Mother's Outrage at Support Group: A Tale of Shock and Disbelief 😱

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Imagine walking into a support group, hoping to find solace and understanding, only to be met with shocking revelations and blame games. This is what happened to a mother who was advised to join a support group for parents of children with learning disabilities. She expected empathy and support, but what she found was a group of mothers blaming their children for their failed marriages and personal problems. 😱 Let's dive into this dramatic tale of a mother's first and last visit to a support group that left her questioning her own actions. 🤔

A New Journey Begins 🎒

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A Diagnosis and a Suggestion 💡

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Stepping into the Unknown 😬

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A Disturbing Observation 😳

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The Unsettling Roadmap 🗺️

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A Mother's Outrage 😡

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A Cold Response ❄️

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A Specialist's Defense 🛡️

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The Final Word 🚫

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A Mother's Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

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A Mother's Stand Against a Toxic Support Group: Righteous or Rude? 🤔

In a shocking turn of events, a mother seeking support for her child's learning disability finds herself in a group of mothers blaming their children for their personal problems. From shocking statements made within earshot of the kids, to blaming them for failed marriages, this support group was anything but supportive. Our brave mother couldn't keep quiet and expressed her disgust, leading to a cold reaction from the group. She left, vowing never to return, and even changed her child's specialist due to his association with the group. Now she's left wondering if her actions were justified or if she was too harsh. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Venting frustrations about parenting a child with special needs 😤

AnonymousTruths1979 | AnonymousTruths1979

"NTA! Second opinion needed. Weird referral to gossip group 😳"

Stunt57 | Stunt57

NTA. Autism Speaks is problematic and insensitive to kids' needs 😱

greeneyedwench | greeneyedwench

Toxic support group and questionable specialist - what a nightmare! 😱

Luckyday11 | Luckyday11

NTA: Support group turned echo chamber 🞧

Mopper300 | Mopper300

"YTA" comments ignore parents' sexist remarks in front of kids. NTA 🙏

Bengamezzzzzz | Bengamezzzzzz

"NTA. Autistic community support groups should be helpful, not harmful! 🙏🏻"

midwest_scrummy | midwest_scrummy

Support groups: Finding the right fit and staying open-minded 🙏

badmamagemma | badmamagemma

Hating your kids is normal, but saying it out loud? 🤦‍♀️

AJM_Reseller | AJM_Reseller

Defending autistic kids against cruel support group. You go, OP! 👏

gabby930 | gabby930

Former autistic child calls out ableist support group 😱

SourNotesRockHardAbs | SourNotesRockHardAbs

Report the specialist and support group promoting hate and abuse! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Toxic support group. Find a better group for true support 💪

Pretty_In_Pink_81 | Pretty_In_Pink_81

Autism moms' echo chamber vs. inclusive support group 🙏

Lorezia | Lorezia

NTA. Brave mom calls out toxic support group culture 💪

kathasnofriends | kathasnofriends

NTA: Standing up against disgusting behavior from other mothers 🙌

Arekkuusu | Arekkuusu

NTA: Supportive husband and broken families, find healthier fit. 🙌

Rivka78 | Rivka78

Parent speaks out against mistreatment of autistic children on forums 😱

Available-Bison-9222 | Available-Bison-9222

NTA. Autistic adult explains importance of separating needs and venting.

Zoenne | Zoenne

Toxic support group experience: projection, judgment, and unhealthy dynamics 😱

HarveySnake | HarveySnake

Tough situation 😬 NAH, but venting in front of kids is wrong.

Embarrassed_Advice59 | Embarrassed_Advice59

Autistic person calls out damaging behavior in support group. 👏

amerasuu | amerasuu

Supportive comment calls for organized playgroup to avoid hurtful situations 🙏

Impossible_Zebra8664 | Impossible_Zebra8664

Parent seeks advice on IEP vs 504 Plan, sparks heated debate 🤔

Puppiesmommy | Puppiesmommy

Heartwarming support for a mom of an autistic child 💞

MetroidsAteMyStash | MetroidsAteMyStash

Curious about support group experiences? Find out how it works! 🤔

fliccolo | fliccolo

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