Man Kicks Out His Cousin's Kids Over a Soap Scandal: Was He Right or Wrong? 🧼🤔

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Meet our hero, a 33-year-old father of four, who found himself in the midst of a family feud that would make even the Kardashians blush. His 14-year-old daughter suffers from severe eczema and uses a prescribed soap and a special towel for her condition. But when his cousin's kids decided to have a little 'fun' with these items, things took a dramatic turn. Let's dive into this soap opera, shall we? 🎭🍿

A Family Gathering with a Twist 🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

justleaveme_already | justleaveme_already

A Special Soap and Towel 🧼🛀

justleaveme_already | justleaveme_already

A Day at the Park and a Shocking Discovery 🌳😲

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The Culprits and Their Prank Exposed 😈🎭

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The Clash of the Cousins 💥🗣️

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The Single Mother Card and the Final Showdown 🃏🚪

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The Aftermath: Angry Texts and a Refusal to Pay 💔📱

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The Resolution: Payment, Apologies, and Consequences 💰🙏🚫

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A Lesson Learned and a Bond Broken? 📚💔

justleaveme_already | justleaveme_already

A Soap Scandal That Rocked a Family: Who's Right, Who's Wrong? 🧼💔

In a tale that's more soap opera than family gathering, our protagonist found himself in a heated conflict with his cousin over a special soap and towel. The items, crucial for his daughter's eczema treatment, were misused by his cousin's kids in a 'prank' that cost more than just $105. The cousin's refusal to pay, citing her single mother status, led to a fiery showdown that ended with the kids being sent home. The aftermath saw angry texts, threats of court action, and finally, a resolution involving apologies, payments, and a ban on the cousin and her kids from visiting our hero's home. Let's see what the internet thinks of this sudsy saga... 🍿🎭

NTA: Cousin's kids ruin property, cousin avoids responsibility. Take to court? 🧼

FreeTheWelder | FreeTheWelder

Cousin's entitled behavior leads to kids being kicked out. 😔

Usrname52 | Usrname52

NTA. Kids wasted soap, cream. Could've hidden daughter's stuff better. 🧼

JTAx1995 | JTAx1995

"I'm a single mother" excuse. NTA. Brags about expensive stuff.

TheAshenDemon4 | TheAshenDemon4

Cut ties with toxic family. Good riddance to entitled brats! 🙌

eatthebunnytoo | eatthebunnytoo

NTA for expecting sister to replace items; kids should work off what they owe through chores or selling belongings. 🧼💼

SnooSeagulls8099 | SnooSeagulls8099

NTA: Kids actively bullied daughter by destroying her skincare products. 😡

SophiChuZilla | SophiChuZilla

NTA. Single 'mother' neglects kids, possible small claims court scare tactic. 🧼🙈

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Kids crossed boundaries, OP did the right thing! 👏

ElevatorOk8601 | ElevatorOk8601

NTA. Kids destroyed property, cousin needs to discipline them. 👍

DarthRaydor52 | DarthRaydor52

"NTA At all. Well done for showing your daughter that she is worth fighting for and that she doesn’t need to put up with disrespect and bullying. Those kids knew what they were doing and their mother was not willing to address their actions so you did what you could do to manage the situation. On another note- I suffer from eczema and on day in utter desperation because all prescribed options didn’t work, I did some Googling and tried using Borage (Starflower) since I happened to have some in my garden, and it got rid of my eczema in 2 sittings. I know it sounds crazy and hippy but it worked. If you can find a borage plant, take some leaves and flowers put them in a bowl and add hot water. Essentially you are making tea with borage. Then, rather than drinking that tea, soak a cloth or paper towel in the water (I let the water cool to about room temperature) then put it directly on the skin with eczema. I left it on for about 10 minutes and immediately noticed a reduction in the redness and swelling. I did it again the next day and it disappeared. I haven’t had eczema since (not claiming that the borage cured it as I have not done any kind of research or studies but it definitely helped me). I am not peddling anything, you cannot buy a specific borage eczema treatment (that I am aware of) but as someone who has suffered with eczema all my life, I want to spread the word about it. Plus, borage as far as my personal knowledge goes is safe to ingest and put on skin. If you do try it, maybe try a small patch first in case of allergies. I generally don’t advise listening to medical advice from strangers on the internet but I also didn’t want to let this one go since it sounds like OPs daughter has very bad eczema and I know how uncomfortable it can be and mine was not nearly as bad." - A helpful tip for eczema sufferers! 😊

potatoes4chipies | potatoes4chipies

Teaching manners: NTA kicks out cousin's kids over soap scandal. 🧼😎

Safe_Dimension_341 | Safe_Dimension_341

NTA. Empathizing with OP's experience with eczema and supporting their reaction.

Rude-Lengthiness-389 | Rude-Lengthiness-389

Expensive eczema treatments. Kids need to be held responsible. NTA.

soundslikemahnamahna | soundslikemahnamahna

Parents responsible for kids' actions. NTA for kicking them out!

SeaGal | SeaGal

Kids took drugs and stole them? Definitely not the a**holes! 🧼

Lopoetve | Lopoetve

NTA suggests creative revenge plan to teach a lesson 🤑

Maleficent-Cheek-459 | Maleficent-Cheek-459

Agreeing with the commenter's stance on the soap scandal. 👍

Thin_Biscotti_7815 | Thin_Biscotti_7815

NTA. Glycerine-based moisturizer might help with eczema. Worth trying! 👍

quidscribis | quidscribis

Single mom fails to discipline kids for destroying others' property. 😱

Jettpony62 | Jettpony62

Single mom defends man's decision to kick out cousin's kids. 👏

MysteriousPraline468 | MysteriousPraline468

Stand up against bullying and demand justice for your daughter! 💪🏽

yavanna12 | yavanna12

Not the a**hole for kicking out cousin's kids over soap

mrslII | mrslII

"NTA: Unnecessary and spiteful actions. 🙄"

WeedLovinStarseed | WeedLovinStarseed

NTA: Cousin's kids rummaged through cabinets, used items, and cousin defended


NTA: Don't use autism as an excuse for bad behavior! 😠

Icy_Introduction2817 | Icy_Introduction2817

Single mother defends herself against accusations of irresponsibility. NTA 💪

THEpsycho59 | THEpsycho59

Single mom's soap scandal leads to bigger problems. 🧼😱

Affectionate-Bar2342 | Affectionate-Bar2342

Scrappy single mother's kids vandalize soap, NTA for consequences. 🧼😊

AssistPure | AssistPure

NTA: Kids old enough to know better, cousin needs consequences. 🧼

Big__Bang | Big__Bang

11 and 13 year olds accused of soap scandal, NTA response

ferox965 | ferox965

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