Unwritten Girl Code: A Tale of Love, Friendship, and a Whole Lot of Drama! 😲💔

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We've all heard of the unwritten 'girl code', but what happens when it's applied to a love triangle that's not really a triangle? This is a tale of a young woman, her boyfriend, and a friend who seems to have her own unique interpretation of the rules of friendship. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions, misunderstandings, and some serious drama! 😮💔

The Love Story Begins... 💑

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Enter Penny, the Plot Thickens... 😬

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Penny's Unexpected Text 📱

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Penny's Unusual Claim 😲

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Penny's 'Girl Code' 🚫💑

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The Fallout Begins... 💥

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The Group's Mixed Reactions 😐

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Continuing the Relationship, Despite the Drama 💑

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The Anniversary Post and Penny's Reaction 😠

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Ignoring Penny's Outburst 🙅‍♀️

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Penny's Mom Steps In 📞

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The Final Verdict: Breaking the Girl Code? 🤔

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The Aftermath: A Conversation with Penny's Mom 📞

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Penny's Past Behaviour Revealed 😮

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The Final Decision: Cutting Ties with Penny 🚫

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Love, Friendship, and a Bizarre Interpretation of the Girl Code! 😲💔

In a twisted tale of love and friendship, our protagonist finds herself caught in a peculiar situation. After introducing her boyfriend to her friends, one of them, Penny, claims to have a 'connection' with him and accuses her of breaking the 'girl code'. The drama escalates, with Penny's outbursts leading to her being blocked by their mutual friends. The story takes an unexpected turn when Penny's mom calls, suggesting our protagonist should break up with her boyfriend to appease Penny. Despite the pressure and drama, she stands her ground, refusing to end her relationship. Let's see what the internet has to say about this intriguing situation! 🍿👀

NTA. Friend is an ignorant a-hole. Sparks are in her head 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but girl cut penny off. Cut off rude people! 👊

abandoned_angel | abandoned_angel

Breaking girl code: dating someone likeable? NTA, but drama ensues! 😲💔

bartsca | bartsca

NTA-Penny is toxic and irrational, why associate with her? 💔

Awesomedrawnmonster | Awesomedrawnmonster

Penny's obsession with OP's boyfriend crosses all boundaries. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Penny and her mother are batshit crazy 😲💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Girl code doesn't apply when dating. Penny's the AH. 😲

Mister_Crowly | Mister_Crowly

Penny is bat shit crazy. NTA for not falling for her bullshit. 😲💔

PhysicalPlate7 | PhysicalPlate7

Mom called? Seriously? That's a whole new level of crazy! 🤯

but-whyy-tho | but-whyy-tho

Penny's toxic behavior violates the unwritten girl code. Cut her out! 😲

AppropriateSpell1 | AppropriateSpell1

OP's outrageous claim sparks skepticism and accusations of trolling! 🤔

ISnortDrywall | ISnortDrywall

Cut ties with that toxic friend! 💔

DriftingGator | DriftingGator

Avoid the drama! NTA. Find new friends and move on. 🙌

LLL513 | LLL513

"IAANAYAABM Code: Breach = Stalker & Her Mother. Friends' Support?"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Girl code drama: Penny's passive aggression and terrible friends! 😲

ZestfulCone2705 | ZestfulCone2705

Penny broke the girl code by trying to steal your boyfriend! 😱

Ermithecow | Ermithecow

NTA, your boyfriend is not pizza. Cut out the drama! 😲

AngieCRN1482 | AngieCRN1482

🔥 Drama Alert: A manipulative friend exposed! 😮

Swarzsinne | Swarzsinne

🔥 NTA: Sparks flew before they even met! Drama ensues!

geegeepark | geegeepark

Penny's the AH! She can't tell you to end a relationship 💔

FrnchsLwyr | FrnchsLwyr

You're NTA and Penny is batshit insane. 😲🤬

borgcubecubed | borgcubecubed

NTA, she broke girl code and you were already dating him. 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Living your life and breaking girl code? She's just jealous! 😲

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Insecure and toxic friend causing drama? Time to drop her! 😷

jpnam_sabreist | jpnam_sabreist

Drama alert! Immature friends and unhinged boyfriends 😲

Velocitractors | Velocitractors

NTA - Cut ties with the drama queens 😷

justkillintime99 | justkillintime99

Jealousy? NTA! Drama unfolds in this tale of friendship 😲💔

Rud1st | Rud1st

Penny's demands are unreasonable, making her a cartoon villain 😲

winter_laurel | winter_laurel

Is this commenter onto something or just being skeptical? 🤔

DesireeDominique | DesireeDominique

Girl Code: No whoring out your SO! 😳

lyan-cat | lyan-cat

Cut out Penny and her supporters ASAP! 🚪

MadExistence | MadExistence

NTA. That's not girl code, that's just batshit. 😲

widefeetwelcome | widefeetwelcome

NTA. Penny is not your friend. 😲💔

Fatal_S | Fatal_S

Mom spoiled her, now she's caught in a girl code drama! 💔

TheInsomnialullaby | TheInsomnialullaby

🚫 Toxic friend alert! NTA for cutting ties with Penny!

Apotelesama | Apotelesama

NTA, Penny is toxic. Time to find new, supportive friends! 💔

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

No a-hole here. Friend called dibs on your boyfriend without reason.

-Alula | -Alula

Expose the messages! Block everyone on Penny's side. NTA! 😲

rizuliz | rizuliz

NTA and you know it. High school drama and girl code?

SmallerKitten | SmallerKitten

Toxic friend alert! Penny wants your boyfriend! Stay away! 😲💔

ShallowLikeUs | ShallowLikeUs

Cutting out toxic friends: NTA for protecting your sanity! 🙌

Barbit799 | Barbit799

Penny's craziness has everyone against her! Drama galore! 😲

lennawvu08 | lennawvu08

A scary situation where NTA needs help! 😲💔

BC218 | BC218

🎬 Unstable girlfriend and overbearing mom - a real-life drama!

jstme808 | jstme808

NTA, distance yourself from toxic friends and their entitled behavior! 😲

VisibleSherbet | VisibleSherbet

Penny's entitled behavior sparks concern, but who's the real a-hole?

irritablethoughts36 | irritablethoughts36

No girl code broken here, just a fair question. 👍

impgrl369 | impgrl369

Calling dibs on someone's boyfriend? That's insane! NTA.

brazentory | brazentory

NTA, NTA NTA NTA.. and so on. This girl is a stark raving lunatic 😲

Unlikely-Draft | Unlikely-Draft

Fighting for love and friendship against a demented 'friend' 💔

WhySoManyOstriches | WhySoManyOstriches

Watch out for Penny, she's a Glenn Close bunny-boiler! 😲💔

theflameburntout | theflameburntout

Cut her off and be careful. Drama queen alert! 😲

golden-owl-3 | golden-owl-3

Block Penny! NTA, avoid the nutbar drama! 😲💔

Bipolar_Bear_84 | Bipolar_Bear_84

NTA: Friend cut out due to toxic attitude, not boyfriend.

Balanceofjudgement | Balanceofjudgement

She's living in another world! 🌍 She needs help!

Mysterious-Winter616 | Mysterious-Winter616

🚩 Watch out for Penny! This isn't breaking girl code. NTA!

mtngrl60 | mtngrl60

Penny's 'girl code' is out of this world! 😲

SnooRevelations1179 | SnooRevelations1179

NTA. Relationship advice gone wrong? 😳

TheOneWhosCensored | TheOneWhosCensored

Heartbreaking tale of friendship betrayal over a beloved teddy bear 💔

BeTxSo__ | BeTxSo__

Dump the dumpster fire and keep the boyfriend! 😲💔

dilqncho | dilqncho

Calling out the fake: Instagram vs reality! 😲

jesse-13 | jesse-13

🔥 Drama alert! Unstable friend breaks girl code and sparks jealousy.

invisible4477 | invisible4477

NTA. Girl code violation! Block her and her crazy enablers! 😲

Forsaken-Concern-970 | Forsaken-Concern-970

Love, friendship, and a year of unrequited feelings... Drama unfolds! 😲💔

arseholierthanthou | arseholierthanthou

"NTA. Hilarious high school drama with a mistaken identity twist! 😂"

Socially-AntiSocial | Socially-AntiSocial

NTA. Girl code is about exes, not current boyfriends. 👮

stillpretending13 | stillpretending13

NTA - Cut ties with immature friend to avoid unnecessary stress! 🙌

StormingBlitz91 | StormingBlitz91

Delusional girl, NTA, drama! Friendship over. 😲💔

naiadgirl | naiadgirl

Penny's a**hole behavior exposed! NTA for calling her out! 👏

RooDooDootDaDoo | RooDooDootDaDoo

Navigating the unwritten girl code: love, friendship, and drama! 💔

fiberartistmom | fiberartistmom

Cut ties with Penny! You're NTA, girl! 💔

electricgoatss | electricgoatss

Penny's behavior is outrageous! 😲💔

DanzigMisfit | DanzigMisfit

No friend? NTA! Drama alert! 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Insane person, congrats on the boyfriend! 😲💔

rudegyaldem | rudegyaldem

Navigating toxic friendships in sophomore year. Time to cut ties! 💔

Special-Investigator | Special-Investigator

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