Woman Discovers Ex Living with Her Parents After Harrowing Stalking Ordeal 😲

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Imagine being stalked and harassed by a woman who wrongly accuses you of having an affair with her husband. Now, imagine your partner leaving you to deal with this nightmare alone. You'd break up with him, right? But what if, after moving away to start afresh, you discover that your ex is now living with your parents? 😱 This is the dilemma faced by one woman, whose story has left the internet buzzing with opinions.

A Stalker's Unwanted Attention 🎯

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Breakdown and a Breakthrough 🌀

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Fiancé's Failure to Support 😔

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

Public Breakup and Parental Disapproval 😤

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Fresh Start in a New Town 🌄

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Shocking Discovery at Home 🏡

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Tough Decision Ahead 🤔

thra_belganona | thra_belganona

A Woman's Dilemma: To Visit or Not to Visit? 🤷‍♀️

After surviving a harrowing ordeal involving a stalker, a woman finds herself at a crossroads. Her ex, who failed to support her during her ordeal, is now living with her parents. With Christmas approaching, she's torn between her desire to see her family and her reluctance to face her ex. Her story has sparked a wave of internet reactions, with many sympathizing with her predicament. Let's see how the internet is weighing in on this emotionally charged situation... 🍿

NTA. Ex moves in with her parents, suspicious motives and dynamics 😲

Chimmy_Chonguh | Chimmy_Chonguh

NTA. Ex left you alone in dangerous situations and parents enabled him 😲

mr_waterloo | mr_waterloo

NTA: Stay strong, set boundaries, and wish them a happy holiday 🎄

Straight-Singer-2912 | Straight-Singer-2912

NTA. Parents need to respect boundaries. Ex's move-in is unacceptable. 😲

Randotron-80085 | Randotron-80085

"NTA. Ex left OP alone during harassment. Parents supporting him?"

RiB_cool | RiB_cool

NTA. They chose him over you. Cut contact and move on. 😲

Additional_One8642 | Additional_One8642

NTA won't visit while her ex is still living there. 🤯

Ok_Path1734 | Ok_Path1734

Betrayed by ex and parents, deserve better. Anger is justified. 😠

Kay_R_Luh | Kay_R_Luh

Appalling situation! NTA for being shocked and disgusted 😲

CRichardDavies | CRichardDavies

NTA. Don't fall into their trap. Celebrate your new life 🎉

sheisthemoon | sheisthemoon

Parents housing ex, keeping it secret, hoping for reconciliation? NTA

userabe | userabe

Parents' questionable decision leaves commenter shocked and appalled 🤯

just-jen57 | just-jen57

Ex-fiancé's spineless behavior during stalking ordeal and aftermath. 🙄

Resident_Chemist5177 | Resident_Chemist5177

Choose supportive friends and family for the holidays 🎉

Redovertoneskywalker | Redovertoneskywalker

Don't let him ruin your holiday! NTA, be firm 🙌

Material-Profit5923 | Material-Profit5923

NTA, avoiding ex's parents after stalking ordeal 😲

MichaIsGAY | MichaIsGAY

Supportive comment and advice for dealing with toxic parents. 👍

dakattack814 | dakattack814

Parents chose ex over you? Ditch them! 😲

Prize_Fox_9163 | Prize_Fox_9163

Ex left during stalking ordeal, now living with her parents. NTA.

YuriKJ | YuriKJ

NTA! Cancel tickets, cut contact until he's out of your life 😲

stonerd808 | stonerd808

NTA, consider going low/no contact with parents. Ex was terrible 😲

FancyPantsDancer | FancyPantsDancer

Ex is a cowardly lion from OZ, better left with 'rents 😲

ireadrot | ireadrot

NTA. Ex and parents all suck. 😲

TelevisionMelodic340 | TelevisionMelodic340

Ex living with her parents after stalking ordeal? NTA, insane! 😲

bdawg500 | bdawg500

Supportive parents? Nope. Celebrate Christmas with true friends 🎄

DBgirl83 | DBgirl83

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