Man's Unusual Tradition with Ex-Wife Sparks Controversy with New Girlfriend: Who's Right? 🤔

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Love, they say, is a complicated business. But what happens when the past and the present collide in the most unexpected way? Our protagonist, a 37-year-old father of three, found himself in such a predicament when his new girlfriend wasn't too pleased with his unique tradition involving his ex-wife and their children. Let's dive into this intriguing tale of love, respect, and the delicate balancing act of co-parenting. 😮

The Ex-Wife, the Kids, and the New Girlfriend 🎭

attemptok5181 | attemptok5181

The Birthday Tradition that Sparked the Fire 🔥

attemptok5181 | attemptok5181

A Special Breakfast in Bed 🍳

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Nicole's Heartbreak 💔

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The Father's Defense 🛡️

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The Ultimatum ⏳

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The Unchanging Love for an Ex 💘

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The Demand for Proof of Affection 💔

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A Love Triangle or a Misunderstanding? 🤷‍♀️

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, our protagonist finds himself in a tricky situation. His new girlfriend Nicole feels threatened by his continued affection for his ex-wife, Elaine, and the special birthday tradition they share with their sons. Despite his attempts to explain that his actions are out of respect and love for his children, Nicole remains unconvinced, demanding that he restrict his communication with Elaine to matters concerning the kids. As the drama unfolds, let's delve into what the internet thinks of this situation... 👀

New girlfriend causing drama over ex-wife tradition? NTA 🙅‍♂️

insomniac29 | insomniac29

NTA: Amazing dad, but GF's jealousy is childish 🙄

FiligreeForMe | FiligreeForMe

Stepdad vs. Ex: Breakfast in bed dilemma 😳

PlaceboEffect93 | PlaceboEffect93

NTA. Co-parenting with ex-wife sparks controversy with new girlfriend. 👨‍👦‍👦

Blackrose06 | Blackrose06

Putting kids first, but new girlfriend feels threatened 🤔

bulky_cicada | bulky_cicada

NTA. Co-parenting goals! 🙌 Girlfriend needs to grow up.

FilthyDaemon | FilthyDaemon

Navigating nontraditional relationships: Can new girlfriend accept ex-wife tradition?

rvgoingtohavefun | rvgoingtohavefun

NTA sets respectful example post-divorce, but girlfriend struggles with it. 🤔

Lensbian | Lensbian

"NTA. Kids come first. Respect for exes is important." 🤔

GailleannBeag | GailleannBeag

Dump the baggage, avoid drama. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 🤔

sparkly_evil | sparkly_evil

Ex's breakfast tradition causes drama and discomfort for new girlfriend 😳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tradition sparks controversy: Is her husband okay with it? 🤔

endlessotter | endlessotter

NTA. Ex-wife's remarriage shouldn't be a threat. Kudos for co-parenting! 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA...ex-wife tradition sparks controversy with new girlfriend. Drama ahead? 🤔

giantbrownguy | giantbrownguy

NTA - New girlfriend wants to be first, not second. 🤷‍♂️

midnightmoonlight180 | midnightmoonlight180

NTA, but your GF sure is! Holy red flags batman! 🤔

minimally_abrasive | minimally_abrasive

Is the ex-husband crossing boundaries or just being friendly? 🤔

cjennmom | cjennmom

Believe Nicole when she says she's not a selfless stepmom. NTA.

CSIFanfiction | CSIFanfiction

NTA: Co-parenting with respect and maturity, setting a positive example 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathy and perspective: How would you feel in this situation? 🤔

SwimmingHealth8472 | SwimmingHealth8472

Supportive comment about successful co-parenting and potential jealousy 🚩

stickydebater | stickydebater

New girlfriend upset over ex-wife's birthday tradition. NTA.

SayerSong | SayerSong

Dump Nicole! 🚮 She's acting like a child! 🧒

Bookqueen42 | Bookqueen42

NAH. Ex-wife's birthday tradition upsets new girlfriend. Therapy recommended. 🤔

Master-Opportunity25 | Master-Opportunity25

NTA. Co-parenting success! Exes can be friends. Leave the drama behind. 👍

Zestyclose_Meeting_8 | Zestyclose_Meeting_8

"YTA. Putting ex-wife's birthday before new girlfriend? Selfish as f**k."

The_Uncommon_Aura | The_Uncommon_Aura

"Bait and switch" comment sparks curiosity and controversy. 🤔

NoCapnCrunch | NoCapnCrunch

Nice guy sparks controversy with unusual tradition. Who's right? 🤔

cheerio_b0i | cheerio_b0i

Is it time to pass the baton to the stepdad? 🤔

False-Flight | False-Flight

NTA. Setting a good example for kids, ex's girlfriend overreacts. 🙅


"YTA: Your ex's husband isn't thrilled about your unusual tradition"

radleynope | radleynope

NTA. Immature girlfriend can't handle co-parenting. Time to move on! 👋

oohmegaslick | oohmegaslick

Awkward breakfast tradition with ex-wife leaves new girlfriend uncomfortable 😳

ScottNYC11 | ScottNYC11

NTA: OP's thoughtful gesture for his ex-wife sparks controversy 🌺

XxDiCaprioxX | XxDiCaprioxX

NTA: Jealous girlfriend wants you to choose between her and kids 🙄

cheshirecat9496 | cheshirecat9496

🚩 New girlfriend shows resentment towards kids. Not a keeper. 🚩

Cultural-Garden1901 | Cultural-Garden1901

NTA. Putting children first and finding the right partner 💕

Lopsided-Wishbone414 | Lopsided-Wishbone414

NTA - Unusual tradition sparks controversy with new girlfriend. 💔

Infamously_Fickle | Infamously_Fickle

NTA: Ex-wife's behavior shows she's not good for you and your boys. 👏

AuroradreamerArt | AuroradreamerArt

👍 You're a great dad, NTA! 🙌

citricsteak54 | citricsteak54

Being there for your sons is crucial! Don't repeat history! 👍

Ok-Kick2908 | Ok-Kick2908

Ex-wife tradition sparks controversy with new girlfriend. NTA.

Acrobatic_Business49 | Acrobatic_Business49

INFO: Ex's new husband not helping with birthday, boundaries and insecurity.

AliceInWeirdoland | AliceInWeirdoland

NTA - Divorced parents unite to make special day for mom! 💓

Inallea | Inallea

🚩 Beware of toxic jealousy! Reconsider your relationship for your sons' sake.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Putting kids first is important, but ex shouldn't always come first 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Co-parenting goals! Amicable exes, new partners, and healthy traditions! 👏"

ryeonim | ryeonim

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