Debt-Free Fiancée's Plan Raises Eyebrows: A Love Story or a Financial Feud? 🤔💔

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Ah, love! It's all about roses, romantic dinners, and... spreadsheets? 🌹🍽️💻 For one couple, their journey to the altar is turning into a financial battleground. The groom-to-be (31), buried under a $67k debt mountain, is facing a unique proposal from his debt-free fiancée (29). She's got a plan, a spreadsheet, and a mission: to make him debt-free before they say 'I do'. But when he counters with his own plan, things start to get a little tense. Let's dive into this money-muddled love story! 💘💰

Meet the Debt-Drowned Romeo! 💔💸

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Enter the Debt-Free Juliet! 💚💰

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The Cursed Car and Credit Card Chaos! 🚗💳

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The Financial Phoenix Rises! 🦅💵

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The Money Maven's Master Plan! 🧮💍

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A Spreadsheet Solution! 📊👰

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The Counter Offer! 🔄💵

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The Friends' Verdict! 🍻🗣️

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The Savings Snag! 💰🚧

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Love on the Ledger: A Tale of Two Financial Plans 💘💰

In this modern-day Romeo and Juliet saga, our love-struck couple is navigating a financial feud. Debt-Drowned Romeo, with his $67k debt, is facing a unique challenge from his Debt-Free Juliet. She's got a plan, a spreadsheet, and a mission: to make him debt-free before they tie the knot. But Romeo has a counter-offer, and it's causing quite the stir. His friends think he's out of line, but what do you think? Is he being unreasonable, or is it just a case of two people trying to find their financial footing? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭🌐

"YTA. Entitled AH for not accepting her generous offer." 😂

Automatic-Ad9938 | Automatic-Ad9938

"YTA. She helped you create a realistic timeline to pay off your debt. You didn't need to come up with a counter offer where she pays for everything." 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Debt-free fiancée's generous offer raises suspicions. Will he follow through? 🤔

analyst19 | analyst19

Fiancée pays off debt, but is it fair? 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Cancel the wedding! She needs a pre-nup to protect herself!" 💔

Midnight7000 | Midnight7000

"YTA. Don't blow this. There are so many guys that would be over the moon for your offer. You have a wonderful fiancée and need to listen to her." 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Debt-free fiancée's plan: A financial feud or a love story?" 💔❌

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

Trustworthy or not? YTA comment sparks speculation about fiancée's plan. 🤔

Material-Profit5923 | Material-Profit5923

YTA wants fiancée to pay his debt, she's already being generous. 🙄

KartlindWitch | KartlindWitch

"YTA. Her plan was nice, but you're missing the ONE reason it doesn't make sense. It doesn't protect *her.* 😔💔"

ReadingSad3238 | ReadingSad3238

Is she being greedy or just looking out for herself? 💔

NewfromNY | NewfromNY

YTA: Pay off your debt before marriage or get a prenup! 💔

BaltoIsMyPup | BaltoIsMyPup

Fiancée offers to pay off debt, but OP wants more 🤔

rainyreminder | rainyreminder

"YTA. Her plan was thoughtful, solid, and kept your unmarried debt separate, and your counter seems to only benefit you. She's been working really hard to get herself into a great financial position and you basically just want her to snap her fingers to make your debt go away, while taking away from her savings trajectory. Maybe ask her to go over her spreadsheet and how she came up with the numbers so you can understand her thought process and get on the same page." 💑💰

RealTalkFastWalk | RealTalkFastWalk

Debt-free fiancée's generous plan raises eyebrows. YTA or NAH? 🤔💔

BogBabe | BogBabe

"YTA. She cleared her debts and offered to support you."

Bitter-Conflict-4089 | Bitter-Conflict-4089

🤔 Is marriage the only thing holding them together financially?

dab2kab | dab2kab

YTA: Taking her resources for granted 😑

ElsterShiny | ElsterShiny

YTA. Fiancée offers support, but you're arguing? What are you thinking? 🤔

He_Who_Is_Right_ | He_Who_Is_Right_

"Debt-free fiancée's plan sparks controversy: A financial love triangle?" 🤔💔

Mountain-Instance921 | Mountain-Instance921

"YTA. Pay your debt." Fiancée offers financial plan, but resistance ensues. 🙅

pastapearldesaucer | pastapearldesaucer

"YTA. 'I'll pay you back' is a promise that not many people actually honor. And it creates fights over when you're gonna pay her back. It's generous enough for her to allow you to live rent and expenses free. Take that offer." 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for putting all the financial risk on her head 🙄

Mithrander_Grey | Mithrander_Grey

YTA. She's financially savvy and offered a generous deal. 💔

Iamgoaliemom | Iamgoaliemom

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