Longtime Friendship on the Rocks Over Boyfriend's Unwanted DMs: Who's in the Wrong?

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We've all had those friends who seem to change when they enter a relationship, but what happens when their significant other starts causing problems in your friendship? In a tale of friendship, conflict, and digital drama, a woman finds herself at odds with her friend's boyfriend over his inappropriate behavior online. But when she reaches out to her friend for support, she's met with silence. 🙊

Old Friends, New Problems

kuzosa | kuzosa

A Boyfriend's Unwelcome Entry

kuzosa | kuzosa

A Stand for Equality Sparks Controversy

kuzosa | kuzosa

The Boyfriend Picks a Fight

kuzosa | kuzosa

From Debate to Personal Attacks

kuzosa | kuzosa

A Plea for Help Goes Unanswered

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A Friendship on the Rocks

kuzosa | kuzosa

A Question of Blame

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A Clarification

kuzosa | kuzosa

A Failed Attempt at Civil Conversation

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Friendship Tested by Boyfriend's Harassment: A Tale of Digital Drama

Caught in a web of digital drama, a woman finds herself questioning her longtime friendship after her friend's boyfriend begins to harass her over her support for the LGBT+ community. When she asks her friend to intervene, she's met with silence and, eventually, a digital cold shoulder. Now, she's left wondering if she was wrong to involve her friend in the first place. But was she really in the wrong, or is the blame to be shared? Let's dive into the internet's take on this tangled tale of friendship and conflict. 💬

NTA - Standing up against harassment from friend's racist boyfriend 💯

InVinoVeritas-94 | InVinoVeritas-94

NTA. Block or mute, let the trash take itself out. 🚫🗑️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choose your friends wisely. You're not the a**hole. 🚫

KCbunnygirl | KCbunnygirl

NTA. They are gross 🤮

NoReveal6677 | NoReveal6677

Block the guy, inform the friend, but don't drag her in. 👀

TheOpinionIShare | TheOpinionIShare

NTA for dating him, but block him yourself and move on 💔

Sophie_Blitz_123 | Sophie_Blitz_123

NTA. Cut ties with awful friend and her boyfriend. 🚫✋

Ok_Whatever_Buddy | Ok_Whatever_Buddy

ESH. Drama lovers unite! Ignoring and blocking is too simple.

sky7897 | sky7897

NTA, but blocking him could have made things worse. 🚫

Ghostwalker1622 | Ghostwalker1622

NTA: Toxic friendship, defend yourself, protect yourself, cut them off. 😡

KawaiKuroNeko | KawaiKuroNeko

Crush's casual racism ruined everything. Friend is a coward. NTA.

vozome | vozome

NTA - Just ignore his DMs! No need for drama. 🙌

SkyRak3r | SkyRak3r

Good riddance! You're definitely not the a**hole here. 🙌

CassiniHuygnz | CassiniHuygnz

Good riddance! NTA takes a stand against unwanted DMs. ✌️

CakeZealousideal1820 | CakeZealousideal1820

NTA: No loss, no regrets... 💁‍♀️

JosKarith | JosKarith

NTA: Cut ties with racist boyfriend, friend showed true colors.

MaxyPieces | MaxyPieces

NTA: Standing up for yourself against unwanted DMs. 🙌

Flash_Harry42 | Flash_Harry42

Block him! Drama ensues. Who's really at fault? ESH 😬

bubbly_fairy30 | bubbly_fairy30

Losing a friend over unwanted DMs: NTA, good riddance! 😒

TheOnlyQues10 | TheOnlyQues10

Rekindled friendship turns sour over political differences on social media 😕

SpecialProcess5585 | SpecialProcess5585

Friendship on the rocks over a racist, homophobic jerk? NTA!

Emotional_Bat_279 | Emotional_Bat_279

NTA: No regrets, no loss. 🙌

chainer1216 | chainer1216

🔥 Drama and conflict erupt over unwanted DMs. Who's really at fault?

Rude-Ad8706 | Rude-Ad8706

NTA, but be open-minded and inclusive when sharing opinions on social media. Spread love, not hate. ❤️🌈

lexim412 | lexim412

NTA: Blocking would have been a simpler solution 😅

Tyberious_ | Tyberious_

Friendship tested by boyfriend's drama during finals, NTA 🚫🧗‍♀️

nicholsonsgirl | nicholsonsgirl

NTA. Supportive friend encourages distancing from toxic couple. 👍

geekynerdornerdygeek | geekynerdornerdygeek

NTA: Standing up for yourself against unwanted DMs. 🙌

billikers | billikers

She introduced him, now she's caught in the middle 😬

seeemilyplay123 | seeemilyplay123

Good riddance! Not the a**hole. 🙌

bizianka | bizianka

Friendship tested: Choosing a racist partner over a long-term friend? 😡

Artistic_Inflation | Artistic_Inflation

Stand up against harassment! NTA, report those unwanted DMs! 🙊

[deleted] | [deleted]

Block to end friendship? Savage! 🚫💔

StellalunaStarr | StellalunaStarr

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