Man Drowns Girlfriend in Roses, Sparks Family Feud 🌹💔

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What happens when a man's romantic gesture turns into a battlefield? Here's a tale that'll make you rethink your Valentine's Day traditions. Our hero, let's call him 'Mr. Rose', is a high-flying professional with a heart as big as his paycheck. His girlfriend, 'Miss Daisy', is a flower enthusiast with a soft spot for roses. When Mr. Rose's work keeps him away, he showers Miss Daisy with 3 dozen roses - a tradition they both adore. But what happens when this tradition turns into a family feud? Let's dive into the drama! 🌹💔

Meet Mr. Rose and Miss Daisy 🌹

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A Blooming Tradition 🌹🌹🌹

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When Love Calls for a Detour 🚗

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Valentine's Day Drama Unfolds 💔

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Double the Roses, Double the Trouble! 🌹🌹

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A New Bar is Set! 📈

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The Aftermath of the Rose Storm 🌪️🌹

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The Rose Redistribution 🔄

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A Call for Peace ☮️

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A Dilemma Unfolds 🤔

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Roses or Rivalry: A Valentine's Day Showdown 🌹💔

In a whirlwind of roses, chocolates, and teddy bears, Mr. Rose unintentionally sparked a family feud. His lavish Valentine's Day gifts to Miss Daisy left her sisters' husbands in the dust, causing a rift in the family. While Mr. Rose basked in the glow of his girlfriend's appreciation, the other men were left fuming. To add fuel to the fire, Miss Daisy's parents suggested that Mr. Rose should apologize for his grand gestures, given his financial advantage. Now, Mr. Rose is left pondering - is he wrong for setting such high standards in his relationship? Or should the other men step up their game? Let's see what the internet thinks of this blooming dilemma... 🌹💔

NTA for drowning sisters' husbands in roses, but be thoughtful 😏

bransanon | bransanon

NTA: 8 adults, roses stolen, jealousy ensues, enabling happens. Drama unfolds 😱

Sparkism | Sparkism

NTA - Meaningful gifts matter more than their monetary value. 💔

b1rdl0ver | b1rdl0ver

Buying too many flowers isn't the problem, it's the effort.

EidolonVS | EidolonVS

"NTA. My husband forgot my gift too. Your GF's sisters' partners are rude."

FortuneTellingBoobs | FortuneTellingBoobs

"NTA: Romantic gestures don't have to cost a lot of money. 💐❤️"

CakeEatingRabbit | CakeEatingRabbit

"NTA at all! Keep your girlfriend happy and ignore them." 🙌

pinelogr | pinelogr

NTA: OP's romantic gesture on Valentine's Day causes family feud 🌹

AffectionateHand2206 | AffectionateHand2206

"NTA. The three dozen roses tradition is cute and loving. 💜🌹 Props to you for particularly wanting to do something nice when you have to miss an event or special day. 👏 The only thing that surprises me here is that it's news to your SIL's that you send 3 dozen roses regularly. 😳 Also, if the BIL's made any kind of actual effort, they wouldn't have looked so crappy, even if it wasn't as extravagant as 6 dozen red roses." 🙌 "Exactly! This isn't about who can afford what. Get creative! OP gave THE most stereotypical gifts possible, which isn't a knock—they're stereotypes for a reason, and OP's girlfriend happens to appreciate those things. But there are a thousand meaningful ways to show someone you care that don't cost much or anything at all. Just a sign that someone had put some thought into doing something special for me on Valentine's Day would be enough, no matter how extravagant someone else's gift was. These guys didn't even try." 😊

Miriamathome | Miriamathome

Anti-Valentine's sentiment sparks family feud over gestures of love 💔

HappyHalloqueen | HappyHalloqueen

NTA. Family feud over effort in relationships. Drama ensues 🤦‍♂️

Mundane_Bike_912 | Mundane_Bike_912

NTA - Stand up for your girlfriend and her happiness! 💔

Individual-Fuel1177 | Individual-Fuel1177

Ridiculous! You sound like an amazing partner. NTA 😊

Maximum-Ear1745 | Maximum-Ear1745

Unapologetic gift-giver faces family drama. 🌹💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: A heartwarming gesture sparks a friendly competition among colleagues 💔

GeekyFreak07 | GeekyFreak07

NTA. Going above and beyond on Valentine's Day backfires 😔


NTA for grand gesture, but consider family's health crisis 😔

wirylime | wirylime

Apologizing with roses: a romantic gesture or a family feud?

Professional_Ruin953 | Professional_Ruin953

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