cracking codes and solving equations, he's been busy creating art and writing literature. But what happens when the black sheep decides to stand up and be counted? Let's dive into this emotionally charged tale that's got everyone talking. 🎨🔬

A Family of Brainiacs 🧠

admirable-emu-9628 | admirable-emu-9628

The Odd One Out 🎨

admirable-emu-9628 | admirable-emu-9628

The Struggle of Being Different 😢

admirable-emu-9628 | admirable-emu-9628

A Glimpse of Freedom 🕊️

admirable-emu-9628 | admirable-emu-9628

The Cold Shoulder ❄️

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The Breaking Point 💥

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The Confrontation 🗣️

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The Final Straw 🌾

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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The Guilt Trip 😔

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The Question 🤔

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The Update 🔄

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A Tale of Art, Science, and Family Drama: Who's the Real A**hole Here? 🎭

In a family where equations and formulas reign supreme, our hero, a passionate artist, finds himself at odds with his kin. Despite his struggles, he carves out a successful path in literature and art, only to be met with dismissive attitudes and cold shoulders. The tension reaches a boiling point at a New Year's party, leading to a heated confrontation and a dramatic exit. Now, he's left questioning his actions and wondering if he's the real a**hole. What do you think? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🕵️‍♀️

🌟 NTA - Overcoming academic family pressure, pursuing artistic dreams, and finding happiness 🎨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Huge congrats on the publishing deal! 🎉🥳 NTA, set boundaries.

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Childish" is just a cover for a**hole parents. NTA. 😂

Hazel2468 | Hazel2468

Family dynamics and trauma: a heartbreaking tale of rejection and resilience

Admirable-Emu-9628 | Admirable-Emu-9628

NTA. Apologize for yelling, explain your side, congrats on book deal!

shelhunter | shelhunter

Block the haters and focus on your success! 💪🏻

BriefHorror | BriefHorror

NTA 👏🏻 Embrace your unique talents and find support elsewhere 💚

Complete-Turnip-9150 | Complete-Turnip-9150

NTA! Intelligence comes in many forms, your family missed out.

Gpeachy421 | Gpeachy421

NTA. Celebrating success despite family's narrow definition. Congrats! 🎉

Pure-Appearance9474 | Pure-Appearance9474

"NTA. Your father is using 'childish' to mean 'deviating from your assigned role in this family system.' Put them behind you. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BOOK DEAL! That's huge!!!"

jennyislander | jennyislander

NTA. Making amends without condescension can be challenging 🙏

Voidg | Voidg

"Humiliating prestigious scientists? NTA! Kick them to the curb!" 🙌

justputonashirt | justputonashirt

NTA: Overcoming adversity and proving them wrong. 💪

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

NTA. Celebrate your achievements and give them one more chance! 🎉

Tdluxon | Tdluxon

NTA, use interviews to highlight lack of family support. 👏

sharp-Yarn | sharp-Yarn

NTA. Pursue your dreams and be proud of your achievements! 👏

animeaddict75 | animeaddict75

Cutting ties with family? NTA, sometimes it's necessary for peace 🙏

figuringthingsout__ | figuringthingsout__

NTA! Overcoming family judgment to pursue artistic passion 🎨🔬

AH_Raccoon | AH_Raccoon

Cut contact until they apologize for being insufferable bastards. 😠

sumtingswong | sumtingswong

Cut ties with toxic family and live your best life 🙌

1962Michael | 1962Michael

Exciting novel coming soon! Can't wait to read it! 📚

Aviaer21 | Aviaer21

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries. NTA 👏

Tulipsarered | Tulipsarered

NTA! Don't let them shit on your successes, OP. Do what makes you happier 😊

Springloll | Springloll

NTA. Drama detox: wait 6 months, then decide on relationship 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Embarrassed by own behavior? Definitely not the a**hole! 😊

Allthelostcauses | Allthelostcauses

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