🚌 Bus Ride Drama: Woman Shuts Down a Stranger's Seating Request. Right or Wrong? 🤔

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Picture this: You're on a bus, minding your own business, when a stranger approaches and asks to sit next to you. Your gut instinct tells you 'no'. Would you listen to it? 🤔 One woman did, and it's sparked a heated debate. Let's dive into this intriguing tale of a bus ride that took an unexpected turn. 🚌

A Regular Day on the Bus 🚌

doodle_mcdoodle | doodle_mcdoodle

🚦 Crossing the Line or Asserting Personal Space? 🤷‍♀️

This seemingly ordinary bus ride took a dramatic turn when our gutsy gal, doodle_mcdoodle, decided to assert her personal space, refusing a stranger's request to sit next to her. Was she being rude or was she simply setting boundaries? 🤔 The internet has been buzzing with opinions. Let's dive into the most insightful responses...

NTA. Report the behavior to the driver. He targeted you. 🚨

GrizzlyMommaMT | GrizzlyMommaMT

NTA - Uncomfortable seating request on bus, desire for alternative transit

kezzarla | kezzarla

"NTA. You shattered his romantic fantasy and he deserved it!" 😅

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

NTA. The guy targeted you, but pizza mind saves the day! 🤔

iMESSupCOMMONphrases | iMESSupCOMMONphrases

NTA: Woman shuts down entitled stranger's seating request. 🚌

Asleep_Possession945 | Asleep_Possession945

Man's creepy behavior on bus sparks debate on appropriate seating

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Shutting down a creep on the bus with music and ignoring him 🎵

ubersquid97 | ubersquid97

NTA - Shutting down a creepy stranger on the bus 🤔

creative_cookies | creative_cookies

NTA. Crush or fixation? Watch out for his harassment.

kate05_ | kate05_

NTA. Unapologetic woman shuts down stranger's seating request. 🙅‍♀️

FewCauliflower0 | FewCauliflower0

Clever seating tip for public transportation, 🎒🚍

Purple_Chipmunk_ | Purple_Chipmunk_

Commenter calls out armchair dominance, asserts NTA. Drama unfolds. 🤔

lavasca | lavasca

NTA. Complain to the driver for verbal abuse. F him. 😱

stormdude28 | stormdude28

NTA. Stand your ground against the creepy seat hogger! 😍

chriswillar | chriswillar

🚌 Public transit nightmare: Woman harassed for not lending phone. NTA!

ServelanDarrow | ServelanDarrow

Bold strategy to shut down unwanted bus seat neighbor 😱

cherry__12345 | cherry__12345

"You didn't have to be such a b**h." 🤪 Bye now."

arseholierthanthou | arseholierthanthou

Woman stands up to abusive stranger on bus. No more politeness.

ANALizethispease | ANALizethispease

Standing up against harassment on public transportation 🚨

ViolaVetch75 | ViolaVetch75

🚌 Woman stands up to drunk harasser on the bus. NTA!

AbleComposer2280 | AbleComposer2280

Empowering response to harassment on a bus. Brava! 💪

lizziegal79 | lizziegal79

👏 NTA for setting boundaries and avoiding a creepy encounter.

Top-Passion-1508 | Top-Passion-1508

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