When 'Promotion Fever' Hits Home: A Tale of Entitlement and Ice Cream 🍦

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Ever heard of 'promotion fever'? It's when someone gets a promotion and suddenly starts acting like a royal diva, forgetting that they're still human. Well, our story today revolves around a hardworking couple, both with demanding jobs. But when the husband gets promoted, he starts to act like he's the king of the castle, expecting his wife to cater to his every whim. But one fateful night, a request for a late-night ice cream treat 🍦 pushes our heroine to her limits. Let's dive into this delicious drama! 😋

A New Promotion and a New Attitude 👑

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The King of the Castle 🏰

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The Silent Treatment 🤫

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Where's My Lunch? 🍽️

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The Back Rub Drama 🙄

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The King's Feast 🍖

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Money Matters 💸

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The Ice Cream Incident 🍦

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The Final Straw 🥤

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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The Ice Cream Showdown: Who's the Real Diva Here? 🍦⚔️

In a world where promotions often mean more responsibility, our warehouse manager seems to think it means more entitlement. From demanding silence on his days off to expecting meals of his choice every night, he's been acting like a king in his own little castle. But the cherry on top was his late-night ice cream demand, complete with toppings! 🍒🍦 When our heroine finally snaps and tells him to make his own dessert, he plays the victim card, claiming he's unappreciated. Let's see what the internet has to say about this frosty situation... ❄️

NTA: Husband's entitlement at home and work is a recipe for disaster 😳

lynne620 | lynne620

NTA, husband's entitled behavior could jeopardize his career 🍦

ProudBoomer | ProudBoomer

NTA. Husband's promotion shouldn't change his behavior at home. 🙅‍♀️

lisainpurgatory | lisainpurgatory

NTA: Don't let yourself be silenced. Stand up for your rights! 💪

TheseF---ingGhosts | TheseF---ingGhosts

NTA. Control your promotion fever or it'll ruin your relationship 😭

EonBlueDelusion | EonBlueDelusion

NTA. Feed this man chicken nuggets 🍗 until he starts acting right 👊

Dropthebanhammer101 | Dropthebanhammer101

Reality check served to entitled person 🤷‍♀️

EGSam | EGSam

NTA. Communicate calmly to address past behaviors and create support.

90sLady | 90sLady

👏 NTA! Keep putting him on notice for his selfishness!

hello_friendss | hello_friendss

Entitled assistant manager thinks they're above their junior executive position 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Illusionary power turned raging toolness? 🤔 Tell him to get it together or learn to suck his own d**k. 😏

mi55mary | mi55mary

NTA! Stand your ground and address his terrible attitude ASAP 🚨

TimeandEntropy | TimeandEntropy

NTA OP, assert your boundaries with your entitled husband 💪

MrsLoki12Odin | MrsLoki12Odin

Justified and not too far. No a-hole here. 👍

moongirl12 | moongirl12

Sister, handle your man! 🙅‍♀️ It's disrespectful, plain and simple.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Impressed by OP's patience with a huge wang 😂

rag_bun | rag_bun

OP questions if she's wrong; commenters suspect narcissistic behavior 🤷‍♀️

floridameerkat | floridameerkat

Don't let him twist and manipulate things. He's entitled 🍦

Mrzlivec90 | Mrzlivec90

"Letting shit slide? Time to put your foot down! 🙉"

talktomuch75 | talktomuch75

NTA, discuss the behavior shift with husband. 📲

CogginNoggin | CogginNoggin

NTA. Knock him off his high horse 🐎 and get noise-cancelling headphones 🎧

Some_Respect3634 | Some_Respect3634

NTA: Setting boundaries and expectations is key in relationships 👍

JudgeJed100 | JudgeJed100

Don't let 'Promotion Fever' turn into financial abuse! Shut it down! 🚨

antiperistasis | antiperistasis

Frustrated commenter calls out unfair expectations in relationship. 😱

milk_tea21 | milk_tea21

Commenter stands up against outdated gender roles. 💪

dangerzon7 | dangerzon7

NTA. Share the load! Don't be a one-person household manager. 👬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Demanding husband is the a**hole, appreciation goes a long way 👏

ecesis | ecesis

Standing up to entitlement like a boss 🤘

ChipsNCola | ChipsNCola

Agree! This entitled person needs a reality check 😠

jasminel96 | jasminel96

NTA: No excuse for entitlement and disrespect. Teach him manners!

Mahliki | Mahliki

Parent prioritizes partner's wants over daughter, causing potential resentment. NTA

ladyk1487 | ladyk1487

Military promotion brings out entitlement and work-life imbalance 🍦

SuperSiriusBlack | SuperSiriusBlack

A hardworking husband shares his perspective on household chores 🚴

Splitsurround | Splitsurround

NTA: Unacceptable behavior. Life's hard, but you're not the maid 🙅

[deleted] | [deleted]

You've been a damn saint! 🙌

NakedAndAfraidFan | NakedAndAfraidFan

NTA. Hilarious comment about promotion dinner and parenting struggles! 😂

feebeedeebee30 | feebeedeebee30

NTA suggests demanding things back and counseling to resolve money argument.

notabigdealnow | notabigdealnow

Fast change, no problem. Entitlement and surprises. 🤔

fadgeoh | fadgeoh

NTA. Both deserve consideration and time off. Reciprocity and appreciation.

OneCatch | OneCatch

Engaging comment and reply: NTA, gaslighting, and insecurity explained 🤔

PerPuroCaso | PerPuroCaso

NTA for lashing out, but have a loving conversation with him 💜

thc78213 | thc78213

Unapologetic entitlement? Hell no! You're not the a**hole! 🙌

Danny_Mc_71 | Danny_Mc_71

NTA needs a reality check 👍

loloannd | loloannd

Don't tolerate entitlement! Snuff it out or send him packing! 👊

Ssshushpup23 | Ssshushpup23

Standing up to entitlement and cruelty. NTA, knock him down! 💪

MsBaseball34 | MsBaseball34

NTA pushes boundaries without crossing the line. 🚀

auntynell | auntynell

NTA by a long shot! Absurd entitlement and power dynamics 😱

SauronOMordor | SauronOMordor

New Supervisor syndrome: the struggle with authority 🙄

Minathebrat | Minathebrat

Dealing with a difficult spouse? Communicate before snapping 💬

snarkisms | snarkisms

Give him a taste of his own entitlement 😏

BipolarBirb93 | BipolarBirb93

NTA: Hilarious response to entitled coworker's bad day tantrum 😂

corner_tv | corner_tv

NTA! Dad's abusive behavior caused lasting damage. Therapy or leave! 🙏

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Empowering comment, girl power! You go, girl! 💪

lostmycatfluffy | lostmycatfluffy

Reality check: Stick to your guns or it gets worse. 👍

Amara_Undone | Amara_Undone

Demand equality in your marriage! You deserve a partner, not a boss. 💪

Oh_Wiseone | Oh_Wiseone

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