Bus Driver's Bold Move: No More Men Allowed? 🚫🚌

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Imagine being a bus driver, responsible for the safety of your passengers, only to find out they're being harassed right under your nose. This is the reality for our hero, the 'Bus Guardian' (38M), who drives a special bus for all-girls dorms in a country where public transport is a disaster. After witnessing a surge in theft and sexual harassment on his bus, he made a controversial decision - no more men allowed. But, is he a white knight or just a concerned driver? Let's delve into his story. 🚌🛡️

Meet the 'Bus Guardian'

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The Unwritten Rule

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Rising Concerns

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A Shocking Incident

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The Girls Speak Out

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A Controversial Decision

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The Backlash

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Taking Action

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Revising the Policy

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A Final Note

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A Bus Driver's Dilemma: Safety or Sexism? 🚍🔒

Caught between a rock and a hard place, our 'Bus Guardian' found himself in a moral quandary. After a shocking surge of theft and sexual harassment on his bus, he made a controversial decision - no more men allowed. While this move has been met with mixed reactions, it's clear that his intentions are rooted in the safety of his passengers. However, the question remains - is this the right solution? Or is it just a band-aid on a much bigger problem? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🌐💭

Bold move by bus driver to keep perverts off bus. 🚫🚌

greeneyedwench | greeneyedwench

NTA. Keeping girls safe while allowing male students. Good work! 💪

Justafukingegg | Justafukingegg

NTA but dude, stand up to your colleagues and report them! 🚫

definitelynotjava | definitelynotjava

"NTA for enforcing rules on university bus. ESH for berating."

Historical_Gloom | Historical_Gloom

YTA for not doing your job and allowing sexual assault 🚫

assteios | assteios

Bus driver takes a stand against harassment, gets support.

SlightMammoth1949 | SlightMammoth1949

NTA for protecting girls and standing up against coworkers. 👏

reflexting | reflexting

👏 Bus driver receives support for protecting passengers from harassment!

TheDusteh | TheDusteh

NTA for enforcing rules, but YTA for lax safety measures 😡

slang_tang_ | slang_tang_

Bold move by bus driver to protect women passengers. 🚫🚌

redwoodgood | redwoodgood

NTA. Bus driver enforces ID policy, sparks debate on discrimination laws.

Typical_Rob | Typical_Rob

NTA, but limit bus to college students only. No exceptions. 🚫

Ecofre-33919 | Ecofre-33919

Bold move by bus driver to refuse non-students. NTA! 🚫

Fatt3stAveng3r | Fatt3stAveng3r

NTA! Saving lives by keeping girls safe. Applauding your boldness! 📸

Significant_Alps3267 | Significant_Alps3267

NTA. Bold move by bus driver: No men allowed on student bus! 🚫🚌

SnooBunnies7461 | SnooBunnies7461

Bus driver stands up against discriminatory practices. NTA! 💪

GiSS88 | GiSS88

Bus driver protects girls from dangerous coworkers. NTA! 💪

Forsaken_Ad_1453 | Forsaken_Ad_1453

YTA for allowing non-university people on the bus. Stick to your mandate! 🚫

TheRealMogman | TheRealMogman

NTA, 'acceptable sexism' to protect women/students. 💪👍

Alqeta | Alqeta

NTA. Protecting the intended riders. 🙌

green_hobblin | green_hobblin

NTA. Theft, assaults, and legal liability make non-students a risk. 🚨

C_Majuscula | C_Majuscula

YTA for allowing non-students on the bus. 🚫

GreedyRyan | GreedyRyan

Women's safety concerns on the bus - NTA comment and replies

AhoraMeLoVenisADecir | AhoraMeLoVenisADecir

Negligence and discrimination lead to theft and assault on bus.

secretttttttz | secretttttttz

NTA! Safety first, keep the bastards off the bus! 🚫🚌

jfreddit11 | jfreddit11

NTA. This bus driver is making a bold statement! 🚫🚌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bold move by bus driver: No men allowed? NTA

FatBloke4 | FatBloke4

Bus driver praised for prioritizing safety and empowering young women! 💪👏

ProfCatWhisperer | ProfCatWhisperer

Gender-based bus policy: NTA, but potential discrimination charges? 🤔

Scrabblement | Scrabblement

Bus driver prioritizes safety of college students 🙌

AppointmentEastern | AppointmentEastern

Bold move by bus driver sparks debate on rule enforcement.

RecommendsMalazan | RecommendsMalazan

NTA. Colleagues are part of the problem, girls missing classes.

maroongrad | maroongrad

NTA, but why did you allow it for so long? 🚫

daymuub | daymuub

NTA. Prioritizing passenger comfort and being a decent human being. 🙌

rjhancock | rjhancock

Strict bus rules: Residents only! Ignore complaints, focus on job.

ResponseMountain6580 | ResponseMountain6580

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