🔥 Group Vacation Drama: Woman Uninvites Friend's Boyfriend After a Creepy 'Compliment'! 😲

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Imagine planning a group vacation, covering all the costs, and then having to deal with an uncomfortable situation sparked by a 'compliment'. 😒 That's exactly what happened to our 28-year-old heroine, who we'll call 'Holiday Planner'. She found herself in a sticky situation when her friend's boyfriend, Harvey, made an inappropriate comment about her. The drama that ensued has divided their friend group and left her questioning her decision. Let's dive into this intriguing tale! 🍿

Meet the Characters: Holiday Planner, Lucy, and Harvey 🎭

taway_grouphols | taway_grouphols

Harvey's Unsettling Vibes 😖

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Tolerating Harvey for Lucy's Sake 🙄

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The Group Holiday Plan 🏖️

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The Infamous 'Compliment' 😳

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The Aftermath: Shock and Embarrassment 😨

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The Decision: Uninviting Harvey 🚫

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Lucy's Accusations and the Group's Split 🌪️

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The Group's Mixed Reactions 🎭

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The Boyfriend's Take and a Possible Compromise? 🤔

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A Vacation Invite Withdrawn Over a 'Compliment': Justified or Overreaction? 🤷‍♀️

In a whirlwind of drama, our Holiday Planner finds herself at odds with her friend group after uninviting Lucy's boyfriend, Harvey, from their upcoming vacation. His 'dream woman' comment about her and a crude joke about her flexibility have left her feeling uncomfortable and creeped out. 😣 Despite Harvey's defense and Lucy's insistence that it was merely a 'compliment', Holiday Planner stands her ground. The group is now divided, with some backing her decision and others deeming it an overreaction. Even her boyfriend suggests a compromise for Lucy's sake. 😕 What a rollercoaster! Let's see what the internet thinks about this situation... 🍿

NTA. Cutting out a creep and supporting the victim. 🙌

monsteramoons | monsteramoons

NTA. Your money your choice. Sounds like Lucy is in an abusive relationship. 😲

BagBeginning4376 | BagBeginning4376

"NTA, Your BF is correct. Let Lucy support her creepy boyfriend."

Amar_Akbar_Anthony20 | Amar_Akbar_Anthony20

NTA. Have a private sit-down with Lucy to explain your concerns.

P00rExecution | P00rExecution

NTA. He's a menace. Lucy's forgiveness doesn't excuse his behavior. 👎

vac_roc | vac_roc

NTA. Take control of your holiday and enjoy without drama! ✈️🌴

Cute-Walrus1969 | Cute-Walrus1969

"NTA. You're doing your best to discourage this behavior 🙏"

Otherwise-Owl7240 | Otherwise-Owl7240

NTA. Uninviting friend's bf after inappropriate comment. Group divided. 😲

Dork86 | Dork86

Uninviting a friend's creepy boyfriend from a group vacation. NTA!

Etisne | Etisne

Trust your instincts! Dump the garbage guy! 😲

webfloss | webfloss

Lucy's boyfriend is controlling and she always accompanies him.

bluepancakes18 | bluepancakes18

Trust your gut! 🤢 NTA, creepy guy alert! 🚨

Lingonberry_Born | Lingonberry_Born

Dealing with a creepy guy in our friend group 😱

owlcreeks | owlcreeks

NTA! Group trips can be tricky, but don't pay for creeps! 😲

RoyallyOakie | RoyallyOakie

"NTA. Don't let him ruin your vacation! 😲"

ArkeryStarkery | ArkeryStarkery

Standing up against creepy compliments and supporting each other! 💪

FireSwampROUS | FireSwampROUS

NTA. Uninvite the creep and prioritize your own comfort and happiness! 😲

Flassourian | Flassourian

NTA. Uninviting friend's creepy boyfriend. Group solidarity over uncomfortable comments! 😊

artofterm | artofterm

"NTA 🚩 Talk to Lucy about her toxic relationship."

UnlikelyPossible8686 | UnlikelyPossible8686

Enabling abusive behavior? NTA for uninviting friend's boyfriend! 😲

NeTiFe-anonymous | NeTiFe-anonymous

NTA. Uninviting someone for a creepy comment? Totally justified! 😲

RoutineSpiritual8917 | RoutineSpiritual8917

NTA! Uninvite the creepy guy and stand your ground, OP! 🙌

aka_plasma | aka_plasma

Setting boundaries: NTA, define and uphold your own reactions! 🙌

dzarumazh | dzarumazh

NTA: Harvey's a slimeball, Lucy's backing him up. Distance yourself! 👍

surpassingly | surpassingly

NTA. You have the right to uninvite anyone for any reason! 💯

GarlicMayosaurus | GarlicMayosaurus

NTA: Uninviting the boyfriend after a creepy 'compliment'! 😲

tuttkraftverk | tuttkraftverk

Taking charge of the guest list on your vacation! 🎉

indicatprincess | indicatprincess

NTA - Uninviting friend's creepy boyfriend, risking friendship but worth it! 😎

Puni1977 | Puni1977

"NTA. Stand your ground and don't tolerate creepy behavior! 💪🏼"

Pepper-90210 | Pepper-90210

NTA. Friend's creepy boyfriend gets uninvited. Choices have consequences. 😲

redcore4 | redcore4

Uninviting a creepy boyfriend from a group vacation? NTA! 😲

AppointmentEastern | AppointmentEastern

"Time to count her out as a friend until she opens her eyes" 😒 NTA

Hungry_Pup | Hungry_Pup

Setting boundaries: Uninviting a creepy boyfriend from a group vacation! 😲

Any-Strawberry-9395 | Any-Strawberry-9395

NTA. Trust your gut and prioritize your comfort. Support your friend.

MyIronThrowaway | MyIronThrowaway

Lucy gains self respect and uninvites friend's creepy boyfriend! 🙌

MoonGladeLadyBug | MoonGladeLadyBug

"Stick to your decision and don't allow him to come! 💯"

Important_Donut_4746 | Important_Donut_4746

Concerned friend offers support and advice for potentially abusive relationship

chronoventer | chronoventer

NTA. Misogynistic bf, embarrassed friend, time to distance yourself. 😲

Altered-babe | Altered-babe

NTA. Creepy boyfriend drama - Lucy's fault? 🤔

Greenelse | Greenelse

Stand your ground! Don't let a creep ruin your vacation! 😎

Autumndryleaves | Autumndryleaves

🚫 Uninviting friend's boyfriend for creepy behavior: justified or not? NTA

QYB1990 | QYB1990

NTA: Lucy needs to reevaluate her relationship with Harvey. 👏

ComputerCrafty4781 | ComputerCrafty4781

NTA. Creepy Harvey and dicknotized Lucy cause unnecessary drama. Exclude them!

Dizzy_Emotion7381 | Dizzy_Emotion7381

"Abusive boyfriend ruins vacation plans, friend takes a stand. NTA!"

shattered7done1 | shattered7done1

Mixed opinions on the boyfriend's 'compliment' and her reaction 🤔

BlackShadowX | BlackShadowX

Take control of your vacation! You choose who's invited! 🎉

Jckun31 | Jckun31

Dump friends who give you crap about not inviting him! 💪

RicochetRickOConnell | RicochetRickOConnell

Supportive friends intervene to help Lucy escape abusive relationship! ✊

Nevilicious | Nevilicious

Supporting Lucy and addressing the boyfriend's creepy compliment 😏

spellcastic | spellcastic

NTA. Lucy chooses not to go to preserve his feelings. 💔

shortpaleand | shortpaleand

Opinions on uninviting friend's boyfriend after a creepy compliment?

Kamiden | Kamiden

🙅 NTA: Inappropriate compliment insulted his girlfriend. Dude sucks. 🤦

Dismal_Pirate9139 | Dismal_Pirate9139

"Hey girl, nice ****!" is also a compliment, but it's still usually going to get you uninvited from social events if you say it to someone that you aren't actively in a sexual or romantic relationship with. Sexual harassment is very often carried out through some sort of "compliment." It's not hard to understand unless you're being willfully obtuse like Lucy is. NTA. 😡

genus-corvidae | genus-corvidae

"Harvey's creepy behavior ruins vacation plans, friends defend him" 😲

NomadicusRex | NomadicusRex

NTA: Lucy should reconsider her relationship with the controlling creep 😲

1568314 | 1568314

NTA. Stand up for your friend and her well-being! 👏

cinekat | cinekat

🚫 NTA for cutting out the creepy boyfriend. Good job!

Haunting-Aardvark709 | Haunting-Aardvark709

Lucy's choice: NTA uninvites creepy boyfriend, but Lucy is still welcome! 👍

waterloograd | waterloograd

Stand your ground! NTA. Protect your comfort and friendship 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Standing up against creepy compliments from a friend's SO! 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA! Uninvite the creep and make your friends pay for it! 😲

Pleasant_Bread_4662 | Pleasant_Bread_4662

Taking a stand against creepy compliments and enabling behavior! 💪

unknownun2891 | unknownun2891

NTA: Uninviting a disrespectful boyfriend from a group vacation. 😲

Inevitable-North2528 | Inevitable-North2528

Stand your ground and set boundaries. Don't let toxic people ruin your vacation! 🏝🏝

RecognitionCapital13 | RecognitionCapital13

Uninviting a friend's boyfriend after a creepy 'compliment'! Drama ahead! 😱

Sunnyandbright007 | Sunnyandbright007

NTA: Uninviting creepy boyfriend from group vacation. 😲

smartanddirty93 | smartanddirty93

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