Sister's Surprise Squatting Request: A Family Feud Unfolds! 🏠👫👩‍👧‍👦

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Picture this: You've just managed to buy your first home with your partner, despite the skyrocketing housing market. It's a cozy place with just enough room for the two of you. Suddenly, your sister, a mother of five with another on the way, asks if she can move in with her soon-to-be-released-from-prison partner. And, oh, she wants you to move into the office while she takes over your house. 😲 What would you do? This is the dilemma our homeowner is facing. Let's dive into this family drama! 🍿

The Dream Home Purchase 🏠💕

aitahousefree | aitahousefree

The Big Ask 😲👫

aitahousefree | aitahousefree

The Unwelcome Proposal 🏠👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

aitahousefree | aitahousefree

The 'Generous' Room Swap 😳🔄

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The Refusal and Retaliation 🚫💥

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The Family Fallout 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💔

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A House Divided: The Family Feud Continues...🏠💔

Our homeowner is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She's worked hard to secure her dream home, only to face pressure from her family to give it up to her sister. The sister, with her growing brood and soon-to-be-released partner, insists on moving in, even suggesting a room swap that leaves our homeowner in the office! 😳 Despite the family's pleas, the homeowner and her partner stand their ground, unwilling to sacrifice their hard-earned sanctuary. But the pressure is mounting, and the family divide deepening. Let's see how the internet weighs in on this domestic dilemma...👀

NTA and OMG, don't let her in! The comment section agrees!

IllustriousPomelo152 | IllustriousPomelo152

NTA: Don't let her move in! Her bf will trash it 😱

lilymoscovitz | lilymoscovitz

"Toxic family dynamics and a life-destroying request. Time to bounce!"

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sister's entitlement and poor decisions create family feud 👫👩‍👧‍👦

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. She had 130k and didn't buy a house? 🤔

l3avethecity | l3avethecity

Navigating the tricky territory of family dynamics and homeownership 🚤

ItchyDoggg | ItchyDoggg

Parents of the year award goes to Not them. 😂

randomnessaa | randomnessaa

Family refuses to house sister and her unruly children. NTA 👍

unitedcandian | unitedcandian

Congrats on your new house! Don't let your sister move in! 🚫

laughingsbetter | laughingsbetter

Family feud over squatting request: NTA, no space for everyone! 👮

Graveyardhag | Graveyardhag

Toxic sister wants to squat? NTA! Cut her off completely! 👊

blahrgledoo | blahrgledoo

Don't let her squat! Protect your home and sanity! 🚨

beanomly | beanomly

NTA - Inform sister about assistance options available in NZ 🌎

Drip_Like_Chocolate | Drip_Like_Chocolate

NTA. She made poor financial choices and expects you to bail her out. Your family needs to step up if they want to help her. 🙅

hetkleinezusje | hetkleinezusje

Family similarities in NZ? High 5 for favorite parents! 🙄

lageese | lageese

NTA. Stand firm against sister's squatting request. Don't back down! 💪

Money_These | Money_These

NTA. Don't let entitled sister and her convict ex take over!

Avebury1 | Avebury1

Protect your investment and don't let your family walk over you! 🚨

Megmca | Megmca

NTA. Don't enable her. Change locks. Irresponsible situation for all.

baobab77 | baobab77

NTA: Don't let them stay! They might wreck your hard work 😱

CrimsonCarnage214 | CrimsonCarnage214

Stand your ground! Don't let family push you around! 💪

StayingVeryVeryCalm | StayingVeryVeryCalm

NTA. Overcrowding, privacy concerns, and financial strain make this request unreasonable 😕

rapt2right | rapt2right

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