Spa Day Turns Sour: Woman Overhears Masseuse's Complaint and Walks Out!

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Imagine this: you're looking forward to a relaxing massage after a long week. You book an appointment, show up, and then overhear your massage therapist complaining about you! 😱 This is exactly what happened to one woman, who decided to take matters into her own hands. Let's dive into her story...

A Spontaneous Spa Day 🧖‍♀️

anonymoussolyanka | anonymoussolyanka

First Impressions Matter 😐

anonymoussolyanka | anonymoussolyanka

Overheard in the Hallway 🗣️

anonymoussolyanka | anonymoussolyanka

The Unwanted Appointment 😠

anonymoussolyanka | anonymoussolyanka

Making an Exit 🏃‍♀️

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Refusing to Pay 💳

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Caught in the Act 😲

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Speaking Her Mind 🗣️

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Caught Off Guard 😳

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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Friend's Verdict 🤔

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A Different Perspective 🔄

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Seeking a Verdict 🏛️

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A Relaxing Day Turns Into a Dramatic Exit! 💥

In a surprising turn of events, a woman's spontaneous spa day ends with a dramatic exit. After overhearing her massage therapist, Tina, complaining about her last-minute booking, she decided to leave without getting the massage. She refused to pay, citing her discomfort with Tina's attitude. The situation escalated when the manager got involved, leaving Tina embarrassed and the woman adamant about not causing any drama. But was she right to walk out, or should she have just ignored Tina's complaints and enjoyed her massage? Let's see what the internet has to say about this... 👀

NTA: Woman walks out of spa due to unprofessional masseuse.

ickysticky1995 | ickysticky1995

NTA: Masseuse's complaint ruins spa day, OP sets boundaries professionally. 🧔‍♀️

HPNerd44 | HPNerd44

"NTA for holding Tina accountable. Consequences make the world better!"

Striking_Description | Striking_Description

NTA. Customer overhears masseuse's complaint, becomes an a**hole. Professionalism matters.

papakain | papakain

"Y-T-A for expecting a masseuse to enjoy their job! 😡"

papakain | papakain

Griping at work is fine, but not when clients can hear! 😤

RudytheSquirrel | RudytheSquirrel

NTA walks out of massage after overhearing unprofessional masseuse complaint 😳


NTA: A massage with a resentful masseuse? That's a big no-no! 😖

forgottenenvies | forgottenenvies

"Jenny" thought Tina could leave early, but OP booked last minute. 😕

jcaashby | jcaashby

NTA. Uncomfortable situation, Tina should've been more careful. Good call!

frightfully_disturb | frightfully_disturb

NTA Tina: Professionalism matters, even in the spa industry! 💆‍♀️

Skylark7 | Skylark7

"NTA. Tina's behavior ruined the client's relaxing spa experience. 🙅"

HelenGonne | HelenGonne

NTA - Don't blame her for booking, masseuse's complaint backfires 😮

tipareth1978 | tipareth1978

NTA: Sister confirms masseuse's behavior is unprofessional 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - Demand better service! Tina is to blame 🙅

Vulcancomic | Vulcancomic

NTA for walking out of spa after overhearing masseuse's complaint.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Relaxation ruined! NTA overhears masseuse's complaint. Guilt and no enjoyment 😫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Woman walks out of spa after unprofessional masseuse complaint 😡

Keziah_70 | Keziah_70

NTA: Tina should've known better than to complain to a customer 😤

Tim-oBedlam | Tim-oBedlam

Manager supports customer's decision to leave spa due to unprofessionalism 😊

ApricotFingers | ApricotFingers

NTA. Customer Service 101: Don't complain where customers can hear! 😤

hocuslotus | hocuslotus

NTA. Don't waste your money on subpar service! 💸

Brie1123 | Brie1123

Former massage therapist supports woman's decision to cancel service. NTA! ✋

ArcanaCat13 | ArcanaCat13

Savage move! Tina dove under the bus all by herself 😱

01056dad | 01056dad

NTA for shutting down the masseuse's unprofessional behavior 💪

Pristine-Mix-5174 | Pristine-Mix-5174

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