Bullied High School Survivor Turns the Tables on Her Tormentor: A Tale of Sweet Revenge 🎭

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Picture this: You're a 22-year-old woman, a survivor of severe high school bullying, now flourishing in med school with a decent Instagram following. Suddenly, one of your tormentors from high school, 'Ava', pops up in your DMs, asking for a favor. She wants you to promote her brand on your stories. Would you help her out? This is the dilemma our heroine found herself in, and her response was nothing short of a power move. Let's delve into this gripping tale of resilience, strength, and a dash of sweet revenge. 🎭💪🍬

The High School Nightmare 🏫👹

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The Bully Squad's Tactics 😡🎯

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The Aftermath of Bullying 😨💔

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The Road to Recovery 🌈🌤️

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Ava Enters the Scene 👥📲

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Ava's Unexpected Request 🙏📝

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The Power Move 💪🚫

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The Block Button Strikes ⛔🔇

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University Friends Weigh In 🎓🗣️

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The Lingering Doubt 🤔💭

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Ava's Unapologetic Stance 😒🤷‍♀️

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The Brand in Question 🍨📊

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The Final Verdict 🚫🍰

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The High School Survivor's Sweet Stand Against Her Tormentor 🎭💪🍬

Our heroine, once bullied and tormented in high school, has grown into a strong, resilient woman who refuses to let her past define her. When Ava, one of her high school bullies, slid into her DMs asking for a favor, she was met with a firm refusal. Despite the task being easy and the brand aligning with her Instagram content, our heroine stood her ground, refusing to promote Ava's brand. The unapologetic stance of Ava, who acted as if they'd been friends all along, only hardened her resolve. The internet is buzzing with reactions to this tale of strength and sweet revenge. Let's see what they have to say... 🎭💪🍬

No remorse, just fake friendship. Revenge is sweet! 🎭

citizensfund82 | citizensfund82

NTA. Revenge is sweet when bullies get a taste of justice! 🎭

cyethefox | cyethefox

NTA - She burned bridges, now she can lie in it 👍

QueenOfShiba_Inus | QueenOfShiba_Inus

Standing up to a former bully's entitled promotion request 💪

Tasty_Grapefruit498 | Tasty_Grapefruit498

NTA. Sweet revenge idea, but focus on your own peace 🙏

bolonkaswetna | bolonkaswetna

Sweet revenge: Karma takes care of entitled tormentor. NTA.

j3nn_dash12 | j3nn_dash12

Survivor seeks revenge on bullies, refuses to help them. 😠

Knitsanity | Knitsanity

NTA. University friends don't understand bullying, but you do. 👏

Bjorn2Dance | Bjorn2Dance

No obligation to help your tormentor. Revenge is sweet. 👌

Wise_Manager_5104 | Wise_Manager_5104

NTA, leave her blocked. Your new life, your choices. 👍

K-Twaaa | K-Twaaa

Block the bully and move on. Don't waste energy on her. 👍


Sweet revenge: turning the tables on high school tormentor 🎭

whitewer | whitewer

NTA - Firmly standing up for personal boundaries and trust 💪

ollyman97 | ollyman97

Online bully tries to boost popularity, victim fights back 💪

CanadianJediCouncil | CanadianJediCouncil

Did she apologize? LOL no, to her we were BFFs 🤪

Spank_Cakes | Spank_Cakes

Ava's entitlement backfires as she faces sweet revenge. 🎭

zaftig_stig | zaftig_stig

NTA demands favor, hasn't changed. Good on you for blocking! 💯

Floridaliving661 | Floridaliving661

Enjoy your successes in spite of her abuse. 👏

Vast-Occasion-6768 | Vast-Occasion-6768

NTA. No apologies, just manipulation. Revenge is sweet. 😎

Pooky582 | Pooky582

Sweet revenge: Bully gets a taste of karma. NTA 🎉

SassThatFrass | SassThatFrass

NTA won't even give a reason but you're not 😊

all_the_gravy | all_the_gravy

NTA. Cut her out and block the other bullies too! 🙌

Nickyx13 | Nickyx13

NTA. Tormentor tries to profit off survivor's success. No apology.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Survivor stands up to entitled bully demanding free work. 🏆

oooeeerrr | oooeeerrr

NTA claps back at bully with a satisfying F-you attitude 👊

Creative-Variety-599 | Creative-Variety-599

Survivor of high school bullying refuses to help mean girls. NTA 💯

Maddie215 | Maddie215

Survivor overcomes bully, refuses to bend to her will. 🤝

iloveesme | iloveesme

NTA: Don't risk your reputation for a close friend's business 👍

StartedOffasAnOrgasm | StartedOffasAnOrgasm

NTA - Sweet revenge and therapy bills, she deserves justice! 💪

Responsible_Till9647 | Responsible_Till9647

NTA. Former bully doesn't deserve your friendship, just like strangers. 🚫

calling_water | calling_water

NTA: She used you, no interest in being your friend 👎

No_Bee7900 | No_Bee7900

Refusing to help a bully. Was it a shady MLM?

HonPhryneFisher | HonPhryneFisher

NTA: Friend turned bully wants help, but hasn't changed 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

"But I...just didn't want to". Taking a stand, NTA 💯

farofaQueens | farofaQueens

Bullying survivor seeks revenge on tormentor, questions her remorsefulness. 🤔

Asleep-Opening3932 | Asleep-Opening3932

NTA. You made the right decision. Some people have nerve 😠

Treehorn8 | Treehorn8

NTA. Still a bully! Teach her a life lesson. 👍

SnowPrincess7669 | SnowPrincess7669

No mercy for bullies. Live well and let karma strike! 👊

TerrisKagi | TerrisKagi

Taking control of your own healing process. 👏

drakeotomy | drakeotomy

Don't help a stranger who bullied you. NTA! 🙌

TimeForMischief | TimeForMischief

NTA, her life isn't your problem. MLM brand? 🍒

JessonBI89 | JessonBI89

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