Daughter's Dilemma: The Battle for Condo Keys Against An Entitled Mother 🗝️🏠

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Imagine the thrill of purchasing your first property, only to have it overshadowed by a family feud. Meet our 24-year-old protagonist, who recently bought her own condo. She's independent, hardworking, and ready to start her new chapter. But there's a twist in the tale. Her mother, who has a history of entitlement, is demanding keys to the condo. The drama unfolds as our heroine stands her ground, sparking a family conflict that's as relatable as it is heart-wrenching. 🏠🔑💔

The Joy of Independence 🎉

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The Entitled Mother Enters the Scene 👩‍👧

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A History of Entitlement 😤

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Unwanted Visits and Threats 🏠🔑

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Standing Her Ground 🛡️

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Mother's Unyielding Claim 🏢

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The Fear of Retaliation 😱

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The Accusations Fly 🗣️

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The Fear of Cutting Ties 😨

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Past Manipulations 🚔

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The Big Question 🤔

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A Plan in Place 🕵️‍♀️

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Seeking Support from Family 👵👴

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Realizing the Abuse 😔

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Gratitude and Hope 🙏

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A Daughter's Struggle: Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Family Entitlement 🌊

In a classic tale of family drama and emotional turmoil, a young woman finds herself at odds with her entitled mother over the keys to her newly purchased condo. Despite her mother's relentless claims and threats, our brave protagonist stands her ground, asserting her rightful ownership. With the fear of retaliation looming, she devises a plan to maintain her independence and peace of mind. As she navigates these choppy waters, she finds support in her family and begins to recognize the extent of the emotional abuse she's endured. Let's see what the internet has to say about this family feud... 💬

NTA but hide your keys, put your mom on an info diet 🗝️🏠

nonanonaye | nonanonaye

Stand up to your entitled mom and take control! 💪

HapaMari | HapaMari

Escaping an abusive and overly involved mother 🗝️🏠

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

NTA. Your condo, your rules. Don't let her invade your space 🚫

Chaserbaser | Chaserbaser

Don't give her keys! Protect your condo with an alarm system 🗝️🏠

AnnieJack | AnnieJack

Stand up for yourself! Don't give in to her entitlement 💪

MadameMimmm | MadameMimmm

"NTA, your mom needs a reality check. 🤷‍♀️🔑🏢"

pintopetz | pintopetz

Protect yourself from your entitled mother 🗝️🏠. Change locks, secure documents, and seek support 👍

SmartCrazy4 | SmartCrazy4

"NTA. Sorry you're dealing with this. It's extremely reasonable to not give your mother the keys. You're an adult, with your own life and she needs to understand that. Did she help you with the down payment or any of the money towards this? If so, you need to make paying her back a priority to sever any sense of ownership she feels entitled to. Giving birth to you, raising you, any parenting really doesn't entitle a person to controlling another person's life." 💪🔑

spicyfruitpunch | spicyfruitpunch

Entitled mother tries to take control, but gets denied 🙌

emptinessmaykillme | emptinessmaykillme

Bank manager unknowingly enables entitled mother. Daughter takes stand. 🙌

Friendlyrat | Friendlyrat

Gaslit by entitled mother: a tough battle for condo keys 🤔

TitanJazza | TitanJazza

"NTA I don't even know how you put up with that still. I moved out the month after I turned 17 and stopped talking to my mother that same month, didn't talk to her for about a year before she came back crying that she had lost 'her baby' and we discussed boundaries. Stay strong OP, don't give in!" 💪

QueenyVicky | QueenyVicky

NTA - Defending your boundaries against an entitled mother 🙌

Lennyisabadcat | Lennyisabadcat

Daughter's dilemma: Battling an entitled, psychotic mother for condo keys

granolaincurry | granolaincurry

Stand your ground! Don't let her invade your personal space 💪

BriaKhalifa | BriaKhalifa

NTA: You took out the loan, bought the condo. 🏢

Screaming_Belladonna | Screaming_Belladonna

NTA, set boundaries with your entitled mother to protect yourself 👍

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Run fast, run far, put your foot down 🚶🏼👏

Phoebeish- | Phoebeish-

NTA. Your mom's controlling behavior is toxic and damaging. 👍

BisquickNinja | BisquickNinja

Mom's entitlement? More like delusion and narcissism! 😱

AtomicSamuraiCyborg | AtomicSamuraiCyborg

Cutting ties with toxic mother: NTA, demand loan repayment 👍

henchwench89 | henchwench89

NTA - Toxic, entitled mother tries to control your condo 👀

hellridergirl | hellridergirl

Take legal action, document her behavior, protect your sanity 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Secure your condo keys and keep your entitled mother out! 🗝️🏠

mjdlittlenic | mjdlittlenic

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