💔💼 Love or Respect: Woman Walks Out When Fiancé Undermines Her Success!

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Imagine working hard, starting your own successful company, and then being reduced to a mere 'bookkeeper' by the love of your life. Our heroine, a 45-year-old business owner, found herself in this exact situation. You won't believe what happened next! 😲💔

The Making of a Mogul 💼🎓

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Proud of Her Journey 🎓💪

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Love in the Air... or is it? 💘🤔

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A Love Story with a Twist 🔄🙄

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The Unwanted Title 🙅‍♀️📚

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The Last Straw 🥺💔

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The Aftermath 🌪️🤷‍♀️

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The Breakup 💔👋

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The Shocking Twist 😲💰

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Family Support and Champagne 🥂🎉

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A Tale of Triumph: When a 'Bookkeeper' Stood Her Ground! 💪💼

Our heroine, a successful businesswoman, found herself in a love story with a twist. Her fiancé, a retired military officer, consistently introduced her as a 'bookkeeper', undermining her accomplishments. Despite her pleas, he persisted. The final straw? A public embarrassment at a business event. She decided enough was enough, walked out, and ultimately ended their engagement. In a shocking twist, he demanded compensation for 'his help' with her company. Her response? A single dollar. With the support of her family, she toasted to her newfound freedom. Let's see what the internet thinks of this rollercoaster of a story... 🍾🎢

NTA!!! This man is f**king military. He understands what titles are and why they matter and he is doing this on purpose. ETA: "My family thinks he is a controlling a** that doesn't respect me or women." If you love and respect the opinions of your family in other circumstances, and you trust them to have your best interests at heart, then you should always always listen when they say things like this to you. In the end you get to make your own choices, but when you have a loving family, the chances of them saying this without meaning it are really slim. The people who love us can see what we can't and want what is best for us.

llamadolly85 | llamadolly85

NTA: He's an AH that likes putting you down 😠

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

"Backhanded compliments and disrespect: NTA, time to reconsider your relationship!"

scarletbe11 | scarletbe11

NTA - Retired military officer disrespects her success 🚫💪

Ok-Acanthaceae5744 | Ok-Acanthaceae5744

NTA. You are under-reacting. 👏 Your family sees him for what he is, believe them and believe your gut.

Robossassin | Robossassin

🚩 NTA: Stand up for yourself! Don't let him undermine you!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fiancé undermines her success, but only when others are around 😒

RickRussellTX | RickRussellTX

"NTA - Fiancé undermines her success, treats her like a subordinate. 🚩"

CarrieCat62 | CarrieCat62

🔥 Fiancé undermines her success, time to show him the door! 🔥

kistner | kistner

🤩 This comment section is on fire! 🔥

Like_A_Bosstonian | Like_A_Bosstonian

NTA. He doesn't like women. 🚶‍♀️

Longjumping-Cat-712 | Longjumping-Cat-712

Fiancé's undermining behavior escalates, family warns of worse to come! 😱

yoonssoo | yoonssoo

NTA. Fiancé undermines her success despite her multiple requests. 🙄

Tdluxon | Tdluxon

"NTA. Red flag. He dismisses your concerns. Listen to family."

stroppo | stroppo

👏 You go girl! Stand up for your worth and success!

CherrieChocolatePie | CherrieChocolatePie

Seeking advice, finding support, and making a clean break. 💔

Entreprenuer512 | Entreprenuer512

Dump him! Find a man who uplifts and celebrates your success! 💪🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner should support, not belittle. NTA! 👏

Viol3nt_Midget | Viol3nt_Midget

🙅‍♀️ NTA. Ditch the disrespectful fiancé ASAP! You deserve better!

Puzzle__head | Puzzle__head

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