Parent's Bottled Water Ban Sparks Family Feud 😮💧

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Imagine this: you're a parent trying to instill eco-friendly habits in your household. You decide to ban bottled water, opting for a more sustainable option. But your decision doesn't sit well with your son, who's battling depression, and believes that bottled water is one of his few comforts. Sounds like a simple family disagreement, right? But wait until you dive into the details. 🌊😮

The Eco-Friendly Decision 🌍💡

aitathrowadepson | aitathrowadepson

The Son's Reaction 😰💔

aitathrowadepson | aitathrowadepson

The Reason Behind the Preference 🧩💧

aitathrowadepson | aitathrowadepson

The Parent's Response 🚱👨‍👦

aitathrowadepson | aitathrowadepson

The Emotional Twist 😢🌀

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The Unwavering Stance 🚫💧

aitathrowadepson | aitathrowadepson

Eco-Conscious Parent vs Depressed Son: The Bottled Water Battle 🌍💔

In a bid to be more eco-friendly, a parent decides to ban bottled water from their household. This decision, however, doesn't sit well with their son who's battling depression, and claims that drinking bottled water is one of the few things that brings him joy. Despite his emotional plea, the parent stands firm on their decision, citing environmental concerns. This seemingly simple decision has sparked a family feud, leaving everyone wondering - who's in the right here? Let's delve into the internet's take on this situation... 🤔💬

"YTA. Neglecting your depressed son's needs is not okay 💧"

Kittenn1412 | Kittenn1412

"Mother dismisses son's depression, neglects his basic needs. YTA. 😮"

dingthewitchisdeaf | dingthewitchisdeaf

YTA, ex is decent. Simple solution for son's hydration. 👍

Jolly-Bandicoot7162 | Jolly-Bandicoot7162

Neglected son and environmental concerns spark heated family feud 😮💧

Repulsive_Cranberry4 | Repulsive_Cranberry4

Confused parent wonders how son survives without leaving his room 🤔

Creepy_Royal4263 | Creepy_Royal4263

YTA for neglecting your son's health. Refill bottles from tap!

UnexpectedCatBanker | UnexpectedCatBanker

🌍🚫 First in line, last in love. A heartbreaking family feud.

quilter898 | quilter898

"YTA - You can't assume it's 'not too much trouble' 😮💧"

EwokCafe | EwokCafe

Parent's bottled water ban causes family feud. YTA for lack of empathy.

Unbreakable_DM | Unbreakable_DM

"Assuming he was filling it up at night"? Depression affects behavior. YTA 😮

dhippo | dhippo

Depression and plastic waste: A challenging situation with potential solutions 😮

Gullible_Vegetable_2 | Gullible_Vegetable_2

Simple solution: get reusable bottles for easy refills 👍

MAR12345BR | MAR12345BR

ESH: Leaving a child alone for a week? That's outrageous! 😱

PattersonsOlady | PattersonsOlady

"YTA. Plastic waste excuse? Your hypocrisy is clown-sized! 😮💧"

MrsGruusahm | MrsGruusahm

"YTA. Scrapping concern about the ocean is hypocritical to your 6 children 👻"

jerkface1026 | jerkface1026

YTA. Lack of support for struggling son's depression 😮💧

damn_fine_coffee_224 | damn_fine_coffee_224

NTA Refilling water bottles and kid's depression: a controversial parenting issue 😮

GLMC1212 | GLMC1212

Concerned Redditor urges help for son's lethargy and family dynamics

thephantomofleroux | thephantomofleroux

Therapist sessions can help you and your ex support your son 👥

kdlee26 | kdlee26

Fiery comment sparks intense family feud over bottled water ban

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH. No one can come up with a working system 🤷‍♂️

ThreatLvlMidnight01 | ThreatLvlMidnight01

Is he a hermit? What about his education? 🤔

reentername | reentername

Curious about why he can't leave his room for water? 🤔

Cyvasse_Khal | Cyvasse_Khal

ESH. Ex's inappropriate statement, neglecting son's mental health, lack of communication.

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

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