When Figurines, Friendship, and Felony Collide: A Tale of Trust Betrayed 😱

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Imagine this: your best friend, the one you've known for over a decade, moves in with you. You're both studying abroad, away from home, and it feels good to have a familiar face around. But then she gets a new boyfriend, who seems to be a little too interested in your prized figurine collection. One day, you find some of your precious figurines missing, and the plot thickens. 🕵️‍♀️💔🎭

Besties in a Foreign Land 🌍👭

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

New Roomie Alert! 🏠👯‍♀️

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Enter the Boyfriend, Stage Left 🎭💑

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Unwanted Houseguest 🏠😡

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Suspicious Activity Detected 🕵️‍♀️👀

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

The Mystery of the Missing Figurines 🕵️‍♀️🔍

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Surprise Trip and Stolen Figurines 🎁🚗🎭

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Caught Red-Handed! 📹🚔

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

The Unraveling of a Friendship 💔😭

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

The Aftermath: Threats and Tears 😡😢

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

A Heartbreaking Dilemma 💔🤔

bananapeelisdoomed | bananapeelisdoomed

Figurine Fiasco: A Friendship on the Rocks? 💔🎭

In a whirlwind of events, our protagonist finds herself in a quandary. Her best friend's boyfriend is caught stealing her prized figurines, not once, but twice. Despite the damning evidence, her friend stands by her thieving beau. Tensions rise, leading to a heated argument and an eviction. Now, she faces threats from her friend's family and the sight of her friend sleeping on her patio every night. A tale of friendship, trust, and betrayal that leaves us questioning: who's in the right here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this... 🕵️‍♀️💔🎭

NTA, no misunderstanding for lock picking and theft. 🚫🔒

aeroeagleAC | aeroeagleAC

"You're so far from TA you're in a different galaxy." 😱

Fun-Replacement1998 | Fun-Replacement1998

Demand reimbursement for figurines, shut them up. 😱

DontAskMeChit | DontAskMeChit

NTA. Beware of Kevin, a confirmed thief. They're threatening you! 😱

HijikataX | HijikataX

🚫 NTA: Protect your property from a sneaky thief roommate.

Monochromatic_Sun | Monochromatic_Sun

NTA, stealing $1000 figurines? That's straight-up theft! 😱

BlueFlamedArson | BlueFlamedArson

Alice chose a lying thief over her best friend 😱💔

RecentCharge655 | RecentCharge655

🔒 Not the AH. Expose thief, evict, and sue for stolen items.

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

NTA: Don't let her back in. She supported theft. 😱

Tmpowers0818 | Tmpowers0818

Defending a thief? No way! NTA for not trusting her 🙅

FlashySong6098 | FlashySong6098

Press charges and get a monetary judgement! Don't let her back in! 🚨

trappergraves | trappergraves

Defending your home against a criminal: NTA 😊

Bo_O58 | Bo_O58

NTA. She let her boyfriend steal from you. No legal recourse.

Rinzy2000 | Rinzy2000

You're not the a**hole. Betrayed trust for friendship. Good call! 👍

Inner-THOT | Inner-THOT

NTA: Boyfriend's theft puts girlfriend at risk of legal trouble 😱

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

🚨 NTA. Call the police to stop the harassment! 🚔

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

Stay safe! Press charges and seek justice 🙏

No_Scientist7086 | No_Scientist7086

Hold her responsible for her idiot thieving boyfriend 😱

Own_Breakfast_570 | Own_Breakfast_570

Take legal action, evict her, and report harassment. NTA! 👏

Competitive-Way7780 | Competitive-Way7780

NTA's friend defends thief boyfriend, gets kicked out 😱

Two_black_hounds | Two_black_hounds

Defending a criminal? NTA! Call the police on Alice! 🚨

Mekla11 | Mekla11

NTA: Kevin stole, Alice profited. Protect yourself, call the police 🚨

Apprehensive-hippos | Apprehensive-hippos

NTA: Trust betrayed, no going back. 😱

AryBabyxxx | AryBabyxxx

NTA - Friend's betrayal puts you at risk 😱 Get a restraining order, security system, and lawyer up.

Unhappy-Prune-9914 | Unhappy-Prune-9914

"NTA This is more than just stealing. Alice wants Kevin back."

cutiepatutie614 | cutiepatutie614

NTA. Friend chooses thief boyfriend over you, figurine misunderstanding?

Direct_Photograph_94 | Direct_Photograph_94

Defending a thief? Not welcome in the victim's home! 😱

Polychromatic_Cube | Polychromatic_Cube

Definitely NTA 😊

Snoo1560 | Snoo1560

Trust betrayed? 🤔 NTA, but was she involved? 🤔

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

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