Dad's Shady Bank Moves: A Daughter's Dilemma 🕵️‍♀️💔

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Imagine you're settling into married life, expecting a baby, and just as you're about to merge finances with your partner, you receive a bank notification that sends chills down your spine. The contact number on your account has been mysteriously changed to your dad's phone number. 😱 Yes, the same dad who's known for his shady past and questionable behavior. Now, you're left with a dilemma: confront your dad and risk severing ties, or keep quiet and risk more? 🤷‍♀️💔

A Divorce and a Dark Secret 🕵️‍♀️

shannone3 | shannone3

Dad's Desperate Measures 😰

shannone3 | shannone3

Stalking Scare! 😱

shannone3 | shannone3

Legal Intervention 🏛️

shannone3 | shannone3

The Guilt Trip 😔

shannone3 | shannone3

A Rocky Relationship 🎢

shannone3 | shannone3

A Wedding, A Baby and A Bank Notification 🎉👶🏦

shannone3 | shannone3

Brother's Fury 🔥

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Bank's Confirmation 🏦

shannone3 | shannone3

To Confront or Not to Confront? 🤷‍♀️

shannone3 | shannone3

A Daughter's Dilemma: Confrontation or Compromise? 🤷‍♀️💔

Caught in a whirlwind of family drama, our brave protagonist finds herself at a crossroads. Her dad's past actions have been far from exemplary, and now, his suspicious activities are threatening to invade her personal life once more. With a baby on the way and a protective brother ready to confront their father, she's left wondering - should she stand up to her dad and risk severing ties, or stay silent and risk more? What would you do if you were in her shoes? Let's see what the internet has to say about this...🤔💭

NTA in the slightest. Change banks if you can 💔

notsorrymsjackson | notsorrymsjackson

Protect yourself proactively from your father's shady bank moves 🔒

MaximusIsKing | MaximusIsKing

NTA. File a police report and cut contact. Dad is troubled 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Going NC with controlling father is best 👍

emailusernamepasswrd | emailusernamepasswrd

🤔 NTA: Dealing with an emotionally abusive father and setting boundaries.

Moggetti | Moggetti

NTA. Cut ties, protect yourself, and focus on your future 💔

HoldMyDonut | HoldMyDonut

Confronting dad won't help, but raise hell with the bank! 😡

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

Cutting off dad's access to bank account 👍

Hell_Bunny666 | Hell_Bunny666

Cut him off like a tumor 💔🔪 Avoid getting burned.

RoxasTheNobody98 | RoxasTheNobody98

NTA, but dad's computer skills are a major concern 💻

bizianka | bizianka

Fraud and felony? This dad's shady bank moves escalate quickly! 🤯

nintendad77 | nintendad77

Cut off contact with your dad. No positive influence here. 💔

excoriategames | excoriategames

Supportive commenter considers reporting dad's shady bank moves 👮

Smiling_Tree | Smiling_Tree

Protecting assets for your baby: NTA 💪

Bekah_grace96 | Bekah_grace96

Expose the shady bank moves! Don't let him get away!

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Take control of your finances! Close that account and move on! 💸

silent_whisper89 | silent_whisper89

Protect yourself and your baby. Lock him out and involve authorities. 🚨

CoastalCerulean | CoastalCerulean

Handle it legally with your bank. You WNBTA. 👍

SugarGlitterkiss | SugarGlitterkiss

Take legal action and cut contact. Don't confront him 👋

tinger20_ | tinger20_

Take control of your finances and cut ties with shady dad! 💸

CompetitiveLecture5 | CompetitiveLecture5

NTA - Protect yourself from your dad's shady bank moves 💔

DesignerPizza2 | DesignerPizza2

No way you're the a**hole! Definitely not the a**hole! 😊

bowie-of-stars | bowie-of-stars

Switch banks for better security and protect yourself from stalking 🔒

distracted_x | distracted_x

Protect your bank account from your shady, abusive, stalking dad 💔

SafeBad2568 | SafeBad2568

Protecting your child's future from a shady dad 💔

notyourmamaschild | notyourmamaschild

Protect your baby's identity! Keep Dad in the dark 🙈

starwarschick16 | starwarschick16

Cut contact, report father for hacking bank account. No mercy.

markdmac | markdmac

Surprising bank moves by dad - how is that possible? 🤔

miloray66 | miloray66

Protect yourself: lock credit, change account, block numbers. NTA 💔

Nielleluvzu628 | Nielleluvzu628

NTA. Take drastic measures to protect yourself from your dad 🔥

starrynightt87 | starrynightt87

NTA: Report the violation and switch banks for your safety! 🚨

Momma_tried378 | Momma_tried378

Smart move! Protecting yourself from shady bank moves 👏

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

NTA. Switch banks and keep a cordial relationship with dad.

MistressChantal | MistressChantal

NTA! Take action and contact the bank and authorities 💔

South_Opportunity_52 | South_Opportunity_52

Secure your finances and consider involving the authorities. NTA 😎

SmileyFaceLols | SmileyFaceLols

Daughter stands up to dad's shady bank moves 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unanimous agreement: NTA! 🙌

ameinias | ameinias

🚨 Take it to the next level: Call the police! 🚔

Ravenclaw79 | Ravenclaw79

NTA. End of the line for me. 👍

Amara_Undone | Amara_Undone

Daughter exposes shady dad's bank moves and arrest record threat. 💔

Khanover7 | Khanover7

NTA. Cut ties with toxic father. 💔

LilaValentine | LilaValentine

Protect yourself! Change passwords and watch out for keyloggers. NTA 👍

asst3rblasster | asst3rblasster

NTA. Press charges! 👊🏼 He needs to face consequences for his actions. 👍🏼

Any_Advance_8222 | Any_Advance_8222

NTA. Take precautions and protect yourself from your dad's actions. 👍

Mominatordebbie | Mominatordebbie

Cut contact, change banks, freeze credit - protect yourself! 👍

JenAYE2 | JenAYE2

Protect yourself from your dad's shady bank moves 👍

riseagainstedits | riseagainstedits

NTA. Cut off contact, report to police, change banks. 💔

Arbor_Arabicae | Arbor_Arabicae

Shady dad? NTA! Get rid of him, babe! 💔

N0b0dy1nPart1cular | N0b0dy1nPart1cular

Secure your funds and report the shady bank moves 🚨

bluebell435 | bluebell435

Protect yourself! Change banks, freeze credit, charge with fraud ✉️

Smiley-Canadian | Smiley-Canadian

Banking expert advises changing accounts and reporting fraud 💸

Vaeraun | Vaeraun

🔍 Investigate fraud: Bank and police can help you

Forsaken-Concern-970 | Forsaken-Concern-970

Protect yourself! Change your number and enable two-factor authentication. 👍

CinderDroplet | CinderDroplet

Secure your finances and keep them a secret from your father. #NTA

thefreakyorange | thefreakyorange

Confront your dad, report fraud to the bank, protect accounts 🚨

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

Cut ties, change bank info, sue for stolen money 💔

jairatraci | jairatraci

Secure your funds! Switch banks now. 💰

ghostforest | ghostforest

Take legal action and cut contact with your shady dad! 👊

mtngrl60 | mtngrl60

Sex worker explains why 'prostitute' is an offensive term. 💔

redheadwitch93 | redheadwitch93

Dad's accessing her bank account? 🤔 Need more info!

saucynoodlelover | saucynoodlelover

Take control! Cut contact, freeze social, change bank. Secure future! 👍

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

Daughter questions normalcy of father's financial abuse 🤔

RyanKennedy911 | RyanKennedy911

Take action now! Don't wait for change, make it happen! 👊

thatbish92 | thatbish92

Take control of your finances and protect yourself from potential theft 💰

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Protect your loved ones! Freeze their credit to stay safe! 🔒

jugglingporcupines | jugglingporcupines

🚨 NTA. Arrest this man! 🚓

CRT_Enthusiast | CRT_Enthusiast

NTA. Call the police and cut ties. 🚨

KingDarius89 | KingDarius89

Dad's shady moves? Daughter says NTA, he's always been shady. 💔

Mareepsheep99 | Mareepsheep99

Protect yourself! Restraining order and delete all personal information. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your online security by choosing nonsense answers to security questions 💔

greendocbloc | greendocbloc

🚫 NTA - Outsmart your shady dad, protect your money and info! 🤐

r_husba | r_husba

NTA. Cut contact, freeze credit, and plan for the future 💔

muffiewrites | muffiewrites

🚨 Identity theft? Dad's shady bank moves have serious consequences!

tulhuthepit | tulhuthepit

NTA for sure. Confront him about his shady bank moves! 😡

ConcernedCitizen1776 | ConcernedCitizen1776

Confront your sperm donor or risk jeopardizing your family's future 💔

cecilpenny | cecilpenny

Take legal action! Don't let him get away with fraud! 👊

DeepTie6252 | DeepTie6252

NTA: Get out of that abusive situation and seek therapy 💔

monday-night-fuckbal | monday-night-fuckbal

No other choice? Confusion about asking dad for help. 🤔

mrsjavey | mrsjavey

Cut ties with dad's shady bank moves. Protect yourself 🕵️‍♀️💔

FireAsh47 | FireAsh47

NTA. Protect your finances and start fresh! 💔

ebrillblaiddes | ebrillblaiddes

Confronting dad or going to police? 🚔 You're the a**hole.

tank5 | tank5

Call the cops! 💔 They can trace the IP address!

Scully152 | Scully152

Report him to the police! Don't let him get away 🚨

crotchgremlin | crotchgremlin

Report his identity theft to the police! 🚨

brettoseph | brettoseph

Protect yourself! Change bank, lock credit, report father, consult lawyer 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚨 Cutting off contact? Call the police for shady bank moves!

goodrevtim | goodrevtim

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