Man Challenges Wife's Dream to Learn Chinese for TV Dramas: A Reality Check or a Dream Crusher? 🤔

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Picture this: you've found a new passion, a hobby that brings you joy and intrigue. But then, your partner tells you it's a waste of time and you should be more 'realistic'. This is the predicament one woman finds herself in when her newfound love for Chinese TV dramas inspires her to learn the language. Her husband, however, is less than supportive, sparking a fiery debate. 📺🔥

A Newfound Obsession 📺

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Binge-Watching Spree 🍿

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The Knitting Dilemma 🧶

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Abandoning Projects? 🧵

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A Disappointed Mother-in-law 🎁

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The Language Learning Proposal 📚

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A Reality Check or a Dream Crusher? 🤔

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An Unrealistic Goal? 🎯

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Reflection and Justification 💭

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Language Learning Challenges 🧠

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A Plea for Realism? 🕊️

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Defending Mom and Dismissing TV Watching 📺

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A Household Divided Over Chinese Dramas and Language Learning! 🏡

In a tale that's as dramatic as the TV shows she loves, one woman's passion for Chinese dramas has led to a household conflict. Her husband is less than thrilled about her new hobby, and even less so when she announces her intention to learn Chinese. He argues it's an unrealistic goal and a waste of time. The wife, however, remains undeterred by his criticism. The question remains: Is he being a dream crusher or just a voice of reason? Let's dive into the world's top responses to this intriguing situation... 🌍

"YTA Bro what realistic expectations??? let your wife be happy goddamn. It's not like she wants to go to space she wants to learn another language. Let her watch her shows she's not hurting you. let her learn a language it's not hurting you. She doesn't need to be a slave to knitting a thing for YOUR mom every year." 😭

redhextress | redhextress

"YTA for crushing your wife's dream. Go back to knitting!"

knopflove | knopflove

"YTA. Let your wife pursue her interests, knitting can wait! 💚"

General_Relative2838 | General_Relative2838

YTA for belittling her hobby and making it about yourself. 😑

sweet-tea-sippin | sweet-tea-sippin

"YTA. Adults can learn any language. Don't be a dream crusher! 🤔"

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP gets called out for being a thoughtless birthday jerk 😂

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

YTA shits on wife's dream, hilariously upset about knitting. LMFAO

No-Jellyfish-1208 | No-Jellyfish-1208

YTA- Lack of support for wife's interest, poor comparison to knitting. 🙄

No_Nothing2704 | No_Nothing2704

"Holy moly.... do you always treat your wife like crap? Is knitting her business or a hobby? If it's an active business and income has gone down due to her watching a show instead, I can understand a bit of irritation." 💔

stickaforkinmeplz | stickaforkinmeplz

YTA: Stop being whiny and let her pursue her interests! 🙄

ChimiJae123 | ChimiJae123

YTA. Let her live her life. 🤔

justbrowsing66045 | justbrowsing66045

YTA prioritizes knitting over wife's dreams? 😱

redditor191389 | redditor191389

YTA for crushing your wife's dream. Let her pursue happiness! 🙏

lihzee | lihzee

Let her have fun and try new things, even if she fails 👍

ADarwinAward | ADarwinAward

YTA wants wife to knit instead of pursuing Chinese classes? 🤔

Munishmo | Munishmo

Supportive comment: Encourage her and learn together! 👍🏻

squishy-foot | squishy-foot

Internet advice: Don't try to prove your spouse wrong! 😳

MuddlerMeddler | MuddlerMeddler

YTA for crushing your wife's dream to learn Chinese 😔

nick_of_the_night | nick_of_the_night

YTA for not supporting your wife's new language learning dream 🙄

2020onrepeat | 2020onrepeat

YTA. Knitting vs Chinese: A Dream Crusher or Fair Trade? 💕

panama-butch | panama-butch

"YTA. Support your wife's language learning journey and broaden horizons! 🤔"

CardiologistAny7833 | CardiologistAny7833

YTA. Learning Chinese for TV shows brings her joy. 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. No one is ever too old to learn new things. 👍"

AlvinOwlHirt | AlvinOwlHirt

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