Workaholic John vs. The 5 PM Rule: Who Wins?

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We've all been there, haven't we? The workday ends, but the pings and calls just don't stop. 😖 Our protagonist, let's call him 'Mr. 5 PM', found himself in a similar situation. He had one foot out the door of his toxic workplace, but there was one last hurdle - training his coworker, 'Workaholic John'. As the clock struck 5, would Mr. 5 PM stand his ground or succumb to the after-hours demands of his colleague? Let's delve into this workplace drama.

The Great Escape 🏃‍♂️

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Passing the Baton 📚

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The 5 PM Rule ⏰

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John's Last-Minute Queries 🙄

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The Extra 15 Minutes ⏳

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The 4:50 PM Cut-off 🚫

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John's After Hours Calls 📞

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Ignoring the Pings 📵

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The Personal Phone Invasion 📱

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John's Anger 😡

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The Remote Work Misconception 🏠

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Mr. 5 PM Stands His Ground ✊

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The Guilt Trip 😔

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The 5 PM Rule: A Remote Worker's Standoff 🕔

Mr. 5 PM was determined to leave his toxic workplace behind, but Workaholic John had other plans. Despite repeated reminders, John would bombard Mr. 5 PM with last-minute queries, even contacting him on his personal phone after hours! 😱 Mr. 5 PM stood his ground, refusing to answer calls or messages after 5 PM. While he did feel a twinge of guilt, he knew he had to prioritize his mental health over John's 'emergencies'. Now, let's see what the internet thinks of Mr. 5 PM's strict adherence to his work hours. 🧐

NTA. Keep doing what you are doing! 💪🏼 (Looks like John is going to fit right into the toxic workplace.)

activelurker777 | activelurker777

Setting boundaries: NTA, John crossed the line by working overtime ⏰

oaksandpines1776 | oaksandpines1776

OP is not responsible for John's poor time management. NTA

mdthomas | mdthomas

Setting boundaries with a workaholic coworker 🙌

DudleysCar | DudleysCar

NTA sets clear boundary, but John pushes limits. 🤔

Wishiwashome | Wishiwashome

Block his number and enjoy your remote work in peace! 😎

mdthomas | mdthomas

NTA, your foot is already out the door. What are they gonna do if you don't respond after 5? *Fire* you? lol 😂

YouthNAsia63 | YouthNAsia63

Remote workers working more? Stick to your working hours! 🕒

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: John's behavior raises concerns about his intentions and boundaries.

SienteElBern | SienteElBern

Don't work a minute past 5:00! It's not your problem anymore 😎

Magoo69X | Magoo69X

Loving r/antiwork and not the a**hole. Join the movement! ✊

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

Moving on to greener pastures was definitely the right move! 🌱

squiffyflounder | squiffyflounder

Set boundaries with John by email and block his number.

Alison-Chains | Alison-Chains

NTA: Set boundaries and watch out for clingy ex-employer 🚫💼

stophittingthyself | stophittingthyself

Set boundaries and take back your personal time! 🚫⏰

ParkingOutside6500 | ParkingOutside6500

Setting boundaries and leaving work behind 👍

TrayMc666 | TrayMc666

NTA. John needs to leave work at the office! 🙅‍♂️

johnnymeow2 | johnnymeow2

NTA, blame your coworker for poor time management 🙄

Neither-Parfait7795 | Neither-Parfait7795

Setting boundaries at work: Power trip or self-care? NTA

nerdgirl71 | nerdgirl71

Remote work FTW! Setting boundaries with a workaholic boss 😅

kittymom2020 | kittymom2020

HR/HC Manager defends work-life balance, tells boss to back off 😎

Potential-Diver3137 | Potential-Diver3137

"NTA: Sneaky way to leave work on time every day! 😄"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dismissive response to workaholic John's 'question' sparks intrigue 😏

RetiredBSN | RetiredBSN

NTA: Set boundaries with your workaholic colleague to protect yourself

Professional_Grab513 | Professional_Grab513

Rejoice! You're not the a**hole and escaping this BS soon! 🎉

Tayl0rAri3l | Tayl0rAri3l

NTA stands up to workaholic boss, suggests fair solution 💼

Greenelse | Greenelse

Stand up for your boundaries and let him figure it out! 💪

PhilosophySalt5766 | PhilosophySalt5766

NTA sets boundaries with boss, emphasizes importance of work hours ⏰

SnooPets8873 | SnooPets8873

Work-life balance: setting boundaries and reclaiming personal time. 🕒

another_awkward_brit | another_awkward_brit

NTA John: Management material or just a crap coworker? 🤔

KnightofForestsWild | KnightofForestsWild

NTA: Set boundaries and let them figure it out 👏

somefunmaths | somefunmaths

Toxic coworker John demands compliance, but you're NTA. Log off!

Tacos_and-tequila | Tacos_and-tequila

NTA: Who's the real winner in this workaholic battle?


John's relentless work ethic after 5 PM. NTA! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, assert your boundaries and prioritize your work-life balance! 🙌

Nice_try-fbi | Nice_try-fbi

NTA. John needs a reality check on workplace etiquette. 💼

wanderleywagon5678 | wanderleywagon5678

Setting boundaries at work and reclaiming your time! ⏳

Glengal | Glengal

NTA. Setting boundaries with a workaholic? You go, girl! 💪

rczinna | rczinna

Stand your ground and prioritize your own well-being. NTA ✊

aeg812 | aeg812

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