Airplane Drama: Man Refuses to Share Game with Sick Kid, Who's the Real Bad Guy? 🎮😷

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Ever been caught in an awkward situation that you never saw coming? Imagine being on a short flight, minding your own business, playing your favorite game on your Nintendo Switch. Suddenly, you're thrust into a mid-air drama involving a sick kid, an exhausted mom, and a game that's become the center of attention. Buckle up, because this story is about to take off! 🛫🎮

The Routine Flight 🛫

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Unexpected Co-passengers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

almost-famous13 | almost-famous13

The Sick Kid 😷

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A Kind Gesture 🤗

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Game Time 🎮

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The Game Thief 🕹️😲

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Caught Red-Handed! 🎮👦

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Standing His Ground 🚫🎮

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Dad Steps In 👨‍👦

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Apologies and Accusations 🙏🤬

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To Share or Not to Share: The Mid-Air Dilemma 🎮✈️

So, here we are. A man, his game, a sick kid, and a plane full of opinions. After a whirlwind of events, the game was returned, apologies were made, but not everyone was happy. The dad showed understanding, but another passenger deemed our game enthusiast 'rude'. With a Lysol-wiped game in hand, he's left wondering if he was in the wrong. What do you think? Was he justified in wanting his game back, or should he have let the kid play on? Let's see how the internet weighs in on this high-flying drama! 🎮✈️😷

NTA, it's rude to assume a game is everyone's property 😷

Degofreak | Degofreak

NTA: No one is entitled to your belongings 😷

jazzy-j99 | jazzy-j99

NTA. Mom's entitlement and lack of respect for personal property 😱

jimmy_three_shoes | jimmy_three_shoes

Commenter tries to prevent reposting, but will it actually work? 🤔

Chortney | Chortney

NTA. Sharing isn't always caring. Mom should know better. 😷

lolbria | lolbria

"Permission denied": Commenter unaware of internet's copy-paste culture 😷

CMUpewpewpew | CMUpewpewpew

Comment gets shared, sparks laughter and amusement. 😂

BreadyOrNotHereICrum | BreadyOrNotHereICrum

NTA: Entitled behavior on a flight, where's their own switch? 🙄

usernameawesome1 | usernameawesome1

Permission denied: Public post sparks debate over sharing etiquette 👀

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Lol good luck enforcing that copyright" - Internet trolls at their finest 😂

efnfen4 | efnfen4

NTA: Parenting 101 - Entertain your own kids, not mine! 😷

marla-M | marla-M

NTA. Mom lets kid take game without permission, sparks debate. 😷

possumeggs | possumeggs

NTA. Kindness backfired and led to being taken advantage of. 😷

mewhilehigh | mewhilehigh

NTA. Rude and entitled! It's your property, game on! 🎮

FormerFruit | FormerFruit

NTA - Kid shouldn't have touched game, entitled brat 😷

hatefulpenguin | hatefulpenguin

Internet apathy: Permission denied, no one cares about your consent

Broken-Talc | Broken-Talc

Feeling validated by the community, sanity restored! 👏

almost-famous13 | almost-famous13

Entitled passenger refuses to share game with sick child. 😱

ohhlookshiny | ohhlookshiny

NTA, game rules, Reddit doesn't need permission to share! 🏈

Chaos75321 | Chaos75321

Sharing is caring, but not when it's someone else's property 😷

sk9592 | sk9592

NTA! Game ownership boundaries should be respected, sick or not! 😷

Dinkley23 | Dinkley23

Spreading the drama like wildfire! 💥

Harrisonmonopoly | Harrisonmonopoly

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