Dad's Dilemma: Post-Partum Depression or Neglect? 🍼💔

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Imagine the joy of welcoming your first child into the world, only to have it overshadowed by a growing concern for your partner's behavior. This dad's tale of navigating the choppy waters of fatherhood, marriage, and potential post-partum depression will tug at your heartstrings and leave you questioning where the line between mental health and neglect truly lies. Let's delve into his story... 😔

The Joy of Fatherhood 🍼

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The Neglect Begins 😔

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The 'Diagnosis' 🤔

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A Trip Abroad? 🌍

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A Father's Fury 😡

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The Ultimatum 💔

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Additional Information 1️⃣

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Additional Information 2️⃣

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Additional Information 3️⃣

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Additional Information 4️⃣

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The Plan 🗓️

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Safety First 🚼

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A Father's Fight: Between Love and Neglect 🥊

This dad's world turned upside down when his wife, after giving birth to their first child, began displaying worrying signs of neglect. Claiming to have self-diagnosed post-partum depression, she refused to care for their newborn, leaving the dad to juggle work, house chores, and baby care. The situation escalated when she planned a month-long trip abroad, leaving him in a lurch. Frustrated, he confronted her, questioning her diagnosis and threatening divorce. Now, he's sleeping on the couch, and she's giving him the silent treatment. As the tension escalates, he's left wondering if he's the one in the wrong. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐

ESH- Partner refuses therapy, neglects baby, OP tries to help.

kaypuiu | kaypuiu

Concerned husband seeks help for wife's possible post-partum depression

SarcasticBlackCat | SarcasticBlackCat

ESH, but she might have post partum. Divorce isn't necessary.

El_Yeetador | El_Yeetador

ESH. Dad tries to address partner's PPD, but feels helpless. 🤷‍♂️

ShereeAmore | ShereeAmore

"ESH, she needs help for PPD. OP suggested therapy." 🚩

flora_pompeii | flora_pompeii

NTA calls out neglectful mom, others suggest PPD explanation 🤔

Stup2plending | Stup2plending

ESH: Dad questions wife's PPD, she needs therapy and support 🙏

IridianRaingem | IridianRaingem

OP's wife's post-partum depression needs urgent medical attention 🚨

LeopoldParrot | LeopoldParrot

"ESH - Wife's behavior is concerning, but divorce threat is extreme."

Entropy777 | Entropy777

NTA: Mental illness is not an excuse for treating people poorly 🙅

Metzger4 | Metzger4

Concerned about wife's behavior, but she likely has PPD. 🚧

awdsawds | awdsawds

Contact her obgyn for help with PPD and address her fears 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Concerned about partner's erratic behavior, possible postpartum psychosis. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating PPD: Empathy, Support, and Seeking Professional Help 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Urgent: Wife's post-partum depression could have potentially deadly consequences. 😱

Weak-Status | Weak-Status

ESH - Judging her for PPD without seeking treatment. Good luck.

findingreddit | findingreddit

Divorcing a partner who refuses therapy - prioritizing the child 👨🏼‍👦💓

Reverend_Vader | Reverend_Vader

"She needs to see a doctor ASAP 🚑👨‍👩‍👧🚫👨👧👦 But you're doing the right thing."

lemonade_sparkle | lemonade_sparkle

ESH, gently. Understandable frustration but divorce won't solve this. She needs professional help. Family support?

caitlin1398 | caitlin1398

Understanding the struggles of postpartum depression 🍼💔

usernamechecksout133 | usernamechecksout133

Both parents need to prioritize their mental health for their kids. 👨🏽‍👩🏽‍👧🏽

greywings1 | greywings1

Engaging caption for comment and replies

mangonlime | mangonlime

"YTA She probably has PND, you're in no way qualified to tell her she isn't. 😬 The fact she's contemplating ditching her newborn is a sign. 😱 When I had PND, I literally wanted to just get in the car and drive away, as far as I could, away from everyone and everything. 😩 You both need to go and see a doctor and get both of you tested for PND, as the father ALSO is at risk from suffering from it. 👍"

lorrus | lorrus

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