Teen's Meds Mysteriously Vanish During Family Visit: A Twist in the Tale 🕵️‍♀️💊

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We've all had those family visits that take an unexpected turn, but this one takes the cake!🍰 Our young heroine, an 18-year-old girl, recently diagnosed with ADHD, found herself in a whirlwind of drama when her medication mysteriously disappeared during a family visit. With a locked bathroom door as her only defense against her curious little brother, she thought she had it all figured out. But what happens when the unexpected visitor is a teenage cousin with a knack for trouble? Let's dive into this intriguing tale of family, trust, and misplaced meds.🕵️‍♀️💊

The Unwelcome Diagnosis 🏥💊

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The Bathroom Fortress 🚪🔒

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The Unexpected Visitors 👩‍👦🚗

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The Mysterious Disappearance 🕵️‍♀️💊

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The Unsettling Revelation 📞💣

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The Heated Argument 🗣️🔥

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The Aftermath 🚫🏠

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The Dilemma 🚔🙅‍♀️

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The Struggle of Remembering 💡📝

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The Safety Measures 🚪🔒

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The Hidden Truth 🕵️‍♀️💊

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The Apology 🙏📝

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A Family Drama Unfolds: Who's the Real Culprit? 🎭🔍

In a twist of events, our young heroine finds herself in the middle of a family drama. After her ADHD medication mysteriously disappears during a family visit, accusations start to fly. The prime suspect? Her 15-year-old cousin, who has a reputation for mischief. Despite her attempts to explain, her aunt refuses to listen, leaving our protagonist in a whirlwind of blame and confusion. As the plot thickens, one thing becomes clear: this isn't just about missing medication, it's about trust, respect, and family dynamics. So, who's really to blame here? Let's see what the internet has to say... 🕵️‍♀️💊💻

Caught red-handed! 🚩 NTA blames mom, but she's fooled 🙈

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Relatable struggle with ADHD meds and cousin's ignorance 😒

bejar1296 | bejar1296

NTA. Report the theft to prevent potential harm and withdrawal.

Financial-Orange-401 | Financial-Orange-401

Hiding meds? NTA's Adderall trick sparks curiosity among commenters

Stormtemplar | Stormtemplar

Teen steals meds from private bathroom, NTA for being upset 😠

AntipodeanRabbit | AntipodeanRabbit

NTA. Confronting your aunt about the stolen meds 🚨

brazentory | brazentory

Lesson learned: Trust no one. Today was a good day 👍

KirkPicard | KirkPicard

Protect your meds and confront your family about their behavior 🙊

sdbinnl | sdbinnl

Cousin steals pills, plays victim to avoid trouble. NTA! 😎

pointwelltaken | pointwelltaken

🔍 Proof of theft: confront the mother and consider filing report

pineapples-- | pineapples--

Cousin steals meds? NTA! Family drama at its worst 😳

0drag | 0drag

Aunt blames OP for her child's actions. NTA! 💊

guiltybumblebee29 | guiltybumblebee29

Cousin steals meds, lies, and causes refill difficulties. NTA! 😱

theturkstwostep | theturkstwostep

Frustrated ADHDer deals with med theft - NTA, but family is

imwhateverimis | imwhateverimis

🕵️‍♀️ A cunning move or a desperate act?

Rtmswcbailyatairk | Rtmswcbailyatairk

NTA but file a police report ASAP! 🚨 Don't risk legal trouble!

plumeriawren | plumeriawren

Locked bathroom fails to prevent medication disappearance. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Taking meds is a struggle, but forgetting them is worse 😅

TheChaosWitcher | TheChaosWitcher

NTA: Addressing the cousin's drug problem is crucial 👍

Dazzling-State-165 | Dazzling-State-165

Med theft during family visit? NTA, blame cousin. 😱

AlwaysLivMoore | AlwaysLivMoore

Did you share the info with your parents? 🤔

theory_until | theory_until

NTA OP, your cousin planned to steal your ADHD meds 😱

getswifty91 | getswifty91

Parents' response to aunt's ban: juicy family drama unfolds 🥳

TooMuchToExplain | TooMuchToExplain

Cousin steals meds? NTA! 🙅‍♀️🔐

TheRealCarpeFelis | TheRealCarpeFelis

Cousin steals meds: NTA, needs help 🙏🏼

Don_vincenzo92 | Don_vincenzo92

Parents should have reminded you to put away your meds 💊

pfifltrigg | pfifltrigg

NTA: Cousin stole meds, lied, and distributed them. Report to police!

senpaimitsuji | senpaimitsuji

Blamed for missing meds? Your cousin's TA! Aunt needs reality check 😑

hereforbaloney | hereforbaloney

ADHD struggles: Meds vanish, cousin accused of stealing 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Report the theft to the police to protect others' safety 🚨

SamiHami24 | SamiHami24

Cousin stole meds, NTA. I forget without seeing them physically 🙅

SocksAndPi | SocksAndPi

Teen steals meds: NTA victim of mysterious family visit 💊

Annual_One4004 | Annual_One4004

Seek support from a therapist to handle police involvement 👥

Glittering-Ruin-1296 | Glittering-Ruin-1296

🚨 NTA - Stolen meds! File a police report ASAP! 🚨

SandBrilliant2675 | SandBrilliant2675

NTA. Family visit gone wrong. Protect your meds with a lock box 💎

tnscatterbrain | tnscatterbrain

Cousin steals prescription meds, OP not at fault. NTA! 😱

Spicy_ChaiLatte327 | Spicy_ChaiLatte327

Engaging comment: NTA. Get the police involved, just in case 🚨

Perfect-Resident940 | Perfect-Resident940

Report stolen medication to the police, suspect cousin as culprit 🚨

SpokenDivinity | SpokenDivinity

Report the theft to protect future victims of medication theft 🚨

LinweEnelya | LinweEnelya

🔒 Keep your meds on you to prevent theft and blame.

itsmekyguys | itsmekyguys

NTA. Keep your meds secure and cut out the thief! 💊

gumpty11 | gumpty11

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