The Battle of the House Hunt: Landlady vs Long-term Lodger 🏡

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Imagine owning a house and deciding to move, but your lodger insists on dictating the terms of your new purchase! 😲 This is the predicament faced by a 36-year-old woman who, after receiving a windfall, decided to sell her current home and buy a 'forever home'. She's a part-time wheelchair user and has specific needs for her future abode. Her lodger of 9 years, however, has other ideas, making demands about the new house's features and location. Our homeowner is left wondering: should she stand her ground and choose her dream home, or should she consider her lodger's wishes? 🤔

The Housemates' History 🕰️

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The Need for Change 🏡

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The Future Plans 💍👶

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The Lodger's Proposal 🤝

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The Lodger's Demands 📝

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The Homeowner's Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

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The Big Question ❓

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The Internet's Reaction 🌐

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The Lodger's Motivations 🧐

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The Lodger's Role Clarified 🏠

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The Relationship Status 💕

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The House Hunt Showdown: Who Calls the Shots? 🏡🔫

In a surprising twist of events, a house hunt has turned into a power struggle between a homeowner and her long-term lodger. The homeowner, a part-time wheelchair user, has specific needs for her future home. However, her lodger seems to have a lengthy wish list of her own for the new house. The question now is, should the homeowner stand her ground and choose her dream home, or should she consider her lodger's wishes? Let's see how the internet has responded to this intriguing dilemma... 🍿

NTA. It's your home and she's just a tenant 🚫

dcnowclt | dcnowclt

NTA, assert your boundaries and have an honest conversation with her. 👍

GolemThe3rd | GolemThe3rd

NTA: Set expectations, consider friendship, and be tactful in communication 👍


NTA- Your house, your rules. Wheelchair accessibility is a valid concern.

Feestje94 | Feestje94

Landlady vs Long-term Lodger: Who's the real piece of work? 🤔

eefr | eefr

NTA, your money, your decision. She has no ownership rights.

Ramsolo88 | Ramsolo88

NAH - A gentle reminder of boundaries and a fun misunderstanding 😊

IntoTheWorldOfNight | IntoTheWorldOfNight

Engaging comment and advice on wheelchair accessibility in housing. 👨‍🟫

Kirstemis | Kirstemis

Landlady defends her right to choose her dream home. 🙌

Book_Hoarding_Dragon | Book_Hoarding_Dragon

NTA. Landlady's nerve causes major conflict. 😱

edenburning | edenburning

Stand your ground! It's your home, not hers. 💪

ZigorVeal | ZigorVeal

NTA at all. She is temporary. 😊

Bearmancartoons | Bearmancartoons

Landlady's excitement about new house leads to demanding suggestions 😅

Essssssssssssss | Essssssssssssss

Polite conversation about forever home and lodger's needs. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engagingly assert your independence while giving your lodger options. ✨

vball0111 | vball0111

Landlady wants specific features, tenant prefers different priorities. NTA.

yourdelusionalsunset | yourdelusionalsunset

Landlady vs Long-term Lodger: NTA for buying your dream house 🏡

CoolCly | CoolCly

Roommate situation: Friends living together, sharing responsibilities and expenses.

wannaseemytriforce | wannaseemytriforce

NAH. Landlady and lodger have different requirements for the deal.

itchy-and-scratch | itchy-and-scratch

Choose what you need and love! You're not the a**hole.

jenncollins05 | jenncollins05

Landlady vs Long-term Lodger: Who's in charge? 🏡

AppleJuiceLaughs | AppleJuiceLaughs

NTA. Gently set boundaries and prioritize your happiness. 😊

sunflowersandyou | sunflowersandyou

NTA: Your money, your life. If she doesn't like it, 🚪

Dr_Wizard_Pants | Dr_Wizard_Pants

NAH, communicate and listen to each other for a smooth transition 👍

Woogabuttz | Woogabuttz

Communicate openly with your lodger about future living arrangements 👍

the_mickie | the_mickie

Address issues now or deal with them later. Sympathetic support.

pal318is | pal318is

You Would Not Be the A**hole. 🚩

KonstantineKidsClub | KonstantineKidsClub

NTA, but communicate your intentions clearly for a clean break 📲

staffsargent | staffsargent

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