Art School Drama: The Battle Over a Bottle of Oil Paint 🎨

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Art school is a place where creativity should flourish, but what happens when the canvas of camaraderie is smeared with conflict? 🎨💥 This story revolves around an art student, whom we'll call 'The Paint Protector', who found themselves in the middle of a color clash. As the only one who brought oil paint to class, they were asked to share with their classmates. But when the cost of generosity is too high, what's an artist to do? Let's dive into this palette of drama... 🖌️

A Colorful Conundrum 🎨

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Artistic Arsenal 🖌️

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Lone Oil Owner 🛢️

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Oil-less Duo 🚫

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Costly Concoction 💸

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Sharing Showdown 💥

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Refusal Rumble 🚫

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Unequal Exchange 🔄

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Silent Treatment 🤐

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Doubt Dilemma 💭

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Generosity Gap 🎁

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Pricey Paint 🖌️💰

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Civil Comrades 👥

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Privacy Plea 🙏

jealous_swordfish625 | jealous_swordfish625

The Palette of Predicament: Was The Paint Protector Justified? 🎨💔

Caught in a color clash, our Paint Protector found themselves in a sticky situation. With their costly oil paint in high demand, the pressure to share was on. But when the cost of generosity outweighs the reward, what's an artist to do? The Paint Protector chose to keep their oil paint to themselves, leading to silent treatment from their classmates. The question remains: was the Paint Protector being greedy or simply protecting their investment? Let's see what the digital world thinks about this artful dilemma... 🌐

NTA. Former art student shares experience of not sharing expensive supplies.

sinloxie | sinloxie

NTA - Standing up to entitled bullies. Keep your guard up! 👏

RealTexasJake | RealTexasJake

NTA for not sharing expensive oil paint with unprepared classmates 🤪

soumwise | soumwise

NTA. Frustrations of sharing materials with fellow artists. 🎶

HTSlippy | HTSlippy

NTA entitled much? 🙄 Teacher should've set clear expectations.

Treacle_Moon | Treacle_Moon

Shocked entitled princesses can't handle being called out 😱

grianmharduit | grianmharduit

NTA - Expensive oil paints, no reimbursement. They expected free sharing.

sierraivy | sierraivy

Artists' supplies are personal and not meant for sharing. NTA! 🎨

jwarrior80 | jwarrior80

NTA for not buying expensive materials; hope your painting shines!

Expensive-Isopod8249 | Expensive-Isopod8249

NTA - Lesson learned: be helpful, but say no when uncomfortable. 🙅‍♂️

Mesapholis | Mesapholis

NTA - Sensible and responsible, not greedy. 👍

Zagriel55 | Zagriel55

Cats: The Masters of Manipulation and Shoe Protection 🐱

Amazing_Plankton_373 | Amazing_Plankton_373

Students refuse to pay for others' expenses. Fair or not?

canvasshoes2 | canvasshoes2

Art school drama: Who's responsible for art supplies? 🤔

Post_Nuclear_Messiah | Post_Nuclear_Messiah

Win-win! NTA for not fixing their issues. Terrible people 😒

powderedsugarmilk | powderedsugarmilk

NTA. Teacher gave advanced notice, not your responsibility to supply.

pyrotequila85 | pyrotequila85

NTA. Teacher failed to protect you from entitled peer's anger 😡

QueenZena | QueenZena

Art school nightmare: classmates shred OP for not sharing materials 😱

ShiftingStar | ShiftingStar

Preparedness is key! No tolerance for unpreparedness 💪

Opinionated_123 | Opinionated_123

"No, you cannot have mine, but I'm sure the teacher has some you can use." Let the teacher handle it! 😎

glynndah | glynndah

NTA. Don't be their ATM! Stand your ground and refuse!

depressivedarling | depressivedarling

🎨 Art school drama! Teacher puts student in awkward position. 😕

PresentationOne2290 | PresentationOne2290

Protect your art: add a 'do not share' warning! 👍

VixNeko | VixNeko

Art student refuses to share expensive paint, classmates mooch off. 💯

Academic_Breadfruit1 | Academic_Breadfruit1

NTA. Stand your ground and don't let others take advantage. 💪

Dont-trust-it | Dont-trust-it

Handling art school drama like a boss! 🤘

That_Contribution720 | That_Contribution720

Entitled artists demand free supplies, let them fail! 🏆

notahumannnnn | notahumannnnn

Art supplies are sacred! Don't let anyone touch your stash! 💯

Ok-Economist-1705 | Ok-Economist-1705

Sharing art supplies: NTA, shame on the teacher! 😡

snackcake68 | snackcake68

Blessing in disguise: NTA, unpleasant people ignoring you 🙏

NesssMonster | NesssMonster

Expensive supplies and a demanding teacher? Not the a**hole! 🏄

myraleemyrtlewood | myraleemyrtlewood

Art student refuses to share supplies with moochers. NTA 🍾

mynameisrae | mynameisrae

Former art student shares infuriating glue bottle incident. NTA. 😤

whiskey-monk | whiskey-monk

NTA. Intimidation and rudeness: the battle over authority 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Concerned about teacher's poor practice, report to Dean.

RogueDIL | RogueDIL

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