Man Sparks Outrage for Serving Girlfriend Smaller Portions: Fair or Foul Play? 🍽️😲

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Imagine this: you're in a relationship where your partner cooks every meal. Sounds like a dream, right? But what if they consistently serve you less food than they take for themselves? Meet our mystery cook, who's stirred up a hot pot of controversy with his portion control policy. His girlfriend isn't too pleased, and the internet is divided. Whose side are you on? Let's dive into this delicious drama! 🍲🥄

The Chef's Confession 🍳

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The Culinary Controversy 🍽️

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The Portion Policy 🍛

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The Weighty Reason 🏋️‍♂️

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The Calorie Count 🍔

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The Diet Debate 🥗

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The Hunger Games 🍴

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The Leftover Logic 🍲

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The Food Fight 🥊

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Dinner Drama: A Recipe for Relationship Rift? 🍲💔

Our mystery chef believes he's simply following the rules of nutrition - he's bigger, so he needs more. His girlfriend, however, is left feeling hungry and unheard. She's not asking for a feast, just fairness. But is it fair to demand equal portions when their dietary needs are clearly unequal? Or is our chef being too stingy with his servings? The debate is as hot as a freshly baked pie. Let's see what the internet thinks of this culinary conundrum... 🥧🔥

Serve her the amount she wants to eat. YTA for controlling.

Left-Car6520 | Left-Car6520

Seeking validation on Reddit after ignoring girlfriend's requests 🙄

Taapacoyne5 | Taapacoyne5

YTA for serving smaller portions, let her decide her own appetite. 😲

whitewolf3397 | whitewolf3397

Controlling boyfriend serves girlfriend smaller portions, sparks outrage. YTA 😲

Effective-Slice-4819 | Effective-Slice-4819

"YTA If you go to a restaurant, do waiters check your height and weight?" 😲

xxSKSxx_ | xxSKSxx_

"YTA. Let her serve herself. No gatekeeping portion sizes." 😲

Average80sGrl | Average80sGrl

"YTA. Why are you policing her portion sizes?" 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Let her decide how much she wants to eat! 😲

Negative-Ad7882 | Negative-Ad7882

Controlling boyfriend sparks outrage by serving girlfriend smaller portions 😲

InterwebHero20 | InterwebHero20

YTA for controlling her portions. Equality and second helpings matter! 👍

shmamarisk | shmamarisk

YTA wants validation to deny gf's request. Good luck 🙄

SnooRabbits5620 | SnooRabbits5620

OP serves girlfriend smaller portions despite her hunger. YTA.

signechan | signechan

Outrage over serving smaller portions: YTA or fair play? 😲

Lea_R_ning | Lea_R_ning

"YTA. Don't play dietician. Split the food evenly." 😲

cadmium2093 | cadmium2093

"Served smaller portions, claimed he needed more because he's bigger." 😡

Serious-Yellow8163 | Serious-Yellow8163

Battle of the sexes: Equality vs. superiority 🤬

KittiesLove1 | KittiesLove1

Does portion size matter? Some people have big appetites despite size. 🤔

WhiteJadedButterfly | WhiteJadedButterfly

Commenter receives backlash for defending their controversial actions 😬

sindayzin | sindayzin

YTA: Serving smaller portions? Not cool! 😡

MissionRevolution306 | MissionRevolution306

Outrage over chef serving girlfriend smaller portions based on assumptions. 😲

SalaciousB_Crumbcake | SalaciousB_Crumbcake

YTA for serving smaller portions based on assumptions about her size 🙄

shrinkingveggies | shrinkingveggies

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