Pregnant Wife vs. Snooze Button: Who Will Win the Battle of the Alarms? 😴⏰

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Meet our sleep-deprived heroine, a pregnant woman juggling work, a toddler, and a husband who loves his snooze button a little too much. She's up against the relentless enemy: an alarm clock that rings at 7 am sharp, every single day. Her husband, Mr. Snooze-Lover, insists he needs the hour of snoozing to wake up, but guess who ends up dealing with the noisy nuisance? 🙄

The Alarm Clock Battle Begins ⏰

ambitious_thing_440 | ambitious_thing_440

Mr. Snooze-Lover's Strategy 🕰

ambitious_thing_440 | ambitious_thing_440

The Unwilling Co-Snoozers 😴

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The Couch Compromise 🛋

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The Snooze Button Rebellion 🔕

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The Unplanned Wake-Up Call ⏰

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The Snooze-Lover's Surprise 😲

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The Alarm Clock Standoff ⏰ vs. 🤰

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The Snooze Button Dilemma 😩

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Alarm Clock Chaos: Who's the Real Snooze Button Offender? 😴⏰

Our sleep-deprived heroine is stuck in a snooze button war with her husband, Mr. Snooze-Lover. Every morning, his alarm rings at 7 am, waking her and their toddler, while he blissfully snoozes on. Exasperated, she turns off the alarm one day, leading to a surprising wake-up call for Mr. Snooze-Lover. She's tired, pregnant, and just wants some peace and quiet. But who's really at fault here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this early morning drama... 🍿

🚫 Stop enabling his behavior. Spray him with water if necessary. 🚿

annrkea | annrkea

Engaging strategy to stop early wake-ups with a toddler 😂

alexandermalcolm | alexandermalcolm

NTA for being annoyed with partner's snooze button habit 😴

NJtoOx | NJtoOx

NTA. Set alarm rules or get a vibrating alarm 📞

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

NTA: Heavy sleepers need to take responsibility for their alarms 😴

Interesting-Cloud805 | Interesting-Cloud805

"NTA. Who sleeps until 15 minutes before work? He's inconsiderate."

pigandpom | pigandpom

NTA. Husband's irresponsible sleep habits disrupt household harmony. 😴

Load_Altruistic | Load_Altruistic

NTA: He disrupts household sleep, she wakes him up every morning 😴

tatersprout | tatersprout

Math alarm app saves the day! 😊

No-Advice2906 | No-Advice2906

NTA. Alarm etiquette in relationships: considerate or inconsiderate? 😴

molten_dragon | molten_dragon

NTA vs. Snooze Button: A battle of sleep disruption! 😴

herdingcats2020 | herdingcats2020

🔔 NTA. Waking up to a bullhorn will surely solve it!

SoloPiName | SoloPiName

👶💤 NTA - His snooze button disrespect is unacceptable for you and baby.

Dr007Bond | Dr007Bond

NTA: Partner's alarm affects OP and their child. Creative solution?

rak1882 | rak1882

Morning alarm drama: Who's responsible for waking up the toddler? 😴

AuntJ2583 | AuntJ2583

NTA. Adult needs to wake up, not hit snooze. 😴

Ranos131 | Ranos131

NTA: Taking control of the alarm for a well-deserved sleep 😴

playallday1112 | playallday1112

Ex-wife's alarm drama: hitting snooze, screaming, and inconsideration. NTA.

Nathan_Poe | Nathan_Poe

NTA. Open communication is key to resolving relationship conflicts 👍

Portie_lover | Portie_lover

Husband's snooze button battle: NTA, grow up and wake up! 😴⏰

AndreaDE85 | AndreaDE85

Avoid morning battles! Get a vibrating alarm for peaceful sleep 📱

PurpleKnee9757 | PurpleKnee9757

"NTA, you shouldn't have to deal with his alarm shenanigans! 😴⏰"

Superman530 | Superman530

Parent's frustration with partner's snooze button affecting kids' sleep 😴

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggest a Fitbit or Apple Watch or tell him to grow up? 🤔

Katz3njamm3r | Katz3njamm3r

Husband's snooze addiction: NTA, but it's time to wake up! ⏰

SnooBunnies7461 | SnooBunnies7461

NTA. Set bedtime boundaries for a harmonious wake-up routine. 👍

MxBluMoon | MxBluMoon

NTA- Finding solutions for alarm conflicts with newborn. 💚

Brief-Finger7474 | Brief-Finger7474

Enforce the 'whoever wakes up the toddler looks after him' rule! 😴

Poetryinsimplethings | Poetryinsimplethings

🔔💪 Rise and shine! Overcoming the struggle of waking up early.

Aliteracy | Aliteracy

NTA: The eternal battle between pregnant wife and snooze button 😴

pixp85 | pixp85

"Snoozing his alarm won't help him wake up" 😴

mmiggs | mmiggs

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