College Drama Unfolds: Student's Revenge Plot Costs Neighbor Her Scholarship 🎓💔

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In the hallowed halls of academia, a drama as old as time unfolds - the battle of noisy neighbors. Our protagonist, a college student, found himself in a predicament when his neighbor and her boyfriend turned their love life into a public audio experience. After subtle hints and direct confrontation failed, he resorted to a unique form of retaliation: blasting music. But this tale of college life takes a dramatic turn when the neighbor's academic future hangs in the balance. 🎓🎶💔

The Soundproofing Saga Begins 🏢🔊

lurker055 | lurker055

The Noisy Neighbors 🎶💏

lurker055 | lurker055

Subtle Hints and Direct Confrontation 😣🗣️

lurker055 | lurker055

The Retaliation Begins 🎵🔊

lurker055 | lurker055

The Consequences Unfold 🎓💔

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The Scholarship Debacle 📚💸

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The Guilt and Reluctance 😔🙅‍♂️

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A Symphony of Drama: When Noise Becomes a Scholarship's Downfall 🎓🎶💔

So, here's the crescendo in this symphony of college drama. Our protagonist's retaliation against his noisy neighbors turned into a catastrophic downfall for his neighbor's academic future. Her scholarship was revoked due to her underperformance on an exam, a result of the constant music blaring from his room. Despite the guilt creeping in, our protagonist remains reluctant to apologize, citing their earlier denial of any soundproofing issues. The question remains: was this a justified retaliation or a revenge plot gone too far? Let's tune into the internet's thoughts on this dramatic saga. 🎵🔊💔

NTA. They refuse to admit fault and apologize, causing drama 👎

specterdonna | specterdonna

NTA. Exam mishap doesn't revoke scholarship. Neighbor's fault for not asking to turn off music.

walkingtalkingdread | walkingtalkingdread

NTA: They gambled and lost 🎓💔 Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Alienne8r | Alienne8r

Soundproofing fails: Revenge plot costs neighbor her scholarship 🎓💔

TheShallowState | TheShallowState

NTA. They were too petty to admit they were wrong 🙄

MindDeep2823 | MindDeep2823

NTA: Revenge plot backfires, neighbor could have found alternative study space 😱

MsPennyP | MsPennyP

NTA. Revenge plot backfires, but you're not to blame. 👍

Praise3The3Sun3 | Praise3The3Sun3

"NTA: Don't let them blame you for her failure! 💪"

Normal_Win4315 | Normal_Win4315

Scholarship drama: Exam scapegoat or justified consequence? 🤔

Safe_Competition_671 | Safe_Competition_671

Neighbor uses music to hide sounds of roommate's intimate moments

theregoesmymouth | theregoesmymouth

Petty drama and revenge plots unfold in this noisy neighborhood 👀

Academic_Snow_7680 | Academic_Snow_7680

NTA: Revenge plot backfires on noisy neighbor, losing her scholarship. 💔

BlooomQueen | BlooomQueen

Scholarship loss mid-semester? Exam options and guilt over spending 💸

mizzoug15 | mizzoug15

YTA for disturbing others. Noise cancelling headphones exist, dude! 🚯

ButterscotchOk7516 | ButterscotchOk7516

Neighbor's revenge plot costs student her scholarship. YTA! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH: Loud music and sex, a scholarship lost, and failed exams 😱

DryiceSTL | DryiceSTL

Immature neighbor ruins scholarship over noise dispute. 🚯

Prize_Patience_2552 | Prize_Patience_2552

ESH. OP's revenge plot backfires, costing neighbor her scholarship 😱

QueeeBeee | QueeeBeee

Loud music vs occasional loud sex: the battle of dorm mates 😊

DirectorEquivalent66 | DirectorEquivalent66

OP's international location sparks discussion about college terminology 🤔

Due-Discipline1140 | Due-Discipline1140

Petty noise drama escalates, but failing a quiz is on her.

batkave | batkave

Polite, direct, and a little petty. Neighbor's own fault. NTA 🙅

Wrong-Construction40 | Wrong-Construction40

Neighbor's loud sex disrupts student's life, leads to false accusations. NTA 👏

RevKyriel | RevKyriel

Communication is key! Both parties share the blame. 💬

OkapiEli | OkapiEli

Everyone sucks here in this college drama 🎓💔

Retot | Retot

New relationship distracts student, jeopardizing neighbor's scholarship 😵

resb | resb

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