Stay-at-Home Mom's Plea for Consideration: The Unseen Battle of Domestic Duties

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Meet our heroine, a stay-at-home mom who's been married for 3.5 years and has a 10-month-old daughter. Life is generally good, but the events of 2020 have put a strain on their relationship. One weekend, she goes above and beyond to give her husband a break, hoping he might return the favor. But does he? Let's dive into this tale of domestic duties, unspoken expectations, and the quest for shared responsibility. 🏡👶

A Weekend of Sacrifice Begins 💪

eternal_question | eternal_question

Friday Night: A Surprise Gift of Relaxation 🎁

eternal_question | eternal_question

Saturday Morning: The Early Bird Gets the...Baby? 🐦

eternal_question | eternal_question

A Promise of an Easy Day? 🤔

eternal_question | eternal_question

The 'Easy Day' That Wasn't 🙄

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A Solo Trip to the Lake 🏞️

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The Chores That Never Were 🏠

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A 'Lazy Day' Reality Check ⏰

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The Frustration Bubble Bursts 💥

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The Waiting Game: A Tiring Play 🎭

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The Unspoken Battle of Domestic Duties: A Stay-at-Home Mom's Plea for Consideration

So, here we have a stay-at-home mom who's been going the extra mile to ensure her husband's comfort, only to be left feeling unappreciated and overlooked. She's not asking for a medal, just a little consideration and shared responsibility. But when her husband's promise of a 'lazy day' turns into a day of solo parenting and unfulfilled expectations, she can't help but feel frustrated. 'I would have done more, but I was waiting for you to ask,' he says. But should she really have to ask? Let's see what the internet has to say about this domestic dilemma... 🕵️‍♀️

"Sharing the mental load": A battle unseen by many couples 👏

Status_Radish | Status_Radish

"NTA. Waiting to be asked isn't actually helpful. Take initiative! 👍"

ten_before_six | ten_before_six

NTA. Childcare should be 50/50. Lack of contribution and broken promises.

lightwoodorchestra | lightwoodorchestra

NTA. Partner should take initiative in household chores without reminders. 🧍

famousanonamos | famousanonamos

"I shouldn't have to ask for everything." The struggle of household responsibilities. 😩

eternal_question | eternal_question

NTA. Stay-at-Home Mom's domestic duties vs. marathon gaming session 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 Don't let him off the hook.

Oldlady0 | Oldlady0

NTA. Partner needs to step up and be an equal parent. 👨‍🍳

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Parenting is tough, but is it fair to shoulder everything?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself! Don't let him take advantage! 💪

MsGinErso | MsGinErso

NTA: Being considerate means doing something without being asked. He missed the mark.

FluidSuccotash8679 | FluidSuccotash8679

👩‍👧‍👦 Mom's plea for consideration: Partner takes advantage of promises. 😤

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

NTA. Hold him accountable for his promises. 👏

mariposacolorida92 | mariposacolorida92

NTA: He scammed his way out of domestic duties. 🤦‍♀️

HelenDamnnation | HelenDamnnation

Married single parent? 🤔 NTA's plea for understanding and support.

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

🙅‍♀️ Don't be a doormat! Stand up for yourself, momma!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Partner needs to step up and consider your needs. 👏

Ok_Muffin8398 | Ok_Muffin8398

NTA: Emotional labor, guilt trips, and lazy days. 🚩🚩🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Mom shares her strategy for getting her husband to help 👍

imsorrydontyellatme | imsorrydontyellatme

NTA: Check out this comic to prove your point! 😄

invadethemoon | invadethemoon

Being considerate should be the norm, not an exception! 🙌

SilverAgatka | SilverAgatka

🚫 NTA: Frustrating battle of dishes left in the sink! 🍽️

seba_make | seba_make

NTA... Your husband needs to understand the mental load you carry. 💪

MountainCityDweller | MountainCityDweller

Don't wait for me to ask! Step up and help! 😡

DragonDrama | DragonDrama

NTA. Stand up for yourself and suggest tasks for him! 💪

AggravatingHat3 | AggravatingHat3

🙅‍♀️ NTA: Don't add tasks to your day, communicate your needs!

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

"NTA. Taking initiative and being considerate is key in relationships! 👍"

outlsbn | outlsbn

NTA, show him this article about the unseen battle of domestic duties 😊

DQ608 | DQ608

Empowering response to a partner's lack of initiative. 🙌

AreolaBorealiz | AreolaBorealiz

NTA. Partners should share household duties without needing instructions. 👯

shiuleong12 | shiuleong12

🙌 NTA. SAHM shares her struggle with mental load and seeking solutions.

Ugly_Like_My_Mother | Ugly_Like_My_Mother

Helping him understand the impact of his actions 💡

shawnspencershow | shawnspencershow

Clear communication is key! 🗣️

Chun_Lai | Chun_Lai

NTA. Husband needs guidance. Start the habit of sharing examples.

KingJaphar | KingJaphar

A plea for understanding in a simple misunderstanding 😕

xXmeh_godXx | xXmeh_godXx

NTA, but communicate directly with your partner for shared responsibilities. 👍

Jenjo-Art | Jenjo-Art

The struggle of asking husbands for help with domestic duties

miithwork | miithwork

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