Father's Dilemma: To Tell or Not to Tell the Absentee Mother about Daughter's Accident? 😲

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Imagine being a single father, raising a daughter whose mother abandoned her at birth. Now, imagine your daughter having a severe accident, and you're faced with the decision of whether to inform her absentee mother or not. This is the heart-wrenching situation one dad found himself in. His daughter's mother, who had previously expressed her disinterest in motherhood, was furious when she found out about the accident from a mutual friend, not him. This has left our hero dad questioning his decision. 🤔💔

An Unexpected Surprise 🤰

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The Lie Unveiled 😱

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Becoming a Parent 👶

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The Unexpected Departure 😢

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The Heartbreaking Message 💔

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The Pain of Abandonment 😭

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A Tragic Incident 🚑

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The Mother's Outrage 😡

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The Blame Game 🎭

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A Father's Guilt: Was He Wrong for Keeping the Accident a Secret? 🤷‍♂️

In a whirlwind of emotions, our hero dad finds himself questioning his actions. After raising his daughter single-handedly, he was faced with the decision to inform her absentee mother about a severe accident. The mother, who had previously abandoned them, was furious when she found out about the accident from someone else. She accused him of turning their daughter against her, leaving him to wonder if he could have done something differently. Let's delve into the internet's thoughts on this emotional roller-coaster. 🎢💭

NTA - Concerns about mother exploiting daughter's accident for attention 😲

FrinnFrinn | FrinnFrinn

NTA: Daughter's health comes first, no need to burden her.

ScarlettsLetters | ScarlettsLetters

NTA. Ex is mad you respected her wishes? 😲 Stand by M. 👍

NotUntilTheFishJumps | NotUntilTheFishJumps

NTA. Father's love triumphs over absentee mother's indifference. 🙌

UnsightlyFuzz | UnsightlyFuzz

NTA. Daughter found mom on FB 4 years ago at 12 😲

ILikePiandPie | ILikePiandPie

NTA: F isn't M's mom. She's her egg donor. Cruel abandonment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Putting your daughter first, not her absent mother 👏

no_good_namez | no_good_namez

NTA. Angry commenter calls out absentee mother's neglectful behavior. 😲

Dovee89 | Dovee89

NTA. You owe her nothing. 🙏

zombacula | zombacula

NTA: Be honest with the absent mother about her daughter's accident 😲

QuitaQuites | QuitaQuites

Supportive comment and reply, wishing for daughter's recovery ❤️

su1cidesauce | su1cidesauce

NTA. No reason to inform her when she wanted nothing to do with your child. 👍

YouOozeYouLose | YouOozeYouLose

NTA- Abandoned child, no longer her mother. Rightfully gave up.

weewooooooooo | weewooooooooo

NTA. Let M decide if she wants contact with her mom. 💪

KuriKoi | KuriKoi

Parenting responsibilities can't be selective 😲

kailey423 | kailey423

Heartbreaking situation. Supportive comment for a dedicated father. 👏

loc_nessmonster0 | loc_nessmonster0

Put your daughter's needs first. You're not the a**hole. 👏

CakeisaDie | CakeisaDie

"NTA. Op, you're being far too nice. This woman is dangerous. People who fake cancer are not well. People who abandon their children and start new lives, are NOT WELL. This woman is very sick. Please understand that she may not actually be worried about your daughter. She may just want to be involved in the attention/drama of the car accident. If I was a gambling woman, I would place my bet on that, rather than that she was actually concerned/offended that she wasn't notified. Keep her away from you and your daughter. Nothing good will come of it. Good luck to you and F, Op."

Visible-Goat | Visible-Goat

NTA: Absentee mother's abandonment and insults make her opinion irrelevant. 🙅

B1y47 | B1y47

Absentee mother's absence justifies not telling her about daughter's accident

CuteHalfling | CuteHalfling

Engaging comment defending the father's decision to send a harsh text.

hungrydruid | hungrydruid

NTA: Absentee mother forfeited her right to know. 😲

mayormacyyy | mayormacyyy

NTA, F feels embarrassed and you're doing a great job! 👍

princesspanda1 | princesspanda1

NTA. Absentee mother doesn't deserve to be part of daughter's life. 🙅‍♂️

niellsss | niellsss

NTA, you don't owe f**k. 🙅‍♂️

Dovahkiinkv1 | Dovahkiinkv1

NTA suspects absentee mother wants money or attention from accident. 🤔

BeornStrong | BeornStrong

NTA. Father should focus on supporting his daughter. 👨‍👧👦

yougotdingoinmybaby | yougotdingoinmybaby

NTA. Ex may be after money, daughter doesn't need stress 👏

CrabMom15 | CrabMom15

Amazing dad handles absentee mother situation with grace and understanding. 👍

Flinglehopper | Flinglehopper

NTA - A child is not a toy to be discarded. 💜

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

NTA: Protect your daughter from potential harm. Keep her safe! 🙏

SouthBendNewcomer | SouthBendNewcomer

Father's resilience and love triumphs over absentee mother's abandonment. 👏

rabidturbofox | rabidturbofox

NTA: Absentee mother is an abusive parent, social media blackout recommended. 😲

InfinMD | InfinMD

NTA: Absentee mom, not a mom, just a blood relation. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment: You're a good parent! 👏

Blackdogwrangler | Blackdogwrangler

Father's dilemma: Should he tell absentee mother about daughter's accident? NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Absentee mother doesn't deserve info on her daughter. 😲

Bug_a_boo_Mama | Bug_a_boo_Mama

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