Party Foul: Hosts Charge Guests for Drinks, Sparks Unexpected Drama 🍸💸

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Picture this: You're invited to a friend's party, you dress up, ready to enjoy a fun-filled night, only to discover that you're expected to pay for your own drinks. 😲 Yes, you read that right! This is the peculiar situation one couple found themselves in, sparking a debate that has the internet divided. Let's dive into this intriguing tale of friendship, parties, and unexpected drink charges. 🎉🍷💸

The Party Invitation: A Hidden Surprise 💌

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The Unexpected Bar 🍹💰

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Confusion and Disbelief 😲

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A New Kind of House Party? 🏠🍸

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Comparing Party Etiquette 🎉🍾

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The Motive Behind the Charge 💸

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The Early Exit 🚪

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The Confrontation 😡

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The Defending Argument 🗣️

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The Aftermath 🌪️

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A Party Turned Sour: Who's in the Wrong? 🎉💔

In a tale that's left the internet divided, one couple found themselves at the center of a party scandal. After being invited to a friend's house party, they were shocked to discover they were expected to pay for their own drinks. 🍹💸 The hosts, instead of hiring a bartender, decided to play the part themselves, charging guests for their beverages. The couple, feeling exploited, decided to leave early, causing a rift in their friendship. 😡💔 Now, the question remains: were they right to leave, or should they have supported their friends' unconventional party tactic? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😏

"NTA - That's tacky af. BYOB is one thing, but this..."

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Charging for drinks at a house party? NTA, that's just weird 😳

Intrepid-Camel-9797 | Intrepid-Camel-9797

Normal friends: Bring your own drinks. Your friends: We're charging. NTA

Fun-Replacement1998 | Fun-Replacement1998

"MLM business at a party? They must be desperate! 😂"

alwayssoupy | alwayssoupy

Charging guests for drinks? NTA, but probably illegal 😳

Turbulent-Oven-9191 | Turbulent-Oven-9191

NTA. Friend confronts OP for not drinking more. What losers 🙄

NullSpaceGaming | NullSpaceGaming

NTA: Hosts charging for drinks and reacting poorly is tacky af 💯

iopele | iopele

🍹🤑 A bizarre party with a fake bar and a tip jar!

RubyJuneRocket | RubyJuneRocket

NTA, charge for drinks? Friends' bizarre behavior sparks unexpected drama 🍸💸

DinoSnuggler | DinoSnuggler

NTA. Dinner party turned pay-per-meal event. Unbelievable entitlement 😑

diminishingpatience | diminishingpatience

NTA: Charging guests for drinks may have broken liquor laws 🍸

BeachPlze | BeachPlze

NTA. Awkward situation when hosts expected excessive drinking at small party.

Impossible_List5746 | Impossible_List5746

Charging friends for drinks at a party? 🍹 NTA, it's cringe!

JamieGeorgeXO | JamieGeorgeXO

Party feels like an MLM scheme, awkwardly leaving after buying crap 💸

Sea_Yesterday_8888 | Sea_Yesterday_8888

Classless hosts charge guests for drinks, sparks unexpected drama 🍸💸

asbestoswasframed | asbestoswasframed

NTA: Charging guests for drinks? Definitely weird and AH behavior.

Katressl | Katressl

NTA. 'Friend' calls out host for not drinking enough 🙄

SomeoneYouDontKnow70 | SomeoneYouDontKnow70

Charging for drinks at a party? Bad host etiquette! 😱

PreviousWerewolf1398 | PreviousWerewolf1398

NTA, BYOB exists so hosts don't supply all alcohol 🍸

wildmishie | wildmishie

Charging guests for drinks? 🍹 That's a party foul!

OLAZ3000 | OLAZ3000

"Unannounced self-fundraiser? That's a new level of audacity! NTA"

PoeLucas | PoeLucas

Guests upset over hosts charging for drinks at party. 🤪

ObjectiveSituation17 | ObjectiveSituation17

Guest refuses to pay for drinks, suggests friends find side hustles

Consistent-Leopard71 | Consistent-Leopard71

Guests charged for drinks at uncomfortable party, hosts overreact. 🤷🏼‍♂️

amlovabledeathmo | amlovabledeathmo

NTA: Friends selling alcohol at a risky house party 🍸💸

Dangerous_Prize_4545 | Dangerous_Prize_4545

NTA for charging friends for drinks at a kids' party

Rigpa_Dakota | Rigpa_Dakota

NTA calls out profit-making scheme for drinks, sparking unexpected drama 💯

CruisinJo214 | CruisinJo214

Charging for drinks at a party? Weird or greedy? 🤔

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

NTA: Don't be cheap! Friendship matters more than money 👍

SPolowiski | SPolowiski

Guests refuse to drink at party, sparks unexpected drama 🍸

mdthomas | mdthomas

NTA: BYOB is reasonable. Friends charging for drinks is cheap 🙅

Remarkable-Intern-41 | Remarkable-Intern-41

NTA. Charging for drinks at a party? That's just bizarre 😳

Bearscare21 | Bearscare21

Guests charged for drinks? Not the a**hole! Drama ensues 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unusual party charge sparks debate: NTA or just stingy? 🤔

Embersmom83 | Embersmom83

Scummy hosts charge guests for drinks, exploiting 'friendship' 💸

HypetheKomodo | HypetheKomodo

Guest suggests BYOB to avoid drama and expenses 🤘

JaneAustenite17 | JaneAustenite17

Fundraiser drama: Charging guests for drinks sparks unexpected controversy 🍸💸

SlinkyMalinky20 | SlinkyMalinky20

NTA! Valid points, taking advantage of friends for profit 👏

RaeKn47 | RaeKn47

NTA. Strange party drama unfolds over drink charges 🍸💸

Mk1fish | Mk1fish

Friends? Patrons! 👫🍻

Unlikely_Tomorrow_77 | Unlikely_Tomorrow_77

NTA, hosts charging for drinks is unacceptable and potentially illegal 🚨

BoyoDee | BoyoDee

Friends charging for drinks? NTA, sparks unexpected drama 🍸💸

Mystical_saggitarius | Mystical_saggitarius

Miss Manners weighs in on charging guests for dinner 👀

CharSea | CharSea

NTA for speaking up about strange situation at party 😱


Party hosts turn event into cash grab, guest makes smart exit 🍸

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

Friend charges for drinks, gets upset when you leave quietly. 🙅

ShelbiLee | ShelbiLee

Skip the party, hit the bar! NTA's got it right! 🍸

-FormerChild- | -FormerChild-

NTA. Charging friends for drinks at a party? Get new friends. 💸

martintoconnell | martintoconnell

BYOB: A party etiquette debate sparks unexpected drama 🤔

BenedictineBaby | BenedictineBaby

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