Musician's Boyfriend in Hot Water Over Broken Violin Bow: Who Should Pay? 🎻💔

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We've all been there - caught in the crossfire of a blame game. But what happens when the object in question is a prized violin bow, the culprit is an eager 10-year-old, and the victims are a talented musician and her boyfriend? Let's dive into this symphony of drama, where love for music meets familial responsibility. 🎵💔

A Talented Girlfriend and Energetic Nephews 🎵🏃‍♂️

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

An Innocent Gesture Turns Sour 🎻😱

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

The Frayed Bow: A Shocking Discovery 😮

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

The Aftermath: A Girlfriend's Upset, A Boyfriend's Dilemma 💔

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

The Blame Game: Who Should Pay? 💸

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

The Costly Realization 🎻💸

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

The Aftermath: Lessons Learned and Precautions Taken 🎵🔒

violinbownephew | violinbownephew

A Symphony of Drama: A Frayed Bow and a Boyfriend's Dilemma 🎵💔

When a boyfriend's well-intentioned gesture ends up in a frayed violin bow, the question of who should pay for the damages becomes a contentious issue. With the girlfriend insisting on the boyfriend's responsibility, and the boyfriend pointing fingers at his nephews, the situation spirals into a whirlwind of blame and frustration. As the bow's repair cost turns out to be a small fortune, the boyfriend learns a costly lesson about the value of musical instruments. Let's see how the internet weighs in on this melodramatic saga... 🎻💸

"YTA. Pay up pal." - Reddit users slam irresponsible musician 🎻

geegeepark | geegeepark

OP is to blame for giving the child the violin. 🙄

drunkonmartinis | drunkonmartinis

"YTA. You took your girlfriend's belongings without permission and allowed a 10 year old to handle an expensive instrument unsupervised? 😡"

FiendishLobster | FiendishLobster

Musician's boyfriend in trouble for broken violin bow. YTA, replace it.

rockabillyrosie | rockabillyrosie

YTA: Take responsibility for the expensive instrument you destroyed. 💔

Onitholope | Onitholope

Commenter criticizes OP for irresponsible behavior and insults his intelligence. Fellow musician defends OP's comment about learning music. Another commenter shares personal experience with expensive violins and cellos. Someone lists other instances of bad behavior from different people.

jemmls4 | jemmls4

"YTA. Violinist's instrument is *SACRED*. You f**ked up. You pay." 🎻💔

thekactuskween | thekactuskween

"YTA. You handed an expensive piece of equipment that was not yours to a child, who you then left unsupervised, resulting in the ruin of that expensive thing THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU. You're damn right you're on the hook for this because it was your choice to tamper with someone else's stuff, and your negligence that led to its ruin. If your sister wants to kick in because it's her kid, well, that's fair too, but your sister wasn't the one who created this whole avoidable mess." 😬

unsaferaisin | unsaferaisin

YTA for not protecting her things. Buy her a new bow 🎻💔

Maniel | Maniel

"YTA. You messed up big time. Pay up and apologize!"

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. You are such a huge a**hole that I can't believe you have to ask." 😡

LumosFiatLux | LumosFiatLux

YTA for not taking responsibility for the broken violin bow 🚫

Dollyasboobs | Dollyasboobs

YTA for not asking gf if nephew could play 💔

SavageNchic | SavageNchic

YTA for leaving an expensive violin bow with unsupervised children 😡

hcp56 | hcp56

Irresponsible choice: YTA for letting him use the bow unattended.

hface84 | hface84

YTA for giving the violin without permission. Pay for repairs! 💔

mohamud02 | mohamud02

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