Airport Drama: Friend Left Behind Due to Drunk Spouse's Antics 🍻✈️

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We've all had that one friend who seems to attract drama like a magnet, right? 🧲 But what happens when their drama starts to affect your life in a big way? A man shares his story of how a simple act of kindness - offering to drive his friend and her family to the airport - turned into a full-blown crisis. Let's dive into this tale of friendship, conflict, and a drunk husband who seems to have a knack for causing trouble. 😱🍻

The Visit: A Break From Hardships 🏖️

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The Husband: A Troublesome Guest 🍻

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The Departure: A Race Against Time ⏰

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The Missed Flight: A Dramatic Turn of Events ✈️

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The Aftermath: A Call for Help 📞

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The Decision: A Tough Choice to Make 🤔

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The Fallout: A Wave of Guilt 😔

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The Afterthoughts: A Lingering Concern 😞

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A Friend in Need or a Friend in Deed? 🤷‍♂️

Caught in a whirlwind of guilt and concern, our storyteller grapples with the aftermath of leaving his friend and her daughter at the airport. With a drunk and abusive husband causing havoc, he offered them refuge - but only if the husband was left out of the picture. A tough choice, indeed! 😔 As the dust settles, he finds himself haunted by the question - did he do the right thing? And what about his friend and her daughter, still seemingly stuck in a toxic situation? Let's delve into the internet's take on this gripping tale. 🕵️‍♀️

NTA! You set boundaries with a drunk friend and did your best to help. Good for you! 👏

Weskit | Weskit

NTA: Friend's drunk spouse causes drama, wife enables his behavior 🙄

idkwhattowritehere21 | idkwhattowritehere21

NTA. Don't be a doormat for a drunk 🍻✈️

Ipsissima_verba | Ipsissima_verba

NTA. Friend's husband has a drinking problem, putting you at risk 😱

ilp456 | ilp456

NTA: You went above and beyond, it's not your responsibility 👏

MrsSophiaBrown | MrsSophiaBrown

NTA: No need to let them stay over again! 🚫


NTA. Friend's drunk spouse ruins trip, enabling addiction. Support network needed 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. She's responsible for her choices, not your problem. 👏

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

Supporting a friend through abuse: a roller coaster of emotions 🍻✈️

ikidYYOUnott | ikidYYOUnott

NTA. You did more than enough to help. They're not entitled. 👏

Dont-trust-it | Dont-trust-it

NTA. You were a kind and generous host. Don't do more. 👏

thatphotogurl | thatphotogurl

Friend's drunk spouse ruins trip, OP supports but sets boundaries. 👍

mellybelly1023 | mellybelly1023

Taking a stand against an alcoholic spouse for the sake of a child. 👏

type1error | type1error

Generous friend deals with entitled guest's drunken antics. NTA!

Icecreamcollege | Icecreamcollege

Airport drama: Expecting a ride after leaving someone behind? 😳

gw2kpro | gw2kpro

NTA, your friend's choices are affecting your own happiness 😢

Sikorraa | Sikorraa

Supportive comment: NTA for not fixing her horrible husband 🙏

tashbf | tashbf

You're not the a**hole! You did your best to help.

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

NTA: Friend's behavior justified getting a hotel. No a-hole here 🙌

ElegantAnt | ElegantAnt

Reach out to your friend, she might need your help ❤️

banana_lorde | banana_lorde

NTA! Your friend needs to wake up and leave him 👏

RachelWWV | RachelWWV

NTA: Standing up to an abusive drunk spouse. 💪

Phil_Oop_North | Phil_Oop_North

Supportive comment advises against enabling friend in abusive relationship 👍

Sweet_Caterpillar150 | Sweet_Caterpillar150

Personal experience with drunk spouse at airport, don't blame yourself.

Penelope_Traiter | Penelope_Traiter

NTA: Tough love can be the catalyst for sobriety 💪

madmaxextra | madmaxextra

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