Party Guest's Double Standards Exposed: Body Shaming Women but Idolizing Male Celebrities 🤨

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Picture this: you're at a party, everyone is having a great time, and then suddenly, the atmosphere shifts. One of the guests, let's call him 'Jordan', starts making derogatory comments about the physical appearance of female athletes, suggesting that all women should strive to look like Victoria's Secret models. But when the conversation turns to male celebrities, he's all praise for their perfect bodies. This is when our heroine, let's call her 'The Equalizer', steps in to serve a dose of reality. 😏

Meet Jordan: The Unlikely Party Pooper 🎉👎

far_rock | far_rock

The Party: A Stage Set for Drama 🍻🎭

far_rock | far_rock

Jordan's Unsettling Remarks 😒

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The Unfair Expectations 🙄

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The Equalizer Strikes Back! 💪

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Jordan's Excuses and the Aftermath 🤐

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The Morning After: A Text from Brandon 📱

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The Equalizer's Dilemma 🤔

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A Taste of His Own Medicine: Was it Justified? 🤷‍♀️

In a world where body shaming is all too common, 'The Equalizer' took a stand at a party against 'Jordan', who held double standards when it came to body images of men and women. While he praised male celebrities for their perfect bodies, he felt that all women should strive to look like Victoria's Secret models. 'The Equalizer' pointed out the hypocrisy in his statements, leaving him speechless. While the host agreed with her, he suggested that he should handle 'Jordan' in the future. This leaves us wondering, was 'The Equalizer' justified in her actions? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💭

NTA. Exposing double standards and enabling behavior. Shutting down misogyny 💯

imothro | imothro

NTA - Exposing double standards and sparking self-reflection 🤨

CrimsonKnight_004 | CrimsonKnight_004

NTA comment exposes friend's double standards, calls for self-reflection 🤨

failure_as_a_dad | failure_as_a_dad

NTA but standing up against sexism and enabling bad behavior 🤨

FirebirdWriter | FirebirdWriter

NTA's perfect response to body shaming with a taste of their own medicine 👏

Kindly_Delicious | Kindly_Delicious

NTA. Standing up for women's body positivity 👏

xCoffee-Addictx | xCoffee-Addictx

NTA. Female wrestlers deserve respect for their badass legacies 🤨

Fun-Replacement1998 | Fun-Replacement1998

Polite NTA warns Brandon about future consequences of double standards

NotABot50 | NotABot50

Double standards: Mommy's boy idolizes male celebrities but body shames women 🤨

elcad | elcad

NTA: Hypocritical body shamer gets a taste of his own medicine 🤨

Easy_Floss | Easy_Floss

Commenter calls out offensive behavior, demands accountability from Jordan

Sk111W | Sk111W

NTA. Beautifully played, forcing him to confront his double standards. 🤨

Illustrious-Shirt569 | Illustrious-Shirt569

NTA: He had it coming. 🤨

micianera2 | micianera2

NTA. Perfectly shut down the body shamer! 👏

west_of_edem | west_of_edem

Calling out misogyny and supporting the original commenter. NTA 👏

xlxcx | xlxcx

NTA OP, don't let f**king idiots bring you down 💪

Odd_Ad7913 | Odd_Ad7913

NTA shuts down Jordan's double standards, sparking self-reflection 👏

Office_Desk906 | Office_Desk906

"Trashy friends and body shaming? NTA, you did right!"

leelee90210 | leelee90210

NTA. Learning through consequences: a lesson for Jordan 👍

DarthGayAgenda | DarthGayAgenda

NTA: Exposing double standards and calling out sexist behavior 🤨

Ok_Procedure_5853 | Ok_Procedure_5853

Double standards: Guys expect supermodels while looking average 😑

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

NTA. Brandon can't shield him forever. Change is inevitable. 💪

Penguin_Doctor | Penguin_Doctor

NTA. You deserve better friends. 👏

Clarknt67 | Clarknt67

Calling out double standards and supporting the NTA commenter. 👏

PensionWhole6229 | PensionWhole6229

Friend group shuts down problematic talk with zero tolerance policy 🙌

whyagaypotato | whyagaypotato

Men need to check their peers on misogyny and double standards 👏

SaltyDangerHands | SaltyDangerHands

Jordan's offensive remarks called out, satisfying burn and support. 👏

be4ifallsaveme | be4ifallsaveme

NTA! Chef's kiss to that!!!! 🤨

CptKUSSCryAllTheTime | CptKUSSCryAllTheTime

Jordan's objectification and Brandon's complicity: toxic friendship exposed 👎

n0nya9 | n0nya9

NTA - Standing up against body shaming 👏🏻

preppybiatch | preppybiatch

NTA: Calling out double standards with a sassy comeback 😎

Flat_Lengthiness_319 | Flat_Lengthiness_319

NTA. Smack down delivered. Salute to you, my friend 👏

Sea_Midnight1411 | Sea_Midnight1411

Jordan and Brandon: Enabling Double Standards and Offensive Behavior 🙄

embopbopbopdoowop | embopbopbopdoowop

Commenter defends OP against double standards in body shaming. 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Perfect response, calling out insufferable and sexist behavior. 👏

BiLateralBeauty | BiLateralBeauty

NTA like x1,000,000,000,000 💯

deathkamaro77 | deathkamaro77

Hilarious comment exposing double standards! Not the a**hole! 😂

RoastBeefWithMustard | RoastBeefWithMustard

Double standards exposed: criticizing others but can't handle criticism. NTA.

Wingardiumis | Wingardiumis

Standing up against body shaming, a righteous NTA! 👏

Tootie0 | Tootie0

NTA. Dude deserves a reverse roundhouse kick from Asuka 🤨

SpookyCoo | SpookyCoo

Comment exposes double standards and calls out misogynistic behavior 🤨

journeyintopressure | journeyintopressure

"Yeah, so why don't you look like them?" *Chef's kiss!* NTA

madamepsychosis1633 | madamepsychosis1633

NTA. Brilliant response shuts down double standards. 👏

Human_Review_8273 | Human_Review_8273

Double standards: NTA dishes it out but can't take it 🤨

Emotional_Bonus_934 | Emotional_Bonus_934

NTA - Encouraging Jordan to get fit like his idols 💪

Leahthevagabond | Leahthevagabond

"NTA. Lesson learned: don't throw stones if you live in glass house. 🏠💎"

Paradox31426 | Paradox31426

NTA comment celebrates exposing double standards with mischievous laughter 🤨

RickGrimesSays | RickGrimesSays

Jordan gets what he deserves. NTA.

RJack151 | RJack151

NTA. Tired of people like that 🙄

Striking_Ad_6742 | Striking_Ad_6742

Empowering response to body shaming, inspiring others to follow suit. ✊

CoriVanilla | CoriVanilla

Local man gets a taste of his own medicine 🤨

Doodledumme | Doodledumme

Empowered and unapologetic response to body shaming. 💪

Sami_George | Sami_George

Double standards exposed! NTA shuts down body shaming guest 💯

No_Guarantee_6756 | No_Guarantee_6756

Commenter finds the situation amusing and declares 'not the a**hole'

Anarchical-Sheep | Anarchical-Sheep

Defending against body shaming with a touch of empowerment 💪

sempreverd96 | sempreverd96

Not the a**hole for calling out double standards! 🤨

Lani_567 | Lani_567

Not the a**hole for calling out double standards! 💯

Sissynoodle321 | Sissynoodle321

Not the a**hole for calling out double standards! 💯

jolly-honeybadger | jolly-honeybadger

NTA. Hilarious comeback! Wake up the fool! 😂

Jedzoil | Jedzoil

Polite clapback exposes double standards, NTA 👏

Genybear12 | Genybear12

NTA. Standing up against body shaming and double standards! 👏

bunsenburden112 | bunsenburden112

Own up to your awkwardness and apologize for unintentional offense 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Dude exposed for shallow double standards. Called out on BS 🤨

Cheap_Rick | Cheap_Rick

Double standards in body types: NTA calls out unrealistic expectations 👏

bloatedzombiemachine | bloatedzombiemachine

NTA exposes hypocritical incel body shamer. 🤨

Wheresthericeson | Wheresthericeson

Don't be a silent girl, shut down misogyny yourself! 💪

Ma-Hu | Ma-Hu

Calling out a rude and misogynistic party guest 🤨

LadyDeath98 | LadyDeath98

NTA. Flipping the script on body shaming double standards! 👏

kylecs7637 | kylecs7637

🔥 NTA: Exposing double standards and hypocrisy, no grace for Jordan

replicatreconciliate | replicatreconciliate

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