Vegan Influencer in Leather Boots Scandal: Sisterly Sabotage or Just Desserts?👢🌱

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Picture this: two sisters, one a vegan influencer with a hefty following, the other a budding fashionista, living with their vintage-clothes-collecting grandmother. What could possibly go wrong? Well, when a pair of vintage leather boots enters the scene, things get heated. The fashionista sister, seeing dollar signs in her eyes, had plans to sell the boots online. But the vegan influencer, despite her lifestyle, wanted the boots for herself. What happened next? Let's just say, the drama unfolded faster than you can say 'leather-free'! 😮

The Vintage Treasure Hunt 🕵️‍♀️

mysisisannoying | mysisisannoying

The Booty Battle Begins 👢

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The Leather Boot Showdown 🥊

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The Vegan's Unexpected Desire 🌱👢

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The Hypocrisy Highlighted 🤔

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The Vegan's Justification 🌱

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The Boots Change Feet 👣

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The Instagram Scandal Erupts 📸

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The Backlash Begins 😡

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The Damage Control 🚑

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The Aftermath 🌪

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The Guilt and Doubt 😕

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The Update: Profiting from Vintage 🛍

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The Final Irony 😏

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Vegan Influencer's Leather Boot Scandal: A Family Feud or a Fashion Faux Pas?👢🌱

In a tale that could rival the best soap operas, two sisters find themselves in a fashion feud over a pair of vintage leather boots. The younger sister, a budding fashionista, had plans to sell the boots online for a hefty sum. However, her older sister, a vegan influencer, coveted the boots for herself, despite her lifestyle. After winning the boots, the influencer proudly wore them in a photoshoot, only to face backlash from her followers when the leather boots were revealed. Now, with the influencer scrambling for damage control and the fashionista feeling a mix of guilt and vindication, the internet is divided. Was it sisterly sabotage or just desserts for a vegan flaunting leather? Let's see what the world thinks of this juicy drama! 😮🍿

YTA shamed sister for vintage leather boots, but got backlash. 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA- You tried to sell your grandma's stuff for profit. 😒"

MommaBearJam | MommaBearJam

Sibling rivalry turns ugly over coveted leather boots. 😱

Effective-Penalty | Effective-Penalty

"YTA and you know it. Petty vegan influencer gets called out."

acrylgelhell | acrylgelhell

"YTA. Hang on - you tried to sell family heirlooms that your sister wanted to keep and when you didn't get your way you decided to hatch a plan to ruin her name and get her bullied & harassed online even though she's technically right and wearing/keeping the boots isn't contributing to the animal product industry because they're vintage hand-me-downs from a family member? Yeah, you're a massive a**hole. With a sister like you, who needs enemies? You just pulled a move like some sociopathic mean girl character in a movie."

chessie_h | chessie_h

"YTA for sabotaging your sister's social media over vintage leather."

jzdelona | jzdelona

"YTA. Your sister is right, some vegans wear leather." 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA and you know it, plus there's nothing wrong with your sister wearing the boots, they are vintage, it's not like she's just bought them new." 💁‍♀️

GSDawn | GSDawn

Sibling rivalry turns ugly. Was it sabotage or just desserts?

agirl223 | agirl223

Sibling rivalry over vegan influencer's leather boots, jealousy ensues. 😍

clbrownn | clbrownn

🔥 Vengeful vegan influencer faces backlash for controversial fashion choice

Tomatocircus | Tomatocircus

"YTA if you didn't ask her to **post them** first. That's pretty unethical, especially if you know she curates a social media presence. It's also not your place to judge her decisions as a vegan, and you gave her the impression of celebrating her fashion by taking photos and posting them. Sounds vengeful to me if you really did think she was a hypocrite and decided to post them anyway – especially without her consent. If you *did* ask her, and she got mad at you only after losing that many followers, I'd say ESH. The vegan lifestyle is incredibly personal for individuals, and people attacking her over what is essentially thrifted leather is just an excuse to for them attack someone."

weeklyfuture | weeklyfuture

"YTA. Sisterly sabotage or just desserts? Spiteful vegan leather scandal!"

novacash | novacash

"YTA. Selfishly selling grandma's stuff? Materialistic and greedy sisters." 🙅

ShmamBo88 | ShmamBo88

"YTA - You're acting like a jealous brat. You're just mad that she got the shoes and you didn't. If I were your grandma, I would want my precious things to go to the granddaughter that appreciates them, not the one trying to sell them." 😡

catieebug | catieebug

YTA. Seriously f**ked up. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA. Cow's been dead longer than you've been alive. Hypocrite!

7355135061550 | 7355135061550

"YTA. Selling grandma's vintage items and shaming sister? Not cool. 🙄"

Tahlbar | Tahlbar

"YTA. Spiteful caption, no way for her followers to know."

Absurdist_Affogatos | Absurdist_Affogatos

YTA for sabotaging your sister's livelihood over leather boots. 😱

Sydus | Sydus

YTA for selling grandma's boots. Petty revenge or warped entitlement?

Dracon_Pyrothayan | Dracon_Pyrothayan

Vegan influencer faces backlash for selling leather boots. YTA!

this_is_an_alaia | this_is_an_alaia

Jealousy and sabotage between sisters? YTA strikes again! 😱

genocjde | genocjde

ESH: Vegan influencer pushes grandma over vintage leather boots. Scandalous! 😱

Netteka | Netteka

YTA: Entitled vegan influencer sells off grandma's stuff for profit. 👢🌱

periwinkle_cupcake | periwinkle_cupcake

"YTA - Selling grandma's boots? Sentimental sister calls you out!"

tomis2003 | tomis2003

Sentimental sister keeps Grandma's clothes; OP called selfish/greedy. 😢

handsume | handsume

Bitterness and spite: A family feud over grandma's decision. YTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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