Birthday Braids Blowout: Hairstylist Refuses Freebie for Roomie 🎂💇‍♀️

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What happens when a professional hairstylist's roommate asks for a free, time-consuming hairstyle as a birthday gift? Drama, that's what! Our 28-year-old hairstylist, let's call her 'Scissorhands', is caught in a tangle of friendship and business. Her 26-year-old roommate, who we'll call 'Braidzilla', wanted a lavish hairdo for her birthday, but balked at the price tag. Let's delve into this hairy situation! 💇‍♀️🎂💸

A Gift Requested 🎁

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The Professional's Offer 💇‍♀️

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The Birthday Girl's Disappointment 😟

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The Roommate's Rebuttal 🗣️

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The Fallout 💥

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The Hairstylist's Dilemma 🤔

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The Gift Clarification 🎁

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The Braiding Challenge 💪

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The Alternative Gifts 🎁

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The End Result 🎈

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Hair-raising Birthday Drama: Scissorhands vs. Braidzilla 🎂💇‍♀️

In a twist of birthday expectations, 'Scissorhands', a professional hairstylist, finds herself in a knot with her roommate, 'Braidzilla'. Braidzilla's birthday wish was a lavish, time-consuming hairstyle, but she was taken aback when Scissorhands refused to offer her professional services for free. The fallout? A heated debate, a disappointed birthday girl, and a hairstylist questioning her decision. Despite the tension, Scissorhands splurged on other gifts for Braidzilla, proving that their friendship isn't entirely on the chopping block. Let's see what the internet has to say about this tangled tale...🕸️💇‍♀️

Asking for free 6-9 hour hairstyling for birthday: NAH

BigBigBigTree | BigBigBigTree

NTA. Valuable time and skill, not obligated to give discount. 👍

GeekynGlorious | GeekynGlorious

ESH - Compromise could have been handled more tactfully 🙏

KartlindWitch | KartlindWitch

NTA: Friends/family shouldn't expect freebies. A discount is reasonable. 🙌

andreaak88 | andreaak88

ESH: Poor communication leads to unrealistic expectations and disappointment 😔

exhauta | exhauta

NTA. It's sad she doesn't realize the effort and cost.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Roommate wants freebie, but your discount is already generous.

Mobabyhomeslice | Mobabyhomeslice

ESH. Roommate's unreasonable request for birthday hair, but OP didn't set boundaries. NTA disagrees.

But_Thieves | But_Thieves

NTA. Expensive birthday present fishing? Not cool 💯

Sunny_Hill_1 | Sunny_Hill_1

NTA. Your skills are valuable and deserve fair compensation. 💇‍♀️

Bitbatgaming | Bitbatgaming

NTA. Friends don't ask friends for freebies. 🙏

champagneformyrealfr | champagneformyrealfr

Charge your roommate professional prices. NTA! 👏

Ok-Poem2624 | Ok-Poem2624

NTA: Don't undervalue yourself or give freebies to entitled friends.

Whimpy-Crow | Whimpy-Crow

NTA!!!! You're a professional, not a charity. Charge for your work. 👏

DieselBear__ | DieselBear__

Reasonable request denied: NTA, but disappointment is understandable 😕

moonchild1880 | moonchild1880

Generous discount as a gift, avoiding future guilt trips. 👍

Honorthedead | Honorthedead

NTA: Birthday present drama! Who's in the wrong? 😐

mdthomas | mdthomas

NTA: Set boundaries, friend demands extravagant gift, you offer discount. 🙏

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

NTA for refusing freebie, friend's request was entitled 😱

Sammyg2010 | Sammyg2010

"YTA. You spent $400 on stuff instead of doing her hair for free?" 😡

susanbarron33 | susanbarron33

Gift of expertise taken for granted 😠

21stCenturyJanes | 21stCenturyJanes

Valuing your time and setting boundaries is totally acceptable! 👍

spooktaculartinygoat | spooktaculartinygoat

NTA: Doing a free hair style for hours? Not cool 👎

Gypsy-Nyx | Gypsy-Nyx

ESH. Phrasing matters! Offer a birthday gift, not a discount.

Mother_Tradition_774 | Mother_Tradition_774

Confusion and frustration over the value of time and money

tnebteg456 | tnebteg456

NTA. It's fair to decline free work from friends/family. 💇‍♀️

Kasparian | Kasparian

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