Disowned and Outcast: The Bedroom Drama That's Stirring Up a Storm 🌩️

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Imagine having a spare room in your house that you don't use. Now, imagine someone you know is in desperate need of a place to stay. Would you let them move into that room? Sounds simple, right? But what if there's a twist? 🌀 Let's dive into a tale that's causing a storm on the internet, where a spare room becomes the epicenter of a whirlwind drama. 🌪️

The Unwanted Guest 🚫👤

okuse4266 | okuse4266

The Roommate Rumble: A Summary of the Saga 📜

In this whirlwind tale, our storyteller finds themselves at the center of a storm. They have a spare room, but they're reluctant to share it. The person in need? A friend who's been outed and disowned. The question at the heart of it all: Is our storyteller in the wrong for refusing to open their door? 🚪💔 The internet has some thoughts on this... Let's see what the digital jury has to say.

NTA. Unfair to be kicked out of your own room 😯

HuskerCard123 | HuskerCard123

NTA: You're the homeowner, don't let Jen displace you 🌩️

Saraqael_Rising | Saraqael_Rising

NTA. Mom had no right, Jen might be innocent.

DeadKryptonite | DeadKryptonite

Inherited house? Yes, it's causing some serious drama 🤯

Early-Light-864 | Early-Light-864

NTA - Stand your ground in your own house! 💪🏼

Parking_Initial4551 | Parking_Initial4551

Mom's room or downstairs? A heated debate on bedroom hierarchy! 😱

TheeDirtyJuancho | TheeDirtyJuancho

ESH. Jen wants the spare room, OP wants her own room. 💥

drglitz | drglitz

NTA 🚀 Assert your space and seek support for your needs.

vtheatretech | vtheatretech

NTA! Your family's gaslighting and manipulation is unacceptable 😡

dark__unicorn | dark__unicorn

Paid $20k in property taxes but being forced out of room? 🤔

allergicturtle | allergicturtle

Taking control of your house at 18? NTA, you decide! 🌩️

Independent_Sir9565 | Independent_Sir9565

NTA: You own the house, they can move out 😊

TexFiend | TexFiend

Jen's entitlement after being taken in by friends. 🤔

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

NTA. Stand your ground and don't let them control you! 💪

Due-Art9969 | Due-Art9969

Inheritance taxes paid by grandmother, no taxes on home yet. 🤔

pink_gem | pink_gem

NTA, your mother/sister may resent you for not distancing from homophobic grandmother 🚡

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH comment sparks debate about daughter's room renovation and length of stay 🤔

airisu86 | airisu86

Financial responsibility and potential challenges of owning the house 💰

OneMikeNation | OneMikeNation

OP's sister and mother seem to ignore their needs. NTA! 👏

Ecstatic-Highway-246 | Ecstatic-Highway-246

NTA: Mother and sister disregarding OP's personal space 🙄

ZFG_Jerky | ZFG_Jerky

🎨 NTA confused about Jen's plan to paint and renovate 🏡

rivermonster569 | rivermonster569

NTA. Own your house, do what you want! 🙌🏻

yoashleydawn | yoashleydawn

NTA...there's a spare room she could take 🚫, and you're only 18 👨‍🎓. It kinda hurts that they want to boot me out 😢.

disgruntled-pelican | disgruntled-pelican

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