Man Moves Girlfriend's Creepy Doll, Sparks Relationship Crisis! 😱💔

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Meet our brave hero, who we'll call 'Doll Dodger', and his loving girlfriend, 'Jess'. They've been happily living together for over a year, planning a future filled with marriage and kids. But there's one thing that's been creeping out our Doll Dodger - a doll, a family heirloom that Jess inherited from her late grandmother. The doll, according to Jess, brings her peace, but for our hero, it's a source of discomfort, especially when it seems to be 'watching' them in the bedroom. 😱👀

A Doll, a Girl and a Man 🎎

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The Creepy Heirloom 👀

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Doll in the Bedroom 😱

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The Unsettling Presence 👀

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The Doll Moves! 😱

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Doll Dodger Strikes Back! 💪

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Jess' Reaction 😭

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Jess Disappears! 😨

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More About the Doll 🎎

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The Breakup 💔

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Doll Dodger's Heartbreak 💔

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A Plea for Positive Thoughts 🙏

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Doll Drama Ends in Heartbreak 💔

In a twist that no one saw coming, our Doll Dodger's attempt to remove the creepy doll from their bedroom ended in disaster. Jess, heartbroken, called him an 'inconsiderate a**hole' and left their shared apartment. After hours of worry and frantic calls, Jess was found safe at a friend's house, but with a heartbreaking decision - she ended their relationship. Our Doll Dodger, now heartbroken, is left with nothing but questions and a plea for positive thoughts for Jess' family. 💔😢

NTA: Creepy doll the size of a child? Nightmare fuel! 😱

smalldesii | smalldesii

NTA, girlfriend's reaction is bonkers! Is the doll haunted? 😱

ExhaustedVetTech | ExhaustedVetTech

NTA. Communication breakdown about creepy doll causes relationship crisis! 😱💔

WhatWouldScoobyDoo2 | WhatWouldScoobyDoo2

NTA. Doll dilemma sparks psychological concerns and relationship tensions! 😱

Cheesemoose326 | Cheesemoose326

NTA: Uncomfortable with doll, she overreacts. Relationship crisis ensues. 😱💔

e_zanee | e_zanee

"NTA, the doll's size is unsettling! 🙀😱"

gracewaring | gracewaring

🧐 NTA suspects girlfriend's creepy doll hides secrets, sparks relationship crisis!

Enough-Drawing | Enough-Drawing

ESH for touching her significant doll, but her overreaction is concerning 😱

kaspjasp | kaspjasp

🤔 NAH. Girlfriend's possessiveness over creepy doll causes relationship crisis!

Abadabadon | Abadabadon

🤣 Missed opportunity to prank girlfriend with creepy doll!

Cruush_Halochek | Cruush_Halochek

NTA. Compromise broken. Creepy doll moved. Need conversation to understand.

SleepySheep2 | SleepySheep2

NTA - Grandma's doll in the closet, not in the bedroom! 💔

SinsVirtues | SinsVirtues

🎥 Horror movie plot twist: Creepy doll controls girlfriend's actions! 😱

mackenziesummertime | mackenziesummertime

Creepy doll may have unhealthy attachment, causing relationship crisis! 😱💔

Kompottkopf | Kompottkopf

NTA- Girlfriend's doll obsession raises suspicion and trust issues. 🤔

Legend_Ares | Legend_Ares

NTA - Compromise on creepy doll placement sparks relationship crisis! 😱💔

did5177 | did5177

NTA for moving creepy doll, but something deeper is happening 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Future Update: Girlfriend becomes possessed by creepy doll, chaos ensues! 😱💔

sonas8391 | sonas8391

NTA. Creepy doll causes relationship crisis. Trust and compromise needed. 😱

BorderlineBinxx | BorderlineBinxx

Commenter desperately hopes the creepy doll story is fake 😱

Himeera | Himeera

Fear of dolls vs. relationship boundaries 😱

MySoulIsBread | MySoulIsBread

Moving the doll caused a relationship crisis? NTA for sure! 😱

Curtisziraa | Curtisziraa

Suspicion sparks as hidden camera theory emerges! 🕵️‍♂️

that_db_kevin | that_db_kevin

Hope your gf is okay and safely comes back. 😱💔

Monimonika18 | Monimonika18

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