Mountain Vacation Dilemma: Parents Expect Free Ride for Daughter's Friend 🏔️💸

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Imagine planning a fun-filled family vacation and deciding to invite your daughter's friend along to make the trip even more enjoyable. Now imagine the shock when the friend's well-off parents expect you to cover all the expenses, even the souvenirs and snacks! 😲💸 This is the predicament one mother found herself in, leading to a whirlwind of emotions and a moral dilemma. Let's delve into this intriguing story...

The Family Vacation Plan 🏔️🚗

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Inviting a Friend to Join 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

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Meet the Friend and Her Parents 👨‍👩‍👧

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The Shocking Message 😲

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The Unexpected Burden 💰

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The Activity Costs 💸

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The Unknown Vacation Habits 🍔🎠

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The Mother's Response 📱

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Comparing Scenarios 🏖️🎡

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The Snack Dilemma 🍿

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The Big Decision 🤔

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The Update 🔄

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The Mountain of Dilemma: To Invite or Not to Invite? 🏔️🤔

A family vacation plan turns into a moral quandary when a seemingly kind gesture backfires. The mother thought she was doing a good deed by inviting her daughter's friend on their trip, only to be confronted with the expectation of footing the entire bill, including souvenirs and snacks. The friend's parents, despite being well-off, refuse to contribute a single penny. This leaves our perplexed parents questioning whether to rescind the invitation or bear the unexpected financial burden. In a twist, her daughter decides to tell the friend that the trip is canceled due to COVID-19, sparing her mother the difficult decision. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...🌐💭

Bring the friend, limit spending, set expectations. Establish boundaries. 👍

misstiff1971 | misstiff1971

NTA but set clear expectations: you pay for essentials, she pays for extras 👍

Jaykaybabay | Jaykaybabay

ESH. Parent should pay, but sending pocket money is respectful 👍

Mighty_Vulcan | Mighty_Vulcan

Don't rescind the offer, just clarify expectations. 🤝

Clarity4me | Clarity4me

Independent traveler: NTA, always bring money for expenses! 🌎

FairyLightHappiness | FairyLightHappiness

NTA: Parents expect free ride for daughter's friend 🏔️💸. Offer packing list with souvenir money 📺

JessTheBoyMom | JessTheBoyMom

NTA: Set clear conditions for expenses and let parents decide 💰

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Rich people love saving money: tipping, splitting bills, haggling, penny-pinching! 😂

cridhebriste | cridhebriste

"NTA. Expecting parents to fully fund another child's vacation? 👏🏻"

jennymayg13 | jennymayg13

Parents expect free ride for daughter's friend 💸😳. Is it fair? 🤔

Jlmathis3 | Jlmathis3

Demanding money from friend's parents for vacation expenses. 💰

teresajs | teresajs

Parents didn't ask about money, only discussed trip logistics. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for putting stress on your daughter and teaching dishonesty 😔

DeathBahamutXXX | DeathBahamutXXX

NTA - Rona might solve your vacation dilemma! 😂

idkwhattotypehere123 | idkwhattotypehere123

Torn on inviting friend on trip, consider setting clear expectations ✨

Nexxisvain | Nexxisvain

Unexpected expenses ruined a friendship 😕

pennyforyourscotch | pennyforyourscotch

Set boundaries with the entitled mother and avoid financial conflicts.

GonnaBeIToldUSo | GonnaBeIToldUSo

Parents clash over vacation expenses, resulting in a heated argument.

JudgyLurker | JudgyLurker

NTA but cancelling the trip is a safe idea due to COVID 😷

dca_user | dca_user

Parents expect free ride for daughter's friend. How rude! 😱

hahaheatherrr | hahaheatherrr

Parents refuse to give money for daughter's friend, causing conflict 😡

kearnel81 | kearnel81

Suggest a breezy way to split costs for the trip! 😊

Wistastic | Wistastic

Family vacation payment dispute: comparing ledgers and hurt feelings 😫

MesWantooth | MesWantooth

Communication is key! Avoid misunderstandings by discussing expectations beforehand. 👍

phdoofus | phdoofus

Set boundaries with parents: no paying for souvenirs and snacks

missbaby23 | missbaby23

Parents' entitlement vs. financial struggles: Who should pay? 🤔

dd2487 | dd2487

Tennessee trip dilemma: Expecting a free ride? YTA 🤪

riles999 | riles999

The awkwardness of imposing values on another parent's kid 😳

brontosaurus_vex | brontosaurus_vex

Cancel the trip, lose all your deposits. Not safe yet 🚫

ZweitenMal | ZweitenMal

Realizing I grew up poor in a privileged social circle. 😱

JaxyLu | JaxyLu

Daughter cancels trip due to COVID-19, friend not reinvited. Sensible decision.

txteva | txteva

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