Man's Romantic Getaway Turns Into Unexpected Group Trip: Who's to Blame? 🏂💔

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Picture this: You've been dating your significant other for five years. To celebrate your love, you meticulously plan a romantic ski trip in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, with a secret proposal planned at the end. You've been looking forward to this trip for months, only to find out days before departure that two uninvited guests will be joining - her friends. 😱💔 What would you do? Let's dive into this frosty tale of love, friendship, and unexpected company...

A Romantic Plan in the Works 🏂💍

gradtattoo_9009 | gradtattoo_9009

The Unexpected Guests 🙄

gradtattoo_9009 | gradtattoo_9009

The Unwanted Compromise 😒

gradtattoo_9009 | gradtattoo_9009

Feeling Sidelined 😞

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The Fallout 😡

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The Accusation 🧐

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Reflection and Regret 🤔

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The Question 🤷‍♂️

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The Backstory 📜

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The Support System 🤝

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The Calm Before the Storm? 🌩️

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A Love Story on Thin Ice: Who's the Real Party Crasher Here? 💔❄️

Imagine planning the perfect romantic getaway for your love, complete with adrenaline-fueled winter sports and a secret proposal. But just days before you're set to depart, you find out two uninvited guests are tagging along. Despite your disappointment, you compromise, hoping to still make the best of it. But once there, you're left feeling like the third wheel. Frustrated and sidelined, you decide to head home early, sparking a frosty fallout. Now, you're left questioning if you were in the wrong for leaving a trip you'd painstakingly planned. Let's see what the internet has to say about this icy predicament... ❄️💔

"NTA You sure you still wanna propose?" 😬💍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Romantic getaway turned into group trip, suspicions arise 🤔

Frumpy_little_noodle | Frumpy_little_noodle

Did she sabotage their romantic getaway to avoid a proposal? 🤔

pixp85 | pixp85

NTA. Red flags: 1. She invited friends without discussing. 2. She refused to tell friends no. 3. She and friends ganged up on you. Reconsider proposing. 💔

Primary-Space | Primary-Space

NTA, relationship dead. GF's a**hole move. Time to move on. 🙋🏼

ed_lv | ed_lv

NTA comment advises reflection on support system and mutual respect. 👍

disindiantho | disindiantho

NTA at all. Romantic getaway ruined by unwanted friends. Consider proposal.

stroppo | stroppo

🚩 NTA's partner prioritizes friends over relationship, denying fault. Breakup imminent?

DubiousPeoplePleaser | DubiousPeoplePleaser

"NTA. She invited friends on your anniversary trip without your consent. 🤷‍♂️"

ndcollector | ndcollector

NTA. Smooth things over with her when she returns. 💔

Patrickosplayhouse | Patrickosplayhouse

NTA - Friends invited on anniversary trip, partner doesn't want marriage 💔

bengallover16 | bengallover16

Heartbroken and betrayed, it's time to dump her. You deserve better. 💔

JupiterSWarrior | JupiterSWarrior

"NTA. Couple's vacations are generally special alone time... She's Just Not That Into You, OP."

Nester1953 | Nester1953

Planned romantic trip turned into group getaway, with unexpected consequences. 💔

SuperHuckleberry125 | SuperHuckleberry125

NTA. Girlfriend's surprise group trip raises questions, awaiting explanation 🤔

Eetah | Eetah

Dump her and feel better! Your gf sounds terrible 💯

SwimmingLaddersWings | SwimmingLaddersWings

Romantic getaway hijacked by her friends? Not the a**hole!

AntiochGhost8100 | AntiochGhost8100

NTA, relationship advice: time to reconsider this romance? 💔

mjoancg | mjoancg

"NTA - My worst nightmare: people crowbarring themselves into my trip! 😱"

smellz45 | smellz45

"NTA Impressed by your level-headedness and maturity. Wishing you the best!"

BadgeForSameUsername | BadgeForSameUsername

GF's friends hijack romantic getaway, gaslighting and emotional support animals?

planton321 | planton321

Romantic getaway gone wrong. Will she be disappointed? 😢

jimmap | jimmap

NTA, but pause the proposal until you work out friend involvement. 💔

amjay8 | amjay8

GF ruins anniversary trip by inviting friends without telling you. 😱

KronkLaSworda | KronkLaSworda

Reevaluate your worth and find someone who matches your energy! 💔

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