Depression, Video Games and Twin Babies: A Family's Emotional Rollercoaster 🎮👶👶

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Depression is a silent battle that many fight within the confines of their own minds, and it can spill over into family life in unexpected ways. This is a tale of a husband and father, lost in the throes of depression, using video games as his refuge. His wife, also battling depression, is left to juggle their four-month-old twins and her concerns about the emotional distance growing between her husband and their children. Let's delve into this emotionally charged situation. 😔🎮👶👶

A Family Struggling 🎮👶👶

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Video Games and Babies Don't Mix 🎮👶

housewife93 | housewife93

The Twins' Preference 👶👶

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An Open Conversation 🗣️

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A Difficult Confrontation 😔

housewife93 | housewife93

A Heartbreaking Night 😢

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A Glimmer of Hope 💔

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The Harsh Reality 😔

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A Plea for Understanding 🙏

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Clarifying Misconceptions 🗣️

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A Delicate Balance 🤹‍♀️

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A Frightening Incident 😱

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A Worrisome Pattern 📉

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A Screen vs. His Sons 🎮👶👶

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A Mother's Fear 😔

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A Slow Road to Recovery 🛣️

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A Family's Battle with Depression, Video Games, and Newborn Twins 👶👶🎮

Caught in the crossfire of depression, a family struggles to maintain their bond. The father, lost in the world of video games as a coping mechanism, is slowly distancing himself from his wife and their four-month-old twins. The mother, concerned about the growing emotional gap, finally confronts him about it. This leads to a heartbreaking night where the father breaks down, feeling like a failure. As they navigate this emotional minefield, the mother wonders if she did the right thing by bringing up the issue. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💭

NAH. Husband's realization leads to necessary changes for family 👶🏼

terra_terror | terra_terror

Dads feeling ineffective in early baby stage, but it gets better 👶

cinthebigd | cinthebigd

"Babies preferring mom doesn't mean they don't feel safe with dad" 🙏

nn12345678910 | nn12345678910

Compassionate comment helps father see impact of his actions 👨🏻‍👩🏻👦🏻👦🏻

TheLittlestGremlin28 | TheLittlestGremlin28

👶👶 NAH. Babies favor mom, but could it be Male Postpartum Depression?

suissaccassius | suissaccassius

"YTA. You need to let your husband bond with his children 👶👶"

rusty0123 | rusty0123

NTA: A push in the right direction for being present 👍

coffeecoffeecoffeeJ | coffeecoffeecoffeeJ

Realizing the impact of video games on family bonds. 👶

Potential_You | Potential_You

Open communication and therapy can help break through tough times 👍

goopgirl | goopgirl

NTA. Parenting with depression is tough. Encourage seeking professional help. 👍

lincra | lincra

Supportive husband struggling with depression, wife needs to be understanding 👭

Newkittyhugger | Newkittyhugger

Mom's preference for babies' safety misunderstood, YTA judgment given

danceofthecucumber | danceofthecucumber

Kids' changing preferences: from mom to dad 👶👶

yodaone1987 | yodaone1987

Babies gravitate towards primary caregiver, but bond with both parents 👶

SiriusShanster | SiriusShanster

Supportive comment encourages self-improvement in the face of depression 👍

NothingSinister | NothingSinister

Supportive comment encourages understanding and compassion during difficult times 🙏

MaryLlamb | MaryLlamb

Engaging comment: YTA. Be careful with comparisons in expressing concerns. 🚩

frankyhart | frankyhart

Supportive comment and advice for managing depression and family.

SeleNyx | SeleNyx

OP's revelation about D-MER helps others feel validated and understood 💖

k8runsgr8 | k8runsgr8

Bonding with baby: It's not always about you 👶🏻

dahat1992 | dahat1992

NTA: Husband needs to see relationship with kids 👶👶

DinoPackYT | DinoPackYT

NTA. Husband's depression and parenting struggles spark heated debate 👶🤷‍♀️

lrw0329 | lrw0329

Involving dad more can improve their bond and ease adjustment 👶

MSAutarkia | MSAutarkia

Babies' preference for mom over dad explained 👶

AffectionateGear4 | AffectionateGear4

A heartwarming comment about being a wonderful mom and wife ❤️

carolborn | carolborn

NTA-. Overcoming ADHD and depression to build a stronger bond 👶

Hit_it_from_the_back | Hit_it_from_the_back

Supportive comment about addressing mental health struggles in relationships.

Element_Girl | Element_Girl

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