Woman's Dilemma: To Praise or Not to Praise Boyfriend's Boxed Mac and Cheese? 🧀💔

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In the world of dating, food often plays a crucial role. But what happens when your partner's culinary skills are limited to instant ramen, frozen meals, and now, boxed mac and cheese? 🍜❄️🧀 Meet our heroine, a patient girlfriend who finds herself teaching her boyfriend the basics of cooking, while also juggling the emotional load of their meal planning. But when her boyfriend proudly presents his latest creation - boxed mac and cheese - she finds herself at a crossroads. Let's dive into their story...🍽️📖

A Culinary Challenge in Love 💑🍳

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The Boyfriend's Menu 🍜❄️🥣

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The Cooking Lessons Begin... 🍽️📚

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The Supermarket Struggles 🛒🤷‍♀️

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The Pizza Incident 🍕😡

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The Cleaning Compromise 🧽👍

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The Boxed Mac and Cheese Debacle 🧀😔

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The Silent Response 📱🤐

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The Emotional Load 🏋️‍♀️💔

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The Unattractive Dynamic 👩‍🍳👦

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The Mac and Cheese Conundrum: A Relationship Recipe Gone Wrong? 🧀💔

Our story revolves around a woman trying to teach her boyfriend the art of cooking, while also shouldering the mental load of meal planning. Despite the boyfriend's limited culinary skills, he's eager to learn, and our heroine patiently guides him through the process. But when he proudly presents his masterpiece - a boxed mac and cheese - she finds herself unable to muster the enthusiasm to praise his effort. She's tired of being a 24/7 cheerleader and feels like she's mothering him more than dating him. Now, she's left wondering if her lack of encouragement makes her the villain in this culinary saga. Let's see what the internet thinks about this cheesy predicament...🧀💔

NTA, but he's wearing you down with his kitchen incompetence 😒

DigDugDogDun | DigDugDogDun

NTA: Boyfriend's 'weaponized incompetence' with boxed mac and cheese. 🧀

TheHouseMother | TheHouseMother

"NTA. Making boxed Mac and cheese at 33? He needs help making a sandwich? 🤦‍♂️"

MerryE | MerryE

"NTA I'm sorry but am I reading this correct, you had to teach the man how to make a sandwich??" - Teaching more than just cooking skills 👨‍🍳

[deleted] | [deleted]

Weaponized incompetence? Not the a**hole! 💥

forzaferrarik8 | forzaferrarik8

"Dating scene past 30 is awful, dude wants praise for boxed Mac and cheese" 😂

Bootychomper23 | Bootychomper23

Navigating cooking challenges and neurodivergence in a supportive relationship. 🧀

Dontdrinkthecoffee | Dontdrinkthecoffee

Blue Apron helped our relationship grow and now he's a stellar cook! 💖

Dense-Passion-2729 | Dense-Passion-2729

NTA. Comment provides helpful perspective on cooking challenges and relationships.

Apprehensive_Yam_397 | Apprehensive_Yam_397

Boyfriend seeks praise for basic cooking skills 🙄

friedonionscent | friedonionscent

Kitchen cluelessness at 33? 🤔 Surprising survival tactics revealed!

ImperialFists | ImperialFists

Commenter finds the situation strange and off-putting. 🤔

MommersHeart | MommersHeart

Is he a grown man or a kid? 🤔

FlashySong6098 | FlashySong6098

NTA. Boyfriend needs to grow up and make his own decisions 🙄

dazed1984 | dazed1984

Dating a man who can't cook boxed mac and cheese? NTA!

No-Setting764 | No-Setting764

Teaching him to make a sandwich? NTA, good luck! 🤞

AshlynM2 | AshlynM2

NTA: Boyfriend wants constant praise for basic tasks. Time to adult.

tatersprout | tatersprout

Supporting partner's cooking journey despite frustrating moments. 👨‍🍳

willfulserenity | willfulserenity

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