Pregnant Woman's Trust Betrayed by 'Family Friend': A Tale of Love, Betrayal, and Boundaries 🤰💔🚧

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Imagine being pregnant, elated about your first baby, and then having your world turned upside down by a 'family friend'. This is the story of a 26-year-old woman who found herself in an emotional whirlwind when a close friend confessed her lingering feelings for her husband. As the drama unfolds, she's left wondering if she's in the wrong for not responding to the friend's messages. Let's dive into this tale of love, betrayal, and boundaries. 👀💔

A Happy Marriage with a Twist 🥰🌀

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The 'Family Friend' and Her Unrequited Love 😘💔

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From Awkwardness to Friendship 🙄👫

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Confiding in the Wrong Person 😓🗣️

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The Confession That Changed Everything 💌💥

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Inappropriate Advances and a Silent Response 🚫🤐

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The Need for Boundaries 🚧🗣️

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The Drama Escalates 📈😰

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The Guilt Trip 🎭😒

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The Ex-Husband Joins the Fray 🤦‍♂️📲

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The Final Verdict 🏛️🤷‍♀️

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The Aftermath 🌪️🔇

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A Pregnant Woman's Dilemma: To Respond or Not to Respond? 🤰🤔

In the midst of expecting her first child, our protagonist found herself in an emotional quagmire. A 'family friend', who had a past with her husband, confessed her feelings to him, leaving the couple shocked and uncomfortable. Despite the woman's attempts to maintain normalcy, the wife chose to distance herself, leading to a series of dramatic events. With the 'family friend' playing the victim card and even involving her ex-husband, the situation escalated quickly. The question remains: Did our pregnant heroine do the right thing by maintaining her silence? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭🌐

NTA: Betrayed by a 'friend', OP needs to set boundaries 🤰💔🚧

welptheheck | welptheheck

NTA: Friend made a play for your husband, backfired 🚩

Nihilistic_wizard | Nihilistic_wizard

Cut ties with her now! Drama over, no more desperation 👌

AnarchyAcid | AnarchyAcid

NTA about messaging her but you needed to have been much clearer about your message. You and your husband need to speak to this woman together and tell her he isnt interested in her and neither of you want to be her friend anymore because of her complete lack of respect for both of your feelings and your marriage. If you dont make it absolutely clear to her that this is a joint decision, she will continue trying to play the victim and painting you as the villain in her love story with your husband. 🚧

hbdabbins | hbdabbins

NTA - Upset over friend making play for husband 😞

Vandalfan2012 | Vandalfan2012

NTA: Betrayed by a 'family friend', husband promises no contact 🚧

zoeworley | zoeworley

NTA. Trust betrayed by 'family friend'. Boundaries crossed 💔

Lizm3 | Lizm3

NTA, forgiving but boundaries crossed. Husband needs to assert himself. 🚧

neoteucer | neoteucer

NTA: Husband should clarify situation to his mother. 👍

sqitten | sqitten

NTA and husband handled situation well, other woman is TA. 🤰

blacklig | blacklig

NTA. Betrayed by a 'friend': Time to cut ties 👋

0mnigod | 0mnigod

NTA for setting boundaries with a toxic 'family friend' 🚧

BeckyDaTechie | BeckyDaTechie

NTA. Exfriend betrayed trust, refuses to take responsibility. No coming back. 👎

darkprincess98 | darkprincess98

Cut her off and save yourselves from unnecessary trouble. 👋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter confronts OP's questionable choices, sparking a fiery debate 🤰

jazzy3113 | jazzy3113

NTA. Block her and avoid a Joe Goldberg situation! 🤰💔🚧

[deleted] | [deleted]

Regrettable friendship leads to betrayal. ESH in this messy situation. 😔

ProfessionalActive1 | ProfessionalActive1

Stand up for yourself and fight against the relentless narcissist! 💪

ccsocoollike | ccsocoollike

🚫 WTF! NTA! Married woman tries to steal your husband?! 📸

Esme-Weatherwaxes | Esme-Weatherwaxes

NTA, good riddance! You deserve better 👏

Shanoony | Shanoony

Cut contact with this person now! Drama and betrayal 💔🚧

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Boundaries crossed. Keep her blocked. No good friends here.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Exposing a manipulative 'family friend' trying to steal your husband ✨

skullyott | skullyott

NTA - Standing strong together against a tantrum-throwing drama queen 🚧

VisiblePiano0 | VisiblePiano0

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